Monday, February 17, 2014

My HP Notebook Is Belly Up

HP sent an in home technical service repairman to my home on Saturday. He put a new hard drive, that HP had sent to me via FedEx, into my HP Pavilion Notebook. As soon as he was done, it gave him an error message. He fiddled with it a bit and got another error message, the second one telling him there was no hard drive in the computer. He fiddled more and said it was good to go for software installation, started the first disk, had me sign some paperwork and then left with three disks of software yet to be installed. I followed the prompts and installed the software myself. Then, when I got the same error messages as did he, that no hard drive was installed, I called HP tech service and I was pissed.

It has now been arranged that they will send me a box to ship the notebook to them for repair at their facility and I continue to be pissed. That will take 3 to 4 weeks from what I understand of what they told me. So much for paying for in home service, it amounted to a waste of my money. This is now the second problem with this laptop that in which the hard drive has been implicated and both times it will have had to be sent into HP for repair when in home service visits should have accomplihsed the repairs. Next time that I buy a computer, I am either going back to Dell or going to another manufacturer. Working on my son's ancient SONY VAIO that he got from my daughter. Time to financially assist him to buy a new one soon.

All the best,
Glenn B