Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Ballseye On Tipping

Many years ago, probably around 20 to 25 or so - a waitress asked me if I wanted change after I paid for a meal with a higher amount of cash than the cost of the meal. I do not recall the exact amount but as an example let's say I paid for a $41.00 meal with three twenty dollar bills. I was amazed at her brazenness and told her so, that was the first time a waitress had ever asked me if I wanted my change. Normally, the proper server etiquette was to take the cash bring the change and collect any tip left after the customer got up to leave. I wonder did she really expect me to give her a 41% tip (and yes those numbers while not exact are a good example because I recall whatever was the tip amount, it would have been extraordinary then as it still would be now, especially after her poor service). Shortly after that, it seemed at least half of the wait servers in restaurants were doing it - that is asking if the customer wanted change. I have always considered it quite rude.

One time, I left a waitress a $75 tip or so, as I recall, for serving just me at a restaurant in DC. She was not only a good waitress but had gone up and down the line outside the restaurant to try to seat folks as appropriate sized tables for each party opened up. She pulled me out of the line, which prevented a long wait for me and seated me at a seat along a wall ledge. She even got me a second seating after first seating me next to three or four drunken gay idiots who were being very obnoxious and were trying to hit up on me and other patrons seated near them. Her table service was also great. She deserved that tip as far as I was concerned and what more she showed how much she deserved it when she  chased me down the street, in the rainy coldness of a winter's night, after I left the restaurant to ask if I had realized how much of a tip I had left for her. I guess she had thought I had made a mistake. She was extremely grateful and shed at least a few tears when I told her there was no mistake and she was the best waitress to have ever served me. I don't often leave that high of a tip, it was probably 1.5 to 2x the cost of my meal but I am not a bad tipper either.

Well, last night, I stopped at a Sonic to grab a quick bite. I usually give the Sonic servers a buck or two and whatever loose change I get back after paying. The total I owed  last night was $10.10. I handed the server, who brought the meal to my car, a twenty. She quickly folded it in her hand and as she was already turning and stepping away from my car without offering me my change, she asked: "do you want change". I reamed her a new asshole, telling her of course I wanted my change and how dare she act offended (which she did) when I said I wanted it. I handed her back the bag of food and told her I wanted my money back and while she acted more offended she did give it back to me. She also seemed flabbergasted that anyone would say yes they wanted their change. I took my twenty back and left but only after telling her she should be ashamed of herself for expecting a 98% tip! Are the woke of today, who look at jobs at fast food places as career choices, all getting as ridiculous as her seemingly expecting a 98% tip for walking maybe 25 feet over to a car to hand you your food! 

All the best,
Glenn B