Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wolf Ammo Mislabelled, and an Apology To Sportsmansguide.com

Why revisit? Well, yesterday I was repacking 500 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 ammunition for return to the Sportsmansguide.com because they had apparently sent me the wrong ammo. I had ordered Wolf 7.62x39 154 Gr. Soft Point, and the boxes of ammo they sent me said 122 FMJ instead. As I was packing something funny happened. I noticed that sometimes when I looked at the boxes I was packing, I saw them labelled as Wolf 7.62x39 122 Gr. FMJ, and at other times when I looked at the exact same boxes they were labelled as 7.62x39 154 Gr SP. I looked saw the SP, a moment later looked again and saw the FMJ. I wondered if I was seeing things. I was flummoxed but only for a moment. I took a closer look at a box, turning it in my hands as I did so. Then I saw it, the cause of what a moment before I thought may have been an illusion, and the reason I had believed that Sportsmansguide.com had sent me the wrong ammo. The boxes were labelled with both designations. On the top of each box, and on the opening flap of each box, they were marked one way, and on the sides of the boxes they were marked the other way. I then opened a good number of the boxes and lo and behold all those I opened contained the SP ammo I had ordered. Of course I immediately sent off an email to Sportsmansguide.com customer service explaining what I had discovered. What a pain in the butt this has all been over a labelling error by Wolf.

So I suppose I have to make a retraction of my earlier statement that Sportsmansguide sent me the wrong ammo, when in fact it was the right ammo, but labelled incorrectly by the manufacturer. I have to admit, Sportsmansguide was right on top of this when I notified them of the perceived problem. They promptly made arrangements for me to return the ammo for an exchange. So my hat goes off to their customer service for that; as of course it does to their order department for getting my order right in the first place. My apologies to them for thinking they got it wrong in the first place, but I think they will understand how that happened with the mislabelled boxes.

If you have recently purchased Wolf ammo in either designation above, you may want to check to see that you got the correct ammo. It could be you ordered the FMJ and wound up with SP instead. You may also want to pass this along to others you know who use Wolf ammo.

All the best,
Glenn B