Friday, May 6, 2011

The Last of the Last - Claude Choules Has Set Sail For His Final Sunset

The last surviving combat veteran of WWI, also a veteran of WWII, passed away yesterday, peacefully, in his sleep., he was 110. Claude Choules joined the British Navy at the age of 15 and did his first bit of service aboard a training ship. By the next year he was assigned to serve on a battleship. He survived WWI, moved to Australia and joined the Australian Navy in which he served during WWII. More info here:

More on his life here:

There is only one other known surviving veteran of WWI - Florence Green. She was in the British Woman's Royal Air Force; however, she was not a combatant. It is the end of an era of fighting men, who believed that their war was - The War To End all Wars.

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