Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How Not To Disassemble A Glock

The man in the know was evidently showing-  those who did not know the how to of it - how to disassemble a Glock for cleaning.

I think he did it wrong. Of course this video could be faked but I tend to doubt they would have put a round or empty shell casing in the chamber and you can see there is one in it as he starts to pull back the slide. Ouch. 

By the way, near the end, I'd just about swear I heard him say "hello officer".

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 27, 2020

Children Urged To Say "Fuck The Police"

This is the USA today!

This is an outrage and if you think it is not an outrage - you are part of the problem.

Edited to add: You know, I was in LE for 32 plus years. I never had one official complaint against me for unjustified use of violence or violation of anyone's rights in any way. I saw some such violations and I reported them and was ostracized badly for one such report I made about an NYPD officer unnecessarily and gleefully hitting a prisoner. For the most part though and I do mean for the great majority of officers, those in LE with whom I worked was dedicated to the job and they did it the right and justified way without violating anyone's rights. 

Yet, as I pointed out, when I see someone in LE do bad, I call them out for it. I despise bad cops who break the law to enforce the law and who violate people's rights. The thing is though, I call out the particular officer who did something that violated someone's rights - I do not call out the entire law enforcement community within a city, county, state or within the nation when it was one person or a small group of people who were responsible. 

It is about frigging time that the leftists in this country stop over reacting to everything as if they are all a bunch of piss pants spoiled brats who hate mommy & daddy because they were told there would be no desert tonight if they did not obey what mommy and daddy just told them to do. It is a sad commentary on these leftists but it essentially boils down to a truth that simple. Of course, it is also that they are for the great part wanna-be communists.

All the best,
Glenn B

You May Be Wondering Why The Flag Is Upside Down In My Blog Header

If you are wondering why the flag of the United States of America is shown being flown upside down in my blog header it is because I believe it to be appropriate considering the state of our nation at the current time as I write. 

An insurgency has erupted that is 100% anti-American and politicians, law enforcement, entertainers, sports figures and many of the common man have dropped to their knees in honor of the violent criminal insurgents - mostly ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, socialists & commie types but there are others. There has been looting, rioting, destruction of property, arson, serious beatings, killings all while politicians and law enforcement do little to nothing to stop it - some, as I have said, have taken a knee to side with the rebels. This is nothing short of an armed rebellion and it needs to be ended - now.

Thus, I will fly it that way until our president takes appropriate action to put down the rebellion and prosecute the criminals & insurgents who are trying to bring the United States of America to her knees. It has gone so far as for me to believe he must send in armed troops to squash the insurgency and that he must do so forthwith. I cannot and will not vote for our president's reelection while he merely tweets and/or sends in too small a number of federal LE as our country is being destroyed. He needs to man-up and do it now to save out nation!

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Range Report - Maybe Not Quite What You'd Expect (Or The Scary Things I See At The Range)

I dragged mine fatigued feeling fat arse out of my chair and to my car today and headed to a more or less local outdoor range over in AR today. I have not been to the range for some fun shooting in too long and brought along my Glock 30 pistols (two of them), my latest acquisition a Beretta 1934 for a test shoot and my Savage Axis XP in 308 to sight in its new Vortex Crossfire II scope.

I think I have mentioned, in a previous blogpost, that I now go to this range only on weekdays because of the arsehat factor often present there on weekends. I should have listened to my own advice. 

When I got there today, there were three other shooters there. They had been taking a break from shooting and the line appeared safe. They asked me if I needed to set up targets to which I replied no since I'd be shooting the Beretta first just to make sure it worked okay. Soon they called a hot line and the shooting commenced. The two guys at the other end of the range seemed to be doing things right. The other guy, one bench to my left was not shooting at the moment. I loaded up the Beretta mags (only have two mags 7 rounds each) and fired away for a function check. It worked just fine. I did that two times more and the third time I was shooting it I started having a problem in as much as pulling the trigger did not result in the hammer falling on intermittent attempts. Sometimes it went bang because the hammer fell, other times the hammer did not budge. "Oh no..." I thought "...the gun is screwed up".  

Well, as I was reloading mags that last time, I noticed the guy next to me was having problems with what I think was a Mossberg shotgun with only a pistol grip. He was shooting or trying to shoot short mini-shells through it but they were not going bang and he complained he was getting only slight dimple or none at al from the firing pin on the primers. I suggested he try some normal length shells and he loaded up behind the firing line! He then walked to the line and started shooting but luckily did not cover anyone in the process. The first went bang but then most of the others had the same problem. He then uttered something about having taken the gun apart and maybe screwing up something when he put it back together.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON - DANGER! - is what I should have heard booming inside my head. Next thing I know, the guy turns around and covers the other two shooters with the muzzle  and walks away from the firing line - fully charged shotgun in hand - points the gun at the road behind the range on which the shooters' vehicles were parked and starts unloading it while pointing it that way. He put it down once unloaded and bagged it. He then went to the line to shoot a pistol but not before loading it well behind the line. That was it for me, I decided to leave but not until I also got a video of him with his pistol because he was loading it behind the firing line and I mean several feet behind it. While making the video of him loading like that and then shooting, he had a misfire. He immediately racked the slide and ejected the round that did not go off, picked it up, put it back into the chamber and tried firing it. had the same problem and did that three times in all. Normally I'd wait several seconds, probably do a ten count, before opening the action just in the event it was a hang fire (which is a delayed fire shot). 

