Saturday, August 25, 2018

Really The Catholic Church Has Got To Be Abolished

Let's face it folks, lurid story after lurid story for decade after decade, year after year, month after month of sexual abuse crimes committed by priests and other church officials against children - without a stop in sight of this ongoing travesty of justice and humanity - and what are we doing about it! The latest example in the news is what is going on in Ireland.

Ireland has had one of the worst records of abuse in the world, crimes that were revealed to its 4.8 million deeply Catholic people over the past decade by a series of government-mandated inquiries. They revealed thousands of children raped and molested by priests and physically abused in church-run schools, and bishops who covered up the crimes. (Source)

Absolutely nothing or so it seems because the Catholic Church remains a magnet and a safe haven for pedophiles - mostly homosexual ones. If I were still a Catholic, I would renounce my Catholicism immediately but I already did that decades ago because of the essentially satanic like aura that seemingly is around the church and its priests, bishops, cardinals and daresay now - even its pope.

All the best,
Glenn B