Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I May Never Buy Another Gun Made By Savage Arms...

...but that all depends on how they handle my current situation with them. 

I have owned an old Savage rifle in 22LR and and old Savage 12 gauge both of which that I wound up selling and still own a Savage Axis XP in 308 and a Savage Model 93 in 22WMR (both bought new).

I sent the Model 93 into Savage Arms for repairs back in late June. It was not feeding reliably, in fact it was feeding terribly when doing so at all, and the mags were loose as all hell when in the mag well. They finally got it sent back to me a few days ago and it looked as if they fixed the problem with the mags having been loose. I am guessing that may alao have fixed the feeding problem but I refuse to test fire it until they address some issues new to the rifle since I sent it to them.

Yes, I am saying it appears they fucked up my gun while they were supposed to be repairing it. Here is a list of things I found wrong with it when I got it back from them and mind you those prpblems were nonexistant when I sent it to Savage Arms:

1) The shoulder portion of the stock is badly scratched, gouged or cracked. The more I look at it the more I am convinced it is a crack. The crack runs into the butt plate. 
Crack free stock on June 27th, the day I sent the 93 to Savage Arms.

The stock as it appeared when I got it back from Savage!
Click the image to enlarge the photo.
2) The crown (? - raised portion of muzzle end) is gouged and dinged. The metal around the bore is scratched.

View of the muzzle end on June 27th, clearly showing no damage to muzzle.

Another view with different lighting that show zero damage to muzzle
on June 27th, the day I sent the Model 93 to Savage. Click to enlarge.

This is what the muzzle looked like when I got the 93 back from Savage!
Click to enlarge image. 

3) The barrel is dinged between the receiver and stamping on left side.
June 2th - no ding on left side of barrel between receiver and stampings and
there was also no scratch or marring in the wood under rear scope mount.

When I got it back from Savage there was
a ding on barrel between stampings and receiver.
 4) The wood under the rear scope mount, after midway between top and bottom is scratched and marred.

Again, when I got it back from Savage, there was also a scratch and marring in
the wood under the rear scope mount that were not there when sent to Savage.
 4) The bottom of the L-Bar is scraped. 
Not scraped when I shipped it to Savage but scraped when I got it back.
5) The metal on the receiver immediately behind the ejection port is scratched.
Receiver not scratched behind ejection port when sent to Savage.

Receiver scratched when I got it back from Savage,
6) Adding insult to injury, they did not clean the rifle after supposedly test firing it as you can see in the last photo.

7) The forward movement of the safety is no longer smooth as it was before back in June but now seems to be grating on something internally and it is hard to push forward. The rearward movement is still smooth. Obviously there are no pics for this.

Maybe I am forgetting something else for the moment but I think I covered all the 'new' issues. 

It seems they may have actually addressed the problem for which I sent it to them - the rifle not feeding properly and the mags fitting loosely. Yet, while the mags now seem to fit snuggly, I did not test fire the rifle due to the issue with the safety. 

I have reported the new issues to Savage and sent them before and after photos. I noted that the return shipping boxes were not damaged ; so, these apparently happened while the rifle was at Savage for repairs. The rifle was almost pristine when I sent it to them, there was only a tiny ding in the wood in one spot. I am happy I took photos as I was preparing it for shipping (a good practice). While the photos I took when I sent it to them were not of the highest quality (it seems my camera setting may have been off kilter a bit) they are of more than good enough quality to shot there was no preexisting damage with regard to the new issues above. Now, I am anxiously awaiting their reply to find out what they will do, if anything, to rectify the situation. As I said, I may not ever buy another firearm by Savage Arms  - but that all depends on how they handle this situation.
All the best,
Glenn B

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All the best,
Glenn B