Thursday, August 26, 2021

We May Not Be Able To Petition The Lord With Prayer...

 ...but we sure as hell can petition to have Joe Biden removed from office. I will be writing to my Congressmen to have him removed by way of petition, or impeachment or the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or by whatever means is legal and quick. 
It has become painfully obvious that not only is he incompetent but it also appears to me that he is an ally to our enemies. Add to those the fact that today he blatantly admitted he was "instructed" to call on a certain list of reporters during the news conference in reference to the bombing in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. military personnel (so far) and 60 Afghans (so far) and it has become obvious that the president of the United States of America (or in other words the Commander In Chief) is not in command at all. Here is how his revelation, that someone else is instructing him as to what to do, was reported:

""Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O'Donnell from NBC," Biden kicked off the press conference." (Source.)

I note, that if this was reported on CNN it was apparently hidden somewhere in an article that did not headline it or if headlined, then the article was hidden away not on their home page as far as I could see. 
As for the president, I believe Joe Biden is evidently incompetent as it is witnessed by the fact that someone has to give him instructions apparently as to which reporters to call on who likely will ask him softball type questions! Imagine, who then is giving him those instructions? Also, imagine that when it comes to really important decisions about U.S. policy here and abroad, like in Afghanistan, who is really in charge of our nation! Seemingly, it's not bumbling Joe Biden. If he cannot handle a group of reporters on his own, how can he be expected to handle national security issues (and as already seen he is not doing at all well with them such as Afghanistan, COVID-19, the border crisis and the economy). 

Folks, if we do not get this flubbing fool out of office, along with most of his administration, we are doomed. Let's face it, Laughing Hyena Harris has to go as well, she'd maybe be worse than Biden as president. Biden is so bad at accepting responsibility, even while he says he accepts it he immediately followed that up by trying to imply it was all President Trump's fault! So, he still is blaming things on president Trump - who had not been our president since January - 7 months ago (and bear in mind he reversed almost everything president Trump had put into place but not this withdrawal - then he faults President Trump while he, Biden, ran it like a moron)! Look here: 
Yes President Trump may have made an agreement with the Taliban with regard to the U.S. withdrawal of troops but let's face facts - Trump would have handled any withdrawal of troops and any aggression by the Taliban or others during the withdrawal of troops, U.S. personnel, U.S. citizens and other Afghan personnel in a very different fashion than the foolhardy way Joe Biden has been doing it. Imagine though had it been President Trump in charge of this debacle - they would have figuratively (maybe even literally) hung him for this mess but Biden they attempt to praise. Then again had President Trump been in charge of the pull-out, I am certain, there would have been little to absolutely no mess. Based upon his records within the area, I think President Trump would have ordered airstrikes against the Taliban and ISIS-K at the first signs of violent aggression by either and he would have had sufficient troops on the ground to aid with the evacuation way before it even began. The evacuation of U.S. Personnel, American citizens and our Afghan allies, under President Trump, would have commenced and continued in an orderly and secret fashion (secret in as much as no details being shared with the Taliban, to potentially pass along to ISIS-K, as Biden shared with the Taliban and then they possibly leaked to ISIS-K who killed our 13 service personnel and many Afghans today). 
The U.S. would have been in charge and remained in charge with President Trump at the helm instead of the way it's been with President Biden fumbling along and reportedly begging (and thus trusting) an enemy for help in evacuating our embassy (source) and getting more of our service personnel killed than has been the case in many years in Afghanistan! And yes, he is the one responsible for their deaths as I see it because he is a totally incompetent screw-up and has failed to run this operation properly from day one. I urge you to correspond with your elected officials demanding that he be removed from office, without delay, by any legal means.

All the best,
Glenn B