Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If 100,000 Folks Had As Much Ammo As Me...

...we would have a bit more than DHS reportedly has purchased recently and thus might be ready for them should the government attempt to overtake the citizenry and institute tyranny by force. Oh course, we the people, to the best of my knowledge, do not have anywhere near the reported 2,700 Mine Resistant Armored Protected (MRAP) Vehicles that DHS reportedly also acquired recently. If this report and others like it are true, you had best be stockpiling ammo, legally obtained and possessed components for explosives, Pepper Spray, gasoline, food water, medical supplies and whatever else on which you can lay your hands for possible use if the government goes wild.

Folks, in my opinion (and remember I was in federal law enforcement for 32 years plus some), there is absolutely no justifiable reason, for a federal department handling domestic law enforcement to be purchasing 2,700 such vehicles or to have purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo (as DHS reportedly has purchased over the past year). They patrol our borders, investigate drug smuggling, customs violations, money laundering (minor role in that now as the FBI is the main agency relative to ML) and arrest wetbacks with maybe a suspected terrorist thrown in now and then and they search people getting on planes and the like. They are not into handling civil unrest (nor should they be), are not para-military nor should they be that either,  and regardless of Janet Napolitano's rhetoric they do not do a lot in the way of actually investigating or preventing terrorism. It is mainly the FBI that handles terrorist investigations, not DHS, trust me on that one. So why do they need all those bullets and those armored personnel carriers unless  they plan on putting down mass civil unrest or expect China to invade and for themselves to protect our shores/borders during an invasion?

Remember that Obama, during his first campaign, said he would have a civilian force as strong as the military but he never said why he need a civilian force that strong. Now he is putting it together with law enforcement and I fear all that ammo will be aimed at We The People, at least those of us who disagree with him. If you are not scared or at least very concerned about why this is happening, you must have drunk a good sized amount of the Obamessiah kool-aid. As Michael Savage said last night, Democrats and leftists either are or already have become everything they claimed to have feared and this is just more proof of it.

All the best,