Saturday, September 3, 2011

It Is A Fine Late Summer's Morning...

...the skies are a hazy blue, the sun is doing its best to shine through and doing well enough at it warm the air sufficiently so as to stir the breeze adequately, now and again, so that my ears are amply filled with the amazingly soothing music of our garden's wondrous wind chime. I just finished a late but simple breakfast on the backyard patio consisting of corn rye toast with butter and red raspberry preserves, OJ and a black coffee. Then I collected some greens, tomatoes and flowers from the yard and fed my baby tortoises with it. After that I fed the fish and then remembered I have to gather some worms to feed the turtle, salamanders, newts and frogs. Before hunting down and gathering up the worms, I grabbed the laptop PC, took it outside and sat down to write this for a momentary distraction. It was a pretty blissful Saturday morning.

Yes, I said it was a pretty blissful Saturday morning. That was until, suddenly, I heard a the roar of a power saw somewhere probably about block away. That was interrupted by the incessant calling of my neighbor to his dog in his usually friendly but then irritatingly almost soprano Italian accented voice. I thought to myself: "What could be any more annoying" and at the moment that thought perished under the ongoing assault of the saw and my neighbor still talking to his dog, my ears were assaulted by a jet's engines as a passenger plane roared overhead on its way to JFK Airport.

My moment of blissful repose with the world, on this otherwise fine Saturday morning, was going to hell rapidly as a well aimed bullet down a rifle barrel toward a condemned felon in his last moment of life. Damn even my thoughts had become nasty, it almost seemed as if i had thought it out loud yet, I muttered not a word. If that was not as ample a disturbance as need be, at just about the moment of that thought,  my eardrums were pierced by the high pitched buzzing a two wheeled rice burner in the distance - somehow sounding as if it were right next to me.

I lamented to myself and to my gods "What other din could be aroused to disrupt the passage of this most calming and fine exalted morn, what could negate the soothing sounds of the breeze through the leaves or the gentle clanging yet musical notes of the wind chime?" and they answered me. It was a tumultuous sound that burst forward, akin to rolling thunder coming down a steep mountainside to a valley below. Yet, it was from a source so unlikely to produce such a raucous din that I was awestruck by it as it was produced by the repeated flapping of a butterfly's wings. The insignificant bug flitted here there and just about everywhere in my yard in search of some sweet heaven's sent nectar and god damn me if, just as I grew accustomed to the winged imp's cacophonous commotion, I did not start to hear the grass grow too! I just about wanted to scream at the top of my lungs that everyone and everything should shut the fuck up and had an urge to grab my shotgun and go on a rampage of wanton destruction of the earth and all its noisy inhabitants when I had an unexpected surge of placidity burst upon me as I realized:

It's just another day in Paradise.

I know, and I guess you know it too, that the kind day I have described so far, really is just another day in Paradise. So, instead of running off armed and dangerous in a rage of devastation, I decided to sit back and finish my coffee while I wrote this short piece. As I relaxed again, some of the noises subsided to levels that were adequately tolerable if not easy to ignore and others, like the breeze through the leaves and the randomly chaotic notes of the chimes actually became pleasant. Now if only the fool who is relentlessly pounding away on a keyboard, unseen by me but apparently somewhere very close at hand, would take a 5 minute break, we might all be better able to fully enjoy the wonders of this fine Saturday morning in sublime tranquility. Maybe I had  best go collect those earthworms to feed to my critters. I think that is what I will do, it should put you all at ease and will suffice to stifle any lingering thoughts I had of destroying, what just moments ago, seemed to be a clamorously annoying world. Of course, it may best serve me and my hope for continued contentment should I also endeavor to do some small amount of yard work and a bit of work around the castle; house before my dear wife returns from her trials and tribulations at the office. Yes, it is Saturday and has been blissful for me but she has been at work since early this morning. Hark, is that whom I hear approaching... Later 4 U, I have to get busy fast.

All the best,
PS: For those of you who are about to call 911 to report a madman in his garden, talking about going on a shotgun rampage, no that was not serious and yes that was meant to be humorous!