Sunday, October 27, 2019

Silence Is Not Only Deafening - It Makes You Ignorant

I was just watching the morning news. There is truly great news, absolutely excellent news, relative to the world of terrorism. I think we should all be aware of it if we have watched the news today but then again after watching a few different news shows this morning I have changed that thought to maybe we are not all aware. 
I heard the news while watching the Fox News channel. Then, I decided to take a look to see what they were saying on other channels about this truly historic and excellent news. There was nothing, nada, zero, nil, zip on: CNN, CNN HLN, and MSNBC as I went back and forth through the channels over the course of 15 to 20 minutes to see if they would mention it on any of these ultra-leftist news stations. 
I was kind of amazed because it really is big news; so, what were these other news stations talking about: the impeachment of President Trump, the impeachment of President Trump, and (you got it) the impeachment of President Trump. After a half hour, on the half hour (or close to it) MSNBC mentioned it right before a commercial break, then mentioned more about the impeachment of President Trump (as if that as the really big news of the day) and then went to commerical. CNN just kept talking about anything but the news to which I refer. CNN HLN wound up dedicating a brief mention of it by a newscaster who had a face on looking to me as if she was suffering from constipation then went to a news of a shooting in Dallas, TX at what I think was some gangsta type event and then onto news about a carjacking. Really - a carjacking took precedence over them dedicating more time to this truly special news of an event that will affect the world. Why are they not headlining the truly big and excellent news?

Now, I will give it to CNN online, they mentioned it prominently on their website; however, the article they present us with starts off by saying that the Russians do not have evidence of it happening and try to make it seem doubtful that it did happen. Imagine that, CNN depending on the word of the Russians - are they not the same enemy with whom CNN believed President Trump colluded - how ironic and almost unbelievable but but then they are ulra-liberals with what I believe is a commie slant.

MSNBC also has it on their front web page. They present a much less skewed article than did CNN (which amazes me). In fact, much of what they presented was the same as news I got at Fox News. They also had an article describing how President Trump thanked our allies for their assistance with this momentous event. This article also included one of our allies (that some - including myself - thought President Trump had abandoned) saying what a great amount of cooperation went into this operation. Nice to read on MSNBC, who would have thunk they'd report like that.

Have I given you enough clues, if not as to what happened then as to where it happened? So tell me, if you are a hard line lib, and abhor Fox News, and only watched television news today - do you even know what news I am talking about? Of course, maybe you do know, maybe I just missed the reporting on those stations I mentioned other than the tidbits I saw them give, I was going back and forth. Let me just say, it most certainly is not the impeachment of President Trump that is on my mind. Really - if you are an ultra-lib, who as I said if you only watched TV news today, do you know? Or is it that you are you blissfully ignorant to the fact that President Trump arranged for and had our troops carry out a strategically important military operation yesterday? Seriously, on the honor system, answer that without checking the news to see what I mean.
If you do not know, go here to Fox News or if you prefer here to MSNBC.
All the best,
Glenn B

I See Them One Way - My Dog Sees Them Another Way

I'm maybe going to have to lodge a complaint with the companies that make my eyeglasses. They are not very sturdy as they do not last very long when subjected to harsh conditions. I mean, how is it they think it acceptable that after only a minute or two of rough use, they have literally been torn to pieces! I think they owe me for every pair that has been chewed to pieces by my dog in less than a minute or two at most. She almost totally destroyed the last pair she got and that was just this morning.

My pooch has been pretty much conditioned not to chew things in my house that I do not want her chewing. In addition to that, I try to keep things out of my mongrel's reach but the truth is she sometimes surprises me at how far back on a table or kitchen counter she can reach when up on only her hind paws. Most times now, when I've been at home, I've caught her at whatever and I've told her a growling "NO" and said bad girl in a growl as well. For the most part, that's worked. She no longer chews on books (you should see my poor checkbook) and magazines, no longer goes for the toilet paper rolls if the bathroom doors are left open, does not chew on her leash or harness, does not even think of chewing my shoes, does not chew on her beds (yes she did a couple of few times but now she just rests or sleeps on them) and has never once tried chewing on my tortoises (as did another dog of mine and my female Hermann's Tortoise's shell has the scars to prove it many years later). When it came to her first meeting the tortoises, I think I let her know they are a no go as far as playthings go. She was and remains curious about them but has never once tried to pick them up and carry them away for a good chaw.

My eyeglasses are another story. If I leave them where she can reach them, she chews up the plastic ear pieces with avid delight. She has destroyed about 7 - 8 pairs of them. I see them as a necessity to see clearly - she sees them (or smells them) as an irresistible and delectable morsel. Luckily for me, they are all over the counter readers and are not expensive; I wear +2 for distance vision (my eye doc said to go with them or a prescription which is essentially the same strength) and +3.25 for reading. It's curious that she usually only likes to chew the plastic part of the ear pieces, I guess maybe because they have some scent from behind my ears (yes I shower regularly and keep my ears clean) or because they are just the right consistency for a good jaw boning - whatever it is she loves to chew that part.

So, why has she not stopped going after them like the other things she has been cured of chewing? I am guessing because I rarely catch her in the act with the glasses. I may leave a pair on the living room table and hit the hay forgetting them there. Or I may leave a pair next to my bed when I get up to answer nature's call and she scoops them up in her maw and sneaks away with her tasty delight. sometimes when at my laptop, I take off the ones I use for reading and put on the ones I use for distance when I get up to do something else and leave the glasses on the table on which the laptop sits. Wherever they are that she can reach, she gets them and chews them to pieces. Her habit has me wondering if I should start leaving partially chewed on ones around, purposely easy for her to get them, with me watching so that I can reprimand her in the act. It's either that, or that bitter spray liquid they sell to avoid such problems (and I have found it did not work all that well with other dogs), or me contacting the eyeglass manufacturer's like a wussy millennial cry baby and demanding they stick a tit in my mouth give me reparations to shut me up over them not making their eyeglasses dog proof. 
I think I'll try it the way I see fit as a responsible dog owner and eyeglass wearer. I will figure out some way to train her to see it my way, in other words, off of her seeing fit to steal and chew my eyeglasses! 

All the best,
Glenn B