Thursday, September 6, 2018

Man Arrested Giving A Beaver Wood???

Nope, I don't mean some guy got arrested for giving a beaver a tree. Some dude in Washington State reportedly was arrested for nailing a beaver as it lay dying on or near a roadway where it had been hit by a vehicle. He was spotted by a woman, who saw the beaver get run over and the went to get a container to place it in to try to help it. As she returned to the scene she allegedly saw the guy laying wood to the beaver and called police. The dude reportedly was arrested for animal cruelty and for meth possession (why does that second charge not surprise me). The beaver did not bite the wood but bit the dust instead - too bad he did not get in some gnaw marks on the wood first. More at the source.

I'd end this by saying: "Now I have heard/read it all" but I know if I do that I am certain I'll read something even weirder than this in the not too distant future.

All the best,
Glenn B