Sunday, December 31, 2023

My New Year Resolution - No More Guns!

   Well, I may be done buying guns after midnight. You see, my New Year resolution this year is to never buy one more gun, not one more box of ammo and not one more gun accessory during this whole year. I'll let you know how that works out but I should mention that as best I can recall, I have never stuck to even a single New Year resolution. I figure they are all wishful BS so I usually don't make em but this year I need some way to save up cash to bring my somewhat depleted life savings back up to where it was prior to this year's spending of $15,843.18 at online auction houses, online ammo dealers and gun shows. Then there was spending at places like Academy Sports, firearms insurance, cleaning supplies, all which I am guessing totaled up to a a couple or a few grand more. Now that amount may be prohibitive for some and easy on the pocketbook of others but when it comes to my funds though - I've gotta slow down or sell a lot more stuff at higher prices than the prices I normally accept for guns & ammo. Since I am not likely to sell at higher prices (I sell to recoup money spent, so I often sell at cost or a bit above to pay for the tables, also sell at a loss all too often) , I guess my New Year resolution is the key. Time & my bank account will tell how that works out.
Damn, I just found another $709.79 so the total for which I have accounted is up to  $16552.97! Woe is my bank account. 
Maybe I'll hit that 812 million dollar Powerball tonight. Being the sole winner of that would be just grand but I'd be happy to split it ten ways, even 20 ways, heck even a 40 way split would still be nice and would still be nice after taxes.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - drink and or get high responsibly but remember getting high - on things like weed - is still illegal federally and could wind you up in jail (that is maybe unless you are Hunter Biden), so  just have a drink or two and use a designated driver if available. Party but be careful out there, you don't want to hurt yourself or someone else.

All the best,
Glenn B

Maybe The Best Advice For The New Year

Tonight, if you are healthy & hale and none too snockered, just a moment before midnight, stand up and lift your left foot just a bit off the floor/ground. Do not put it back down until it is after midnight. That way you are certain to start the year on the right foot. 

All the best 
and happy New Year,
Glenn B