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Just sharing...

...a wonderful sentiment.

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Best T-Shirt Ever

You be the judge but I must say if not the best it is damned close.

A hat tip and my thanks to Mike McC for that one.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Maybe KKK Guy Was Right - Wake Up White America

Did you ever listen to radio personality Howard Stern? Years ago (and maybe more recently but I cannot say as I no longer listen to his show), he had on a guy now and again who was supposedly a member of the KKK. His name was Daniel Carver. As far as I was concerned, he was either a truly racist KKK .ember or just another kook trying to get his 15 minutes of fame or he was both.

Mr. Carter's favorite saying seemed to be: "Wakeup, white people" or something close to that. He warned white Americans about how they were or would be the targets of other races and of those of religions other than Christianity.

He may have been a kook and a racist but apparently he wound up being correct at least to some extent. ISIS has put out a call to Islamic terrorists to target white people within the USA (source) so that their acts of terror will be taken as terrorism and not confused by the Obama administration as hate crimes as was the recent Islamic Terrorism in Orlando.

No, I am not saying I support Mr. Carver or the KKK (I find the KKK despicable) just that maybe his warning was right in this regard.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Could Any Loