Friday, September 2, 2011

The Kribensis Have Gone Wild...

...coming out of there hiding cave in the driftwood and attacking my other fish over and over again this afternoon. I think that pretty much could mean only one of two things - eggs or fry. So, I shined my light into the hole in the driftwood arrangement in which they spend most of their time and saw nothing. I moved the light here and there and then uddenly saw movement. A small school of fry (as in baby fish) came swimming up to the mouth of the cave as if attracted by the light. I don't know how many, but it looks to be a good sized batch of babies. My concern is that other fish in the tank will see the fry as an easy meal and lay them to waste quickly but I also know that Kribensis (actually now called Pelvicachromis pulcher but still commonly called Kribensis as, once upon a time, their scientific name was Pelvicachromis kribensis) are pretty good and protective parents. Thus the reason for them going out to attack my other fish.

My biggest concern though are my Pimelodus pictus catfish devouring the fry. They are big enough, tough enough, agile enough, always hungry enough to get those babies, especially since they come out mostly after dark when mom and pop Kribensis would be off guard or just unable to see. Hopefully they will not devour them all and some of the fry will make it to adulthood.

Maybe you are thinking I could help them some by moving them to another tank but trying to catch them would really disrupt the tank in which they now reside (same for catching either the catfish or the Kribensis' fry) and chances are I would not be able to catch even most of the fry without really screwing up the tank very badly. Hopefully the two adult Kribensis will get the job done day or night. If I can catch the catfish - I will do that; if not - then oh well, tough noogies! Either way, life goes on.

All the best,