Friday, January 19, 2007

Bizarro World Is Upon Us

If you doubt the title of this post, then just read this article Police: 29-Year-Old Sex Offender Conned 2 Arizona Men Into Thinking He Was 12, Attempted to Enroll in School @,2933,245065,00.html.

When a 29 year old man attempts to enroll in a school as a 12 year old, and the police have to SPECULATE that such: "may have been an attempt to lure children into sexual abuse" you know something is terribly wrong. When the 29 year old man was reportedly living with two other men, with whom he reportedly was having sexual affairs, after conning them into believing he was a young boy, you know things are really getting weird. When one of those other men, a 61 year old, allegedly tried to enroll the 29 year old in grammar school as a 12 year old, he said he was the so called "boys" grandfather - it is going over the edge. When you realize that school officials caught this, realizing the so called boy looked a lot older than 12, you almost come back to the land of the sane, until you read on to find out that the 29 year old man may have actually already been enrolled in other schools where he pretended to be a child - and that folks is back into the realm of being out and out bonkers - how could anyone enroll this guy as a 12 year old - are they blind? Finally, when the two older men, the 61 year old, and a 43 year old, whom the 29 year old had conned into believing he was only 12, were told by police that the supposed 12 year old with whom they had been having sex was actually a 29 year old, they got upset about that - and that folks is absolute BIZARRO WORLD.

All in all 4 men were arrested, I do not see where the 4th guy came into it all, but am actually glad they did not say, or that I missed them saying it, just in the event it is beyond bizarro world, and therefore even too much for me to take.

So now tell me, what would be a fair sentence for these guys if convicted, maybe banishment to a leper colony, or being thrown into an active volcano. Certainly there is little place for them in the world of the quasi-normal even in a place like San Francisco, let alone the rest of the world. It just boggles the sensibilities that alleged monsters like these are out there.

I've been busy... work, and at home; and just on the tired side when I have gotten home from work each night. Add to that I have not been sleeping all that well, and I have been too tired to post. Furthermore, the job sucks, I mean really sucks, and has me down a bit right now, and I have been debating retirement.

The result of all this has been that I haven't left a good rant since Tuesday. I will try to make up for it this weekend, and will try to be more regular, at least in my posting, in the future.

All the best,
Glenn B