Sunday, November 5, 2006

Islamo Facists really are trying to conquer the world... is evidenced by a regular deluge of attacks committed by them against anyone who belongs to another religion, or who disagrees with the tenet Islam should control everything. See this article: Thailand 'rebels' attack schools at the Attacks like those descibed in the article occur on a weekly basis in other parts of the world thereby, if the suspicion is correct that these were Muslims who did this, giving evidence that it is not just the west, the USA or Israel against which the wrath of this facism masquerading as a religion is targetted. There have been enough other attacks, already proven to have been carried by by Islamists, to prove they are set on conquering those of all other faiths, and even atheists, this one is just the latest one reported upon. Why the US media does not hgighlight these attacks is not beyond me, it fits right in with their usual plans to make conservatives look bad no matter what the cost; this time the cost being that half of America believe if we just leave them along they will love us peacefully. We need to wake up America, wake up and terminate the threat.

Guys like this are teaching our kids...

...and it concerns me not because he is doing research on a controversial subject, but because he believes in a mythical beast. I wonder what other apparently inane beliefs he may hold, and therefore teach to our sons and daughters! Bigfoot research makes professor a campus outcast Maybe he also believes in the Loch Ness Monster too, or the Abominable Snowman, or that dinosaurs currently live in the Congo, or that little grey men with big eyes have abducted him, or other seemingly harmless absurdities. I believe some of these are possible, though I do not believe any are probable. According to the article this guy "firmly" believes in the existence of Bigfoot! Get that, he is firm in his conviction that it exists even in the face of an awful lot of evidence that sightings have been a lot of bunk. That is scary if only because he may be twisting other things around into preposterous twisted anti-facts and teaching that to our children. They may believe him.

Sure it may seem harmless in the case of Bigfoot, but what about the case of saying that communism is better than democracy, or that terrorists are victims who justly seek to kill us, or that morality is not good, and so forth. I guess that is how the school system in this country screws with the minds of our kids so badly, and therefore screws up our country so badly. Guys like this need to be administratively admonished and maybe even punished if they teach crap like this to our children. If he stops fine, if he teaches that maybe it is so - fine, but to say that proven bunk is actual fact is ridiculous and should be dealt with quickly and sternly.