Monday, January 27, 2020

So Now We Know Why The Dems Waited...

...they waited for Bolton's book. Since he and Trump got along like old enemies, I can only imagine he will try to screw Trump however he can since Trump is why Bolton is no longer in the limelight of public service.

All the best,

Evidence Of Bigfoot Here In Texas?

Well, that's a pretty big foot in the ph0to, size 13 EE, but the track in the slimy red clay of Texas is definitely not evidence of Bigfoot and my foot in in the picture just for scale. As for that track, it's merely evidence that I need to be more careful when walking my mongrel Skye. Damn, I almost lost my footing and took a header when I slipped in that red Texas clay. The ground around it, within a few feet, is hard sun baked clay that even when a little wet is hard as stone. Had I fallen I might not have been able to get up!

All the best,
Glenn B