Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Got Home After a 305 Mile Drive...

...and then sat down and did the math about my 6 hour and 45 minute trip. Yep, it took me that long to drive only 305 miles. I averaged 45.18 mph on the way home. That sucks! Granted, I stopped to grab a bite to eat and also stopped at a Wally World to pick up a couple boxes of .308 Winchester Ammunition (that's right kiddies, I has me a new toy). The thing is though, that took, at most, all of 45 minutes for both combined, If I take off that 45 minutes, then my real average speed was 50.83 mph. Not much better. Heck the speed limit on much of the ride was 65 but then there were all those 30, 35 40 and 45 mph zones on the route chosen by Garmin.

This snail's pace has led me to believe that my son is right on the money about Garmin GPS devices - they are, in his and now my opinion, essentially worthless pieces of crap. I had mine (my son gave me his otherwise he probably would have thrown it out) on the trip. I decided to use it to get home and at first it sure seemed to have given me a faster route. After all, I had it set for fastest route. Then, it took me through the heart of several villages and through city streets in Ithaca, NY, in heavy traffic, on my trek home. It also tried to steer me out of my way into New Jersey. Had I just returned home the reverse of the way my trip to Geneva, NY had gone, I probably would have taken off at least another 1/2 on the trip. I did not depend on a GPS to get there but used Map Quest instead. Map quest made a whole lot more sense in the routes it provided. Oh well, live and learn.

New Gun Pron coming soon since there is a new gun in the house. More about that maybe tomorrow night (I will be busy most of the day and probably unable to blog until tomorrow night).

All the best,
Glenn B