Friday, August 21, 2020

It's Been One Of Those Weeks & May Be One Of Those Three Monthers (or so)

I've been preparing for the possibility Biden somehow wins or for the nationwide riots I predict should he lose in November. 

Today, I bought 500 rounds of Blazer Brass 45 ACP, 230 gr., FMJ ammo. Also bought a box of .38 Special (only box they had left) for a friend (not a freebie for him, I just knew he needed at least some 38 SPL so I grabbed it for him). The 45 ammo was $17.99 per box, minus $1.80 per box due to a first responder discount, plus tax - so about $175 for the lot of them. The 38 was about $23 per box minus the 10% discount, plus tax, or about $22.40 out the door. I got that all at Sports Academy. I have to say that considering the prices of ammo elsewhere, their price on the 45 ACP was excellent. PSA had it for over $23.00 per bx plus tax & shopping and that was one of the lower prices I could find elsewhere ( I also ordered two Ruger Mark IV mags from Optics Planet; the right price and in stock.

Yesterday, I ordered some gun parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corp.. A front sight for a Mossberg 640KA Chuckster. Yesterday, the mailman delivered my latest firearm, a Mossberg 640KA Chuckster in 22 WMR that as in need of that sight. Otherwise it looks just grand. I also ordered 200 rounds of TulAmmo 7.62X54R, 148 gr. FMJ ammo. I also received an order of 500 rounds Prvi Partizan 32 ACP AUTO Ammo 71 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point. 

On Wednesday, I went out to local stores seeking ammo at a decent price. Nothing of interest at Attwoods but I could have shouted "eureka" at Academy Sports. They had .380 Auto, no limit. I scoffed up 10 boxes for a total of 500 rounds.I would have taken them all but there was some other dude standing there his mouth agape (probably in amazement they had 380) so I figured I'd leave him some, maybe another ten or fifteen boxes. Then I went to Attwoods where I purchased two 20 round boxes of Hornady 300 WIN MAG, Interlock, 150 grain ammo. I also got some Federal 12 gauge shotgun shells, 7 1/2 shot for bird and or squirrel hunting hunting. Lest I forget, I made one other purchase at Attwood's, one box of Winchester Western 22LR, 325 rounds, 36 grain plated hollow point ammo.

They say Wednesday's child is full of woe; I was born on a Wednesday and after my purchases I may be a bit woeful when I get hit with my Amex bill. You see, I also bought a complete and fully assembled upper in .223 Wylde from Palmetto State Armory. I am gambling here since they may go down in price a lot if Trump stays in but if Basement Biden wins - it will have been the right move. Been meaning to get one for a long time but I am The Great Procrastinator. In fact, I bought a Spike's Tactical stripped lower several years ago. Soon after that, Brendan gave me a PSA lower parts kit. Must be at least 7 or 8 years ago (maybe longer) for that stuff and it is still not assembled. I have promised myself to get to it once the upper arrives.

Speaking of procrastination, earlier this week, don't recall which day, I received my brand spanking new Ruger Mark IV. You may remember, if you are a longtime reader of mine, that I first expressed interest in getting one back on Sunday, September 25, 2016. I'm happy I did not get one rigt away, there was a recall due to a problem which since has beed fixed, but damn I just gotta buy things when I first see em or at least sooner than later - the price has gone up considerably since then. 

On Tuesday I ordered five boxes (1,000 rds.) of Federal Champion 22 WMR, 50 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 200. That order was with TargetSportsUSA@ $183.95. That was an excellent price, it works out to $9.20 per 50 rounds. That is pre-Novel Corona Virus and pre-rioting/looting pricing. I also struck it lucky at my local Academy Sports and I picked up three boxes of Winchester 9mm NATO 50 rounds per box. Limit of three or I would have bought a case. They were marked $12.99 and I got a 10% discount as a retired first responder. You should have seen the look on the gal's face when I asked her if the discount applied for retired folks; she kind of looked me over and stammered "you have to have ID to prove that". I guess the long hair and beard threw her off. Any way that made them $11.69 each plus whatever tax they added on. Not bad, especially in these times. Did not get the chance to go back later and try again but decided to keep going back each chance I get to look for more. 

I'll be darned if I recall getting anything on Sunday or Monday but I may have on Monday. Anyway, it is going to prove to be an expensive week. Of course, it may be mitigated somewhat in early October when Brendan and I intend to have a table at a gun show local to him. If I sell the 45 Ammo I bought, I'll still have a nice surplus on hand. I actually bought that stuff today thinking of giving it to my son but had forgotten he just picked up 500 rounds yesterday or Wednesday. If we sell it at the show, and things are much the same as now, I expect to be able to ask (and get) $40 - $50 a box for it (maybe more if things get worse). We could probably also sell half of the 380 and get upwards of $40 per box on them too; 380 was nonexistent at a gun show we recently attended - more potential buyers asked for it than any other caliber except 9mm and 45. Not too sure I'd sell that high though, at least not to Trump supporters.

Speaking of all this ammo buying, I had the thought yesterday I am going to stock up on bottled water, paper towels and arse wipes in early October. I figure no matter which one wins in November there is going to be a lot of rioting. They will go berserk if President Trump maintains the presidency and if he loses I think they will just continue their insurrection and stuff like that will start selling out again soon before the election and the shelves will be bare after it. I am good on food but could use some additional medical supplies should the election cause more strife than even now. Oh - booze - I need to stock up on booze too just in case COVID-19 gets worse and I need to put myself into hermit mode.

If Trump is reelected, I'll have to take a bunch of the ammo out for a celebratory shoot fest. Damn, I need to head to the range sooner than that. That Ruger and Chuckster are screaming at me to warm them up! After all, happiness is a warm gun or so someone once said.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Was Shocked Today...

...while speaking to one of the ladies n the front office of my apartment complex and she told me "Happy Friday". I had not a clue, I thought it was Thursday. Not that it matters shocked or not - retirement is wonderful like that and unless I have an appointment for something everyday can be any other day. I mean who cares once they are retired.

All the best,