Saturday, July 30, 2011

Appleseed Shoot Day One...

Let me just say, it was a lot of fun, but there was some pain too. It was hot, about 93 degrees. There was no shade unless you brought your own as some folks did in the form of patio canopies or beach umbrellas. Live and learn, we brought neither. I sort of had hoped for an overhang at the range but should have known better having been to this one years ago and seeing it was little more than its nickname - the sandpits - implies. So, both Brendan and I got some sunburn. Him worse than me despite him using more sunscreen than me.

As if sunburn was not enough in the burn department, I took about 5 of Brendan's very hot shell casings against my skin. Those 5 were the ones that left blisters. The other 5 or 6, I was able to get off of me before they burned me. One of really hot ones that went down my shirt at the shoulder left a blister, then left a nice colorful red trail where it rolled down the front of my shoulder area once I managed to get it off of the area around my collarbone/lower neck. I also suffered additional pain in my back, hips, knees and shoulders and neck. I have arthritis and bursitis and it is to be expected.

Brendan is young but yet tonight he is now complaining of being stiff and achy too. He just told me, he is not going back for day 2 of this Appleseed Shoot. He says it is not because of his aches but because of his sunburn. That is understandable but is also a big downer for my psyche. I will miss him there tomorrow as I still intend to attend. The youth of today, I cannot explain it. Actually, I do not blame him what with his sunburn; another day like today would probably roast him but it is a disappointment to me that he will not be there with me.

I will talk more about the actual shoot in a later post. That’s it for now, I am going to enjoy a St. Pauli Girl bier, then hit the hay. I still have not cleaned my rifle and have to get up early to make sure I get it done in the morning before the shoot.

All the best,
Glenn B