Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Doomsday Sci-Fi Scenario Most Likely To Be Realized...

...other than us encountering some type of alien life forms could well be the world in which robots and artificial intelligence take over and try to destroy humanity. There have been amazing advancements in both the field of robotics and AI and that a computer may someday become self cognizant is not that far fetched. In that same vein, something of grave concern to me is that some politicians now want to arm drones for police use. More here.

Yeah, it is not like they are about to take over by themselves and destroy humanity but why start combining AI, robotics, and weaponry. All I can see it leading to is disaster especially when in the hands of law enforcement (and you can bet the LE drones will wind up in the hands of criminals) too many of whom believe themselves to be involved in a conflict know as the "It's Us Versus Them" scenario. The "Us" being everyone in LE and the "Them" being the rest of us.  It is bad enough some of them have that attitude and carry a gun but it will be worse when they are even further removed from the people they are supposed to serve and have their fingers on the trigger via remote control and a video link. Thus the armed drones will become an additional threat to our safety even long before artificial intelligence becomes sentient and able to take control. 

Please note, this is not an anti-police rant - it is an anti tyrannical police rant or an anti bad cop rant.

All the best,
Glenn B