Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now This Would BE Global Warming...

...and if this is the way it turns out, well then I will have had to admit (should I still be around) that Al Gore was right about fearing Global Warming, but just not in our lifetimes. I mean 7.6 billion years is a long way off isn't it! Read this, it is the Global Warming theory of the century: Scientists Predict When World Will End. Kind of funny how these scientists are seemingly taking the lead from Al G in as much as their theory contradicts all the other science out there about the earth being sucked into the sun. Oh well, what does science, or the lack of it, matter anyway in this age of air headed Al Gore like enlightenment.

Just imagine all the Red Giant Days sales that places like Walmart will have and you won't be bothered with thinking about doomsday scientists at all. I am gonna stock up on beer, and wieners for a nice BBQ.

All the best,
Glenn B