Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today In History - The Rock Goes Under

The Rock, it was a name that sent shivers down the spines of hardened violent felons because in it's short lifespan as a federal penitentiary, Alcatraz Island (as it was also known) was home to some of the most violent and heinous criminals of its time. Its history started as a blurb on a Spanish map of San Francisco Bay, it was called La Isla de los Alcatraces (Island of the Pelicans). Over its long life since then, the island has been home to military fortifications, a military prison, a federal prison, Indian activists and a national historic landmark. As far as being a federal prison, the thing for which it is most well know, Alcatraz housed some of the worst federal prisoners, such as Al Capone, during the years to 1934 - 1963. It closed its gates as a prison on March 21 of that year (source, if you check the source, make sure to input the right date as it changes daily).

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Hang Em High And Let Em Swing...

...until every last drop of life is drained out of them. That would be my punishment to these vile useless thugs if found guilty. (Yes. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty though it is trying to do so in cases like this.)

While playing basketball, they reportedly decided to do something else. That something else, apparently, was to rob and kill someone. Their victim pleaded for his life and they allegedly shot him dead anyway. I think youthful offenders dirty filthy lowlife animals who are guilty of such crimes deserve to die to assure they will never do likewise again. More on the story here.

Now just imagine that a white cop had tried to arrest them and had to shoot one or more in self defense and actually killed one of them. The race baiters, rioters, looters and protestors would be rampaging as I type. I wonder where Al Sharpton and his posse are now! I am willing to bet that Al, or one or more of his radical race baiting sympathizers, gets involved in the trial(s) of the three misguided African American youths whom the defense will claim are being railroaded by the criminal justice system because they are black.

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