Monday, October 12, 2020


I found a small gold mine among my ammo reserves - 18 boxes of 30-30 Winchester ammo. Now, you might think why am I saying that's a gold mine. Well, it's been selling for around $40.00 per box on Gun Broker (selling price not the asking price). Stuff that normally sells for around $11.99 per box is selling for upwards of 300% of the normal price during this ammo buying frenzy. Since I do not have a rifle in 30-30 (just sold my Marlin 1936 in said caliber), I suppose I'll have to try to sell this stuff. Guess I'll bring it to the gun show in Texarkana this weekend and if it does not sell there, then onto GunBroker it goes. My prices at the gun show will definitely be lower than what I have seen it sell for on GunBroker.

I wish I had some 9mm or 5.56 NATO to spare as well but this will have to do. Imagine what it will all be selling for if Biden wins. Egads, I shudder at that thought.

All the best,
Glenn B