Monday, April 16, 2007


... for those of you whom maybe unaware is "Buy A Gun Day" and it coincides with April 15, or tax day in the USA. This year I am guessing that BAG day may actually be today since tax day would have fallen on a Sunday and therefore we were granted a one day extension. I'd like to show you what I purchased for BAG day, but truth be told I was taped out due to recent expenditures of an unexpected nature, so no new guns for me on this year's BAG day.

Had I been fortunate to have the extra cash to buy a gun, chances are I would have bought one of these nice Yugoslavian SKS.

Oh well, I am already scrimping and saving. Of course, I guess I could always call in an order on plastic, but that is where the bill for the recent car repairs went, and it would be a sure way to wear my wifes footprint on my butt cheek. Sigh...

All the best,
Glenn B