Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh Joy - I'll Probably Be Getting Another Subscription To A Credit Protection...

...type service now that it is believed that the personal identifying data of 4 million federal employees and retirees (or more) was breached in an attack of U.S. computer systems, more here.

The U.S. security system that detected the breach was the DHS Einstein system. I also heard another tidbit of info on this system and while I am not sure if this is true, I would not be all that surprised if it was gospel. I was told that the Einstein System was  developed by the DHS Intelligence Division to detect and warn about cyber-security threats but only after an attack had already taken place. Even if not true - that is evidently when the Einstein System actually discovered the breach - after it had happened. Leave it to DHS to implement a cyber-security system that only alerts about a threat after it has occurred and to call it Einstein! All I can say is: What a department, what a failure! 

Now that I think of it, they didn't have to actually implement such a ridiculous cyber-security system for me to say that since that's the way I already felt about DHS on a daily basis for years now. 

A hat tip to DM for the info about The DHS Einstein system.

All the best,

Yet Another Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger...

...or should I say a brace of women with their fingers on the triggers!  As usual, I post this photo here, like all the others, purely for firearms safety education purposes, why else would I post them. Again, I will say, that with few exceptions, you should not place your finger on the trigger unless ready to shoot (and if you do you should be observing other firearms safety rules).

All the best,
Glenn B