Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ebola - This Is How A Zombie Apocalypse Would Begin...

...if one actually could ever take place. There would be an outbreak of the disease or whatever causes people to become zombies. Then, assholes (in the form of people) would panic and spread it by way of their panic and stupidity. It is already happening but not with zombies and it may be worse than had it really been zombies.

The Ebola virus seems on the verge to of spreading its distribution much wider because a rampaging bunch ignoramuses (there are no better words to describe them except maybe the words fucking assholes) pillaged a local hospital's Ebola ward and ran off with many items infected with the Ebola virus or at least with items that were contaminated with the bodily fluids of Ebola patients (and that likely means with the virus too). Some of the items stolen included medical equipment, bloodied sheets and bloodied and vomited on mattresses. In addition, when the assholes ransacked the hospital, many of the Ebola ridden patients fled in fear of their lives (who could blame them with an overwhelming number of superstitious idiots rampaging through the halls of medicine). So now, not only is there a lot of contaminated material from the hospital out in the streets of the biggest slum in Monrovia, Liberia but there are also a number of infected patients out there too who probably are too scared to want to be found.

Read this:

Now just imagine that Ebola not only made you sick but turned you into a violent, crazed, maniacal, mad dog kind of a person who would attack others without provocation and maybe even bite them. Sounds a lot like a zombie - doesn't it. Even if one of these patients didn't bite you, if they were to come into contact with you and get any of their bodily fluids on you - you would be in trouble - BIG TROUBLE - because Ebola is spread through bodily fluids of infected persons, such as their blood, saliva, vomit, feces and sweat.

Don't think that this could effect us here in the USA? Well think again. While authorities are claiming that the people who raided the Ebola ward were residents of a local slum, what if some of them were terrorists or if the whole thing was a terrorist plot. The terrorists drum up the locals into a frenzy, get he locals to go on a rampage in the medical facility and throw in a few of their terrorists buddies to accompany the locals. The idiotic local officials pretty much write it off as a local incident that maybe could spread Ebola but it could be much worse. It could be that in fact the terrorists now have sheets, mattresses and medical equipment that are all contaminated with Ebola. What do you think they might want to do with that if they have it?

I seem to recall an incident in Benghazi in which OUR government officials, officials of the all knowing US of A, such as Rice, Clinton and Obama tried to play it down saying the attacks in Benghazi 
were unplanned attacks provoked by a film made in our country. Truth be told, it came out that indeed it had been a preplanned plot by terrorists and had nothing to do with the film. Do you think they, they being the politicians, might do the same in Liberia - that is give us a line of bullshit about what happened? I think it likely - maybe if not out of deliberate will to deceive for political gain then out of sheer ignorance or maybe just out of a wish not to create a world panic.

Of course, even if terrorists were not at all involved; consider for a minute that a person who stole infected materials becomes infected and then comes in contact with a family member or friend. The family member picks up the Ebola virus (which takes a couple to few weeks to show symptoms) and that family member just happens to be about to visit the USA on a trip (business, vacation or heroin smuggling - you choose). He comes in contact with hundreds during his trip at: the airport in Liberia, on the plane, in Immigration and in Customs in the USA, in the airport baggage area in the USA, on his trip from the airport to wherever. All the potentially newly infected people, that this traveler could have infected, would not show symptoms for a couple to a few weeks but yet be contagious before showing symptoms. How many people would they unknowingly infect.

Yep, this could be just how a zombie apocalypse might start; then again, maybe it has started. Maybe this is it but I sure as hell hope not. I would rather face man eating and very hungry zombies whom I knew were dangerous than come in contact with any person I passed on the street, dealt with in a store, got food from in a restaurant or medical care from in a hospital, et al, who could unknowingly have Ebola.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Dogs At The BBQ

Last night, for most of the night, we had about 12-15 people at any given time early on and then later on at least 8 of us hangers on. We also had 7 dogs in the backyard for most of the party. Two were extracted by about 3/4 of the way through the night shortly after one of my daughter's and son-in-law's Chihuahuas puked all over my son-in-law and on the fairly expensive animal hide that was draped over the patio sofa.

My son was pissed - not pissed on mind you - just pissed off. It is his rug/skin and was fairly expensive. Luckily for him (and maybe for the dog) it puked on the skin side so should be easier to clean. As for my son-in-law's shirt, it did not fare that well and wound up in the trash. I guess that is what you do when you are an exec at a large department store since you can get your shirts at super discounts. I would have washed it had it been mine. Maybe I will anyway if I feel like dumpster diving in my own trash can. The other 5 dogs, our 5, remained.

Good for us and for our dogs, none of them got sick. I think the one that puked did so because it had been eating pieces of ribs that one (or more) of the folks at the BBQ was feeding to all of them and those ribs had a spicy rub. I tried to discourage that, but was guilty myself a little. I only give them the cartilage from inside so it has no or almost no spice on it but was guilty nonetheless. I guess Chloe probably got a spicy outside part though. Have to say though, she was not a happy camper earlier in the day when she arrived at our place with my daughter; maybe she was already coming down with something. Anyway, she puked a little inside and that was a warning but it was clear and not made up of food. Then when she upchucked outside on the skin and shirt - it was brown as molasses and about as foul smelling.

Oh well, such is life. At least the dogs are not hungover as far as I know. I sometimes let them have a little beer if they want it, never anything stronger and they seem to like it - sometimes. I guess it depends on the type of beer. As it was last night, I did not see them getting any from anyone - bunch of greedy drunks we were.

Mostly, the dogs hung out with us the length of the party. Mimi, our medium sized mutt went inside shortly after the other two left but Pepe (le Pew), Lucy and Abby our three Chihuahuas stayed outside as did Roxie our fairly big mutt. They seemed to be having a good time and it suddenly got better at about 1130 or so when my son showed up with a small tray full of bacon. Yummy, they liked that and we were lucky again they did not get sick because it had some sort of spice all over it. It was also nice and salty and thus began another round of drinks for we greedy drunks. Actually though, I had stopped drinking long before that myself and was not even fairly lit by then. Go figure.

I think that all in all, except for Chloe who got sick, the dogs had as good a time as the drunkspeople. Maybe next time I should let them have a few so they can feel the full effect ;>).

All the best,
Glenn B


The Wife Sleepeth Still

..but not beside still waters. Although, I think that her sleeping in late today is due to the amount of firewater she drank last night. Not really firewater, it was that crushed grapes stuff - wine not whiskey. I suppose though that she had enough to get anyone looped and she apparently was pretty well lit last night.

At least when she wakes up, she will not have to do anything to clean up the party mess. I took care of all of that as the night and the party rolled along. Hopefully her hangover will not be too bad. While I'd like to say, hopefully she will not have a hangover, I know better after how much she drank last night. Based on my few past experiences when I have seen her get snockered, she will have a big one but not as bad as her last one last year. Oh well, life will go on!

And yes, the BBQ party was excellent. That is especially so because I am not hungover and because I have a lot of ribs and dogs for leftovers and no remaining guests sleeping in the bushes in my yard.

All the best,
Glenn B