Wednesday, February 9, 2022

More New 22s For My Collection

Darn, I just sold a bunch of guns to resupply my dwindling bank account and there I went this past Saturday bidding on more of them in a auction. The addiction that drives a collector is insatiable. At least with the recent sales, I had some cash to buy these:

Marlin Papoose in 22 LR, the Ducks Unlimited version, listed "As New". Figured this would make a good trunk gun if it shoots better than my Henry USA Survival rifle.
Ruger Mark II Target Pistol with 6 7/8" barrel. Why I bought another Ruger Mark II is beyond my wildest imagination and all I can say in my defense is I like them - damn their disassembly and assembly issues. This one was not listed "as new" but it looks to be as good as new.
One thing is for sure, old arthritic guys like me can never have enough 22s! Now I just am waiting on them to be shipped, then a quick cleaning and sooner or later a trip to the range with them.

All the best,
Glenn B