Sunday, June 2, 2013

Knock - Knock...

..."Who's there"?


"Co who"?


And no I don't mean a Colt Cobra either. Take a look at the pic and tell me if that wouldn't startle you at least just a bit if you opened your door to find it on your doorstep, knocking on your door!

More pics here: 

A hat tip to Deb H for sending me that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Zombie Hordes, The Apocalypse, Nuclear War, TEOTWAWKI...

...or even Obummer rigging it to become el presidente socialista for life - I just realized that despite my food stores, my other supplies, my arms locker full of guns and ammo, my super sekrit caches of guns, ammo and magazines, passports from multiple nations, lots of cash, and a decent supply of silver and gold bullion, I am not ready for any of that simply because I do not have any booze stored away. I realized it, earlier this afternoon, when I found a bottle of vodka with two and a half shots left in it, as I was cleaning up the dungeon (man cave to you and no I do not have anyone imprisoned in it nor ever will, that's not why I call it a dungeon). In fact, I do not have even one drop of booze hidden away in case of emergency. That has got to end and end soon.

So, beginning this week I will start stocking the Hooch Hoard (aka: booze bunker, cocktail cache, liquor locker or whatever). From now on, when I buy a bottle of spirits for imminent consumption, I will double up on the purchase with the intent of placing the additional bottle into my soon to be formed Hooch Hoard. Since the piddly mount of vodka remaining in my last bottle of that spirit was what brought this to mind, I imagine it would be only fitting and proper for me to make vodka the first purchase in that regard. Then I will just keep adding others as I make future purchases of my favorite spirits. I cannot forget the wife in all of this, I suppose that means I will have to do the same when buying what she likes to imbibe. That is okay because I drink most of what she likes too. As for the son and daughter and soon to be son-in-law (or anyone else) they will be lucky to be allowed to share in what we have on hand. That is also okay because none of the are all that picky when it comes to getting sloshed.

The Hooch Hoard (aka: Hootch Hoard) will be reported on in this blog as it develops and hopefully there will be enough hooch stockpiled in my hoard before an invasion of Chinese, Russian, Zombie, Libterd or partying relative hordes.

Gives you something to think about - doesn't it! Are you prepared?

Edited to add: I hope you show at least the same diligence in preparation for whatever comes our way - just like it says in this biblical quote that I sort of hijacked from Double Nickel Farm to fit my purposes:

"And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end..." (My quote source:,
original source: Hebrews 6:11!)  

That way, when the end is upon us - we can end it all, with a either a bang or party or both, like there will be no tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B

Man Cave Partially Cleaned Up - Time To Do The Grilling

If it wasn't for the two and a half shots of vodka I found while cleaning, I might not have survived until time to fire up the grill. Gotta run, have some chicks to broil.


What's A Guy To Do...

...on a Sunday when he usually does some yard work and a few other mundane chores but his daughter plants the rosebushes, pulls the weeds, waters some of the plants and mows the lawns. I guess I can water the vegetable garden and whatever flowers she missed while watering. Other than that, I think all I have to do is clean off the grill for today's dinner. Of course, I guess I'll get stuck grilling to but not for awhile yet. The thought of cleaning up the basement has crossed my mind but as you can see I opted to sit down and write this post. Of course, maybe cleaning the basement is not such a bad idea. It is starting to look a bit like Oscar Madison's room and I suppose that means it could use whatever little bit of the other half of the odd Couple that I have in me to come out and do his thing. Man, that sucks but a man has got to do what a man has got to do even if it means being Felix Unger for an hour or three!

All the best,
Glenn B

How I Spent My Day Yesterday

Yes, it included baking in the sun a bit; I have the burn from it but not a bad one on my face and arms. Otherwise, it was a great day, on the warm side, under blue and slightly cloudy skies with snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and a lot of fish all around me. See:

All the best,