Friday, September 15, 2023

That's A Good Gun

 The video below shows one of my all time favorite scenes from a Schwarzenegger movie. The guy behind the counter had a great but short lived part; I kind of wish I could find some work like that in a few movies but I wonder, would it pay anything worthwhile? Even if not, it would be fun to be remembered in a memorable scene like that; just about everyone who has seen the original Terminator movie probably remembers it well.  


My son always mentions that AMT long slide 45 when he talks about the Terminator. I have an opportunity to pick one up this weekend if things go right - just no laser sight. Time will tell. 

 All the best,
 Glenn B

This Makes Me Laugh

This truly is an excellent prank:  
Of course, if it actually was a prank, one has to wonder as one commenter pointed out, how did she dry off all of a sudden (note her hair is dry in her last youthful scene).
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