Saturday, April 30, 2022

If You Follow Fox News At All...

 ...then maybe a lot of what you have been reading on their site is that all the polls show that the Democrats do not stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning any or at least not most elections this November. They sure post enough about that subject that you almost cannot miss it unless you do so intentionally. 
I kind of, sort of, almost absolutely remember that was what they, at Fox News, said about Joe Biden's chances of becoming the president of the United States of America a couple of years or so ago. Remember that, they hammered us with all the reasons he would lose and when it came right down to it they were dead wrong.
I wish they'd stop what seemingly amounts to all the same type of balderdash now. Whether or not the polls show that the dems have a chance in November's elections, Fox is taking a big risk by them continually telling us that the dems do not stand a chance. In effect, they are most likely discouraging many Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians from voting. I mean, some folks must be wondering why they should bother going to the polls to vote if the Dems just do not have any chance of winning in the first place. Fox News is certainly making it seem that way. Of course - they could be wrong again. The way I see it, not only are they probably discouraging voters on the right - they probably are encouraging leftist voters to vote for the dems!!! 
So, I think, the result of such reporting by Fox News constantly telling folks that the dems cannot win, could be absolutely catastrophic because if they still control the House & Senate after November - this country is doomed to go broke before the 2024 presidential election.
My advice to Fox News is to shut the heck up when it comes to what they think are the dems chances of pulling off a win. Instead, why not simply encourage those on the right to vote to try to assure a better outcome for our country and maybe even that they at Fox News will not be dead wrong again.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, April 25, 2022

Watch This Short Film From 1968 - A Warning Unheeded


The gentleman was very spot on about what the liberals were trying to do back then and very good at predicting exactly what they would do to try ever since then to bring communist rule to the United States. If you do not see it happening right now - you are blind to the truth.

A hat tip & my thanks to my friend Rich M. for that one.
All the best,
Glenn B

House Hunting Has Sucked...

 ...for me over the past two years or so and is only getting worse. First I traveled back and forth from Benton, AR to TN about an hour east of Memphis to look at houses. It was a fairly long drive to see maybe one to three houses each time I made the trip. Then the trip got longer when I moved to NE TX. It got more expensive too because a trip meant two or three nights at a motel. 
Then I got sick, was sick for quite a while and was finally diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in September 2020. I kept looking but with the RMSF, and with COVID-19 already upon us for quite some time by then, things were screwed up badly. Many realtors refused to show houses in person and told me to view houses online (frack those - idiots) because of the China Virus.
Then in December 2020 I came down with the Rona V and that knocked me out of the house hunt for a couple or few months. I was only sick about 2 weeks but the after effects were lasting for months, such as general malaise and feeling miserable.
I was able to make some additional trips to TN in there but gave up last year in disgust when the realtor with whom I was working did not get back to me on a house I wanted to see. When I traveled to TN again and saw her next, she told me the house was fabulous, almost perfect condition and ready to move in with no repairs needed. I asked why she had not gotten back to me on it. She told me she brought another client to view it and he made an offer but did not get it. She never said why she did not get back to me on it. Not only was the house supposedly near perfect, it came with about 30 acres as I recall and was well under 200K. I was ready to offer up to 20K more than they had been asking dependent upon me seeing the house and liking it as much as did she. But, as I said, she for some reason did not see fit to get back to me on it. I tried another trip to TN with her showing me houses but that was a dismal failure as well. So that was it for her and for my trips to TN.
I then started looking mostly in TX and a bit in AR but since AR has an income tax, I looked there only now and then when disgusted with not finding anything in TX. The thing is, I was not finding anything anywhere and that was/is due to house prices going through the roof over the past year and currently still climbing. Houses that had asking prices of about 90K two years ago, even just a year or so ago, where I live currently, now have asking prices of $120K up to $140,000.00 and they usually are in need of repairs. That is insanity.
Add to all the rising house prices, that the cost of everything is going up due to the failures of Joe Biden & Company and that mortgage interest rates are starting to take off and it looks as if I may never buy a house (or at least not buy one in the near future). Of course, I am still looking because hope springs eternal and so does despair. The despair I mean is if inflation keeps going the way it is running now, well I won't have enough money in my bank account to buy half a loaf of bread in a year or two if not sooner. Right now, I can buy a less expensive house for cash and am hoping to do so before prices go up more.

All in all, as I said above: House hunting has sucked! Yet, I am going out to look at 3 or 4 tomorrow. I had about 8 on my wish list but that I found on Zillow last night but the realtor I am working with told me all but three are under contract. Of course, those are most of the nicer ones. Anyway, at least we have three, maybe even four, to see tomorrow. The search goes ever on... .

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, April 18, 2022

If It Was Legal... just go out and shoot a contemporary person of your choosing without any just cause but doing so merely because you want to shoot someone (with absolutely no chance of criminal or civil repercussions) do you think you would or could do it? Is there anyone in particular you'd pick as your target/prey? (You don't need to name a name, you can just tell us the type of person or his/her title if you choose to answer that.)
I can assure you, when I have fantasized about such a scenario - something I have done only rarely - there are several types of folks (even some specific people) who come to mind each time I think it over. For me, that makes the hardest part of this mental exercise choosing one from among the many. Of course, I am not saying I'd really do it even if legal nor am I advocating such behavior from anyone; this is after all merely a hypothetical thought exercise that came to mind after I first saw the movie - The Purge.
The thing is, while it would be completely legal in this suppositional situation, I am none to sure I would be comfortable with the stormy aftermath that would be taking place between the imaginary little angel and his counterpart little devil who reside and often argue with one another within my conscience. 
If I was to choose though, I am thinking that right now I'd choose a president of one of the world's super powers. I am not going to say which one but my bet is many others would choose him as well, I think he is an evil doer. I am thinking it would save his country's citizens and the rest of world a lot of grief if someone could just walk up to him and put two to his chest and one to his head. 
Let me reiterate though, this is not a question to be considered seriously nor am I advocating such behavior, this is a purely hypothetical question and while the situation calls for me to ask if you'd do it, it also requires me to point out it would have to be completely legal to do so.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Vacation To West Palm Beach, FL Is Over...

 ...and I will be leaving my son's house in AR to head back to my apartment in TX in a little bit. Once there it will be me getting back to my daily retired life routine which is basically a vacation without the vacating one place to go to another. Life is good, would be better without the pains of older age but there is no going back to being young again no matter how much one hopes (although every now & then the prescribed dope helps to at least ease the pain but I take it sparingly). Pics of the vacation will be forthcoming sooner or later; I have to get most of them from my son & daughter as my camera phone was usually dead. 

I must say that this vacation was nice. It was very nice as usual to be with my son, a very excellent treat to be with my daughter & grandson and was very-very nice to see my wife even though we are separated. I had not seen the three of them since I left NY back in the spring of 2019. It was also great to see my uncle; he will be 89 next birthday (this year) and one never knows when it will be the last time you see someone but I suspect that time is getting closer and closer for us with him. Then again, he may outlive me or any of us.
He was astounded when he saw the surprise I had promised him - that was my wife, daughter & grandson meeting us outside their hotel in Palm Beach. That made his day/week/month or whatever; the surprised look on is face and his huge smile set the mood for dinner that evening.

Anyway, more on all this later when I get some pics to post.
All the best,
Glenn B 

Happy Passover or Happy Easter

 I hope that all who celebrate either Passover or Easter (or maybe both for some) have happy holy days. Yeah, I realize Passover commenced last night but my son and I were stuck in the middle of flight delays returning from West Palm Beach, FL to Little Rock, AR so I was unable to say it then.
If you do not celebrate either, have a nice day.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, April 15, 2022

Vacation Is Good... fact it has been quite a tasty experience. Some hints as to where we are are that there is excellent seafood to be had almost everywhere, there are lots of Tiki bars and there is also something I have not had in a coon's age:

We have not had those Entenmann's yet, they are for dessert tonight when we visit a friend for a BBQ. I must say that my pie hole is watering just looking at the photo. The donuts historically were great but the Raspberry Danish Twist was exquisite as far as I am concerned. Of course, Entenmann's closed down several years ago and were essentially bought out by another company that took over their business. I am hopeful they are half as good as they were before that takeover.

Something else they have here, that they do not have in the Texarkana area, is an abundance of over the counter readers (to the left in the photo as you look at it). At least that is to say they have ones suitable for a heterosexual male to wear as opposed to ones that would make a self-respecting man (who is content with his identity) look like a fruitcake or an idiot. Everything else, that I have seen here, that is sold in grocery and drug stores, seems to be in better supply here than it is in the Texarkana area.

There is also an Einstein's Bagel shop nearby. Bagels (at least really excellent ones) are an unobtainable commodity in the Texarkana area. I had two of them for breakfast both slathered in lightly salted butter (what diet - I am on vacation - gained 3 or 4 pounds here in a week after just having lost 35 pounds). I had a sesame seed bagel and an everything bagel; not quite as good as the ones I used to get in NY but I think exceedingly better than anything I can get near where I live.

Almost enough hints as to where I am, except to say three more things: Man oh man is the water a beautiful color; the iguanas & gators are abundant (my son saw quite a few while out walking) and my son got an excellent cigar at a real cigar shop yesterday.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 10, 2022

On Vacation - See Ya Again Sooner Or later

 The weather where I am now is nice. Other than that, the title says it all.

All the best,
Glenn B