You can take a look at the video below. While I will not comment on what I think of his range etiquette, you can leave all the comments you want to about him. He was scary in his absolute... - oh wait - I said I'd not comment.

It's a pity I had to leave because I felt it was not safe due to his apparent ineptness with firearms/range safety. (Whoops did I just comment about his range etiquette and such?) It was also very disappointing. I had at least another 100 rounds to go through the Beretta and since I seemed to be having a problem with it not firing some of the times I pulled the trigger (the hammer was not dropping on some trigger pulls) I definitely wanted to try to figure out the problem. (Probably not the gun but user/knucklehead (that would be me) error as later on I realized I had had the safety partially engaged, once I disengaged it completely the problem went away while dry firing at home.) I must have engaged it with my grip or  whatever and I did not realize it or even take the time to check why I was having the problem once I realized there seemingly was an unsafe arsehat shooting next to me. (Whoops there I go again commenting on that guy - sorry.) Another trip to the range, this time on a weekday when it is much more likely I will be the only one there, should allow me to determine if the safety being partially engaged was the problem as I am pretty sure that was exactly it. Besides not shooting the Beretta any more, I also did not shoot any of the other guns I had along with me.

Oh Well, at least I made it home alive and unventilated and can go to the range another day to try again.

All the best,
Glenn B

This Could Grow On Me...

...and become my new favorite t-shirt. I love it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 24, 2020

Welcome To Paradise

Good morning all. Another day in Paradise and believe me this is about as good as Paradise gets which is usually but not always as good as you make it and today I choose to make it grand. Started the day off with a walk with the mongrel Skye Knucklehead. About to have breakfast consisting of a chicken pot pie, black & very strong coffee and some OJ mixed with flavored seltzer. Then who knows, another day - another adventure.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Sex For The Glory - No Wait A Minute That's Not Quite Right

"B.C. health officials are recommending an age-old, occasionally cutting-edge tactic for sex during the coronavirus pandemic: “glory holes.”  (Source.)

 Yes folks, they are telling you, me, whomever to put a wall with a hole in it between you and your sex partner to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. So, it's not sex for the glory but sex by way of a glory hole! The left has truly lost it's collective fucking mind.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I've Got Me An Itch To Buy A New Gun...

...but stock is so low and prices so high it is ridiculous. If I do buy one, no0thing in a caliber that I do not already have since ammo is also short. Keeping my eyes open for a good deal, maybe a new 22 pistol.

All the best,

Not A bad Thing For Texas... fact, not bad at all! Welcome to Texas and to the GOP chair of this great state Mr. West. Talking about this.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another 600...

...rounds of pistol ammo purchased today. I picked up two boxes of 9mm FMJ at my local Attwoods and ordered 500 rounds of 45 ACP FMJ from an online dealer.

I know, it's all high priced but I think of it this way, if Biden winds and or if the dems take over the Senate and hold the House - it will be priced even higher if available at all.

All the best,
Glenn B

If I Drank High Energy Drinks - Id' Try Red Bull...

...because they are a no bull(shit) kind of a company from what I just read here.

I am sick and tired of the commie/socialist attempted takeover of this country under the guise of BLM, anti-Fascism and anti-systemic racism, anti-cop bullshit that I want to puke.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 17, 2020

Been Under The Weather...

...and the result has been a marked lack of blogging. I will try to improve on that after this weekend although I may post later today if I can find the time.

All the best,

Monday, July 13, 2020

So Was This A Good Deal?

Most of the magazines I have for my AR are Magpul Gen 2 mags. In other words they are plastic. Today I received an order of ten (10) Bushmaster 30 Round AR-15 type rifle magazines, 223/5/56. The total I paid for them was $107.95 including tax, shipping was free. That works out to $10.80 per mag. Now, I know nothing about Bushmaster magazines as far as their quality goes. I certainly hopoe they are better than what I think is the crap made by C-Products; my son bought quite a few of them years back and they were - to say the least - very problematic. Anyway the ones I got today by Bushmaster sure are packaged nicely and I am hoping that the care they took in packing each individually first inside a plastic bag or wrap and then in a bubble type plastic package is an in dication that the mags are at least good to better quality.

It took a long time to get these after ordering them; I ordered them on May 29th. I got them from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. which is in NY State and thus had been closed down by his grand highness, the emperor of NYistan, Andrew Cuomo. They reopened not to long ago and they finally sent out my order which as I said arrived today. Packed well, arrived in excellent shape as far as I can tell and now debating whether or not to take them out of their packaging and shoot them or keep them in reserve.

If you think its a decent deal, and if interested, you apparently can still get it at the same price here:

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 6, 2020

A Rainy & Gloomy Day Made Gloomier - Charlie Daniels Is Gone

I had been thinking, just a few moments ago, that today could not be much gloomier. It's pouring here where I live and despite the rain it's still 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humid as all hell. Then, while taking a break from cleaning house I sat down to my laptop, went to a gun fotrum for a bit, and saw a post about Country/Rock/Bluegrass music legend Charlie Daniels having passed away today at age 83. My heart sank. I let my son know via a text message and my bet is I ruined his day but he'd have found out sooner or later.

We both saw Charlie together a few years ago and he was great and put on an excellent show. We attended two of his concerts there in the same venue, a year apart, in a fairly small theater - The NY CitiBank Theater at Westbury, NY. The first time we saw him in September 2015, along with Pat, one of Brendan's buddies. It was a double billing of The Charlie Daniels Band and The Marshal Tucker Band. Wow, what a combination and what an excellent show by both. 

Then, in September 2016, we again saw the Charlie Daniels Band, this time Zack & Pat - two of Brendan's pals came along, and again it was an excellent show. 

I am pretty sure the video clip above is from the 2016 show. Somehow, I have lost all my pictures from the show except one of me in my kilt from the 2015 show when I was Kilted To Kick Cancer's Arse. That's in a blog post from back then but I digress.

The man was a legend, he was also a great American patriot and also a second amendment advocate. To say we lost a good man is a huge understatement. He will be missed. RIP.

I guess it's just coincidence but there was one thing that brightened my day since I saw the news. While I was typing this post, the mailman came by and delivered a package that I am sure contains a Beretta 1934 pistol. Being that Charlie was a pro-gun kind of a guy, that made the news about his passing somewhat bittersweet. There was also one other thing that cheered me up a bit and brought me out of the gloom putting a smile on my face - my son answered my text, about the sad news, with this:

"Glad we saw him"

I am too, very much so because we saw him together.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Another Crybaby Of The Left

That she apparently had the unmitigated audacity to make a followup video in which she cries that it was the fault of someone other than herself that she lost her job simply boggles my mind. Leftists, it seems, rarely if ever accept responsibility for their own wrong-doing. To them it's almost always the fault of someone else when anything goes wrong in their lives.

She seemingly has zero clue that she undoubtedly appears to be the one responsible for saying she would stab someone, anyone, whom next she heard saying All Lives Matter. She appears to have no clue that she evidently was responsible for posting a video of herself saying so online. However, suddenly it is is all the fault of they who support President Trump for her being fired from her job. She seems incapable of placing the blame squarely upon her own shoulders where it surely, in  my opinion, would fit quite well. 

Regardless of the statements she made about harming someone, those statements she made set aside, who would want to have someone working for them who shunned responsibility as she apparently shuns it.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Prefer My Elk Smoked Over Hickory...

...and not cooked over an open wood fire. Alas, leftists evidently prefer it the other way as evidenced by the way they destroyed a statue of an Elk in front of the federal courthouse in Portland, OR. (Source.) This has gone beyond ridiculous and has become serious and for those who don't think that is the case - you need to wake up.

I understand that many folks do not believe these disturbances could turn into a major insurrection that could topple our government. Sadly, that is much the same way that folks looked at the Nazis when they first started stomping people and destroying synagogues; then that evil seemingly inept fucker got himself elected and look at where it went from there. There are scores, if not hundreds of politicians in our country who evidently support these crazy rioting/killing pieces of shit.

The good folks of this country really need to start forming/joining local militias to combat community watch groups to protect themselves from these evil clowns. The government essentially is doing nothing - maybe waiting for the right political moment to do something decisive - or maybe waiting for it all just to burn out in a fizzle. It's a bigger gamble, I think, to wait it out to see if it burns itself out because if it does not, it may just get bigger and bigger until it is a full scale and extremely bloody revolution.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 3, 2020

Ragged Old Flag - An Amazingly Appropriate Song For The Times

I am 64 years old going on 65, have been a Johnny Cash fan since I was about 18 and a patriot for as long as I can remember. Yet, in all the years since I first heard Johnny Cash's raged and rugged voice, I do not remember ever hearing this song - Ragged Old Flag - performed by him. 

I think it amazing that while doing a search for patriotic songs, for me to listen to this July 4th weekend, this was the fourth song in the list that came up, amazing not so much because I discovered it for myself but because - IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST SONG IN THE LIST! This song is exceedingly appropriate to be shared on this particular Independence Day considering all of the strife our great nation has suffered recently and considering those who would kneel for the National Anthem or defile our flag. 

Please, take a few moments, sit back and enjoy this piece because it may put your heart at peace if you truly pay attention to, think about and take to heart the lyrics and what they say about this country and her flag - and what they mean for all Americans.

I embedded two versions here - both are excellent - one a little more modern in the video.


Then I found it done by Charlie Daniels, how could I not include it!


So tomorrow, I hope all Americans celebrate a happy birthday for the USA and if you have one, fly her flag proudly and with honor.

All the best
Glenn B

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pussies Crying Out - Call The Police...

...and why? Because a man who's car, at which they allegedly had thrown stuff, turned his car around! Well, after he got out of his car, I could understand why these liberal pieces of shit might have wanted the police or their mommies to protect them but to have said it when he turned his car - fucking pussy assholes as usual.

All the best,
Glenn B