Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Sensible Outlook Regarding Black Community Support For Treyvon Martin

I would like to meet this man because I think that is one of the most sensible outlooks with regard to arsehats like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and the like that I have ever heard. If we ever do meet, I'd offer to buy him a good cigar and alcoholic beverages of his choice and then hope to sit down with him for a few drinks worth of good and interesting conversation.

All the best,
Glenn B

The GSA Extravaganzas

In the 32 years that I worked for Uncle Sam, I saw a good deal of government waste of tax payers dollars. Most of it was never intended to be wasteful but it was nonetheless. Things lke purchases of government equipment that were useless or unneeded, nicer than needed vehicles being bought for bosses and even working slugs, sending people on work details and having them standby without ever accomplishing the work they thought would be their assignments, political ass kissing by way of government operations that were nonsensical, overpayment of employees with too high salaries, overpayment for legitimate travel expenses (such as using a government rate when other rates were lower or putting personnel up in nicer hotels than needed) were all part of it.

In those 32 years, I saw lots of work related parties and attended plenty of them, like holiday parties or retirement parties. Most of these parties were after work hours although sometimes a retirement party was during lunch time. They were great and I enjoyed the ones i attended. Some were in the office, others in nicer venues. I also saw a lot of work related travel, some by myself and some by others. I will admit, when I traveled for work, I had a good time almost every time. So did the others who traveled with me. The thing is, the fun time, while on a detail away from home, was always our own personnel time. As far as the cost of both the parties and the good times went, it was never charged to the tax payer, not once as far as I am aware. Each time we had a retirement or holiday party we had to pay out of our own pockets. Each time we had fun times while in travel status, the money for it came out of our own pockets.  I never once, to the absolute best of my knowledge, attended a party or fun times paid for by the government (in other words by the tax payers).

So, it galled me no end, to have seen a pompous bureaucrat on the news today telling a congressional inquiry that the GSA employees who partied hearty on the government dime, were entitled to those privileges! I will applaud the day that they convict that sack of turd, and his compatriots, of fraud, misuse of government funds and mismanagement. The other thing that pissed me off about it is the claims of the current administration that their hands are clean of any wrong doing in this affair regardless of a year passing by since the administration suddenly became aware of the problem. in that year, they thought up an excuse: 'It is all George Bush's fault'. That, of course, is if you believe the current administration under which the problem has continued to fester and under which it has gotten  much worse. It is time to stop passing the buck about fraudulent spending of the buck and do something definitive to put an end to it.

Hopefully a good number of party animals who like to waste taxpayer money will be arrested and convicted, and/or lose their jobs over this one.

All the best,