Friday, December 20, 2019

What Luck?

So there I was just outside my son's apartment after leaving Skye, my mongrel, inside so I could get some things out of my car. Since he is on the third floor, I always lock the door when even just going to the car, don't need to make it easy for anyone to walk in while I am downstairs. I took my keys out of my pocket and went to lock the door when I realized my set of keys with his apartment key was still inside. I just had my spare keys I carry when I travel, his key is not on that key ring. Just as I was about to turn the knob, I heard Skye jump up on the inside of the door and heard her claws scratching & clicking on it. Well, I probably also heard another click but did not realize it until I turned the knob and the door would not open. Damn, Skye had hit the latch and.locked me out.

I called my son, he asked if I was serious. Yes, I was frigging serious. Then I called the complex management line. I was told he had to be there for them to open the lock or if it was the security lock, that can only be opened and locked from inside, they would have to take off the door. This all took some time as I had to keep walking around to get cell service. I texted my son the info that they said he had to be there. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes later, he texted me to tell me to go upstairs to wait outside his door as maintenaance agreed to come by. I had been waiting in my car to keep warm.

When I got back to his doorway, I heard Skye jumping up on the door again. I heard her claws scratching and clicking on the inside of the door. I gave it a try, I turned the knob, the damned door opened right up. She had unlocked it. All I can think is she at first turned it just enough for the bolt to close just a bit because had she turned it all the way she never would have opened it pawing it a second time. Of course, as soon as I opened the door, the mongrel ran out. She waited for me on the second floor landing where I got the leash on her.  Just as we were walking down to the ground level another guy was coming up and she went to him for a petting. I did not know it but he was the maintenance guy. As he was petting her, I told him she just had locked me out and then unlocked the door letting me back into my son's apartment. He then told me he was the maintenance guy come to the rescue. It took a moment for it to sink in that the bitch had both licked me out and then let me in. We had a good laugh. He was very ynderstanding and I tried to get him to take some cassh for his troyble and for a few beers or whatever but he would not. We both just laughed it off.

I gotta say, Ripley's Believe It Or Not has nothing on me, I mean who else has my kind of luck!

All the best,
Glenn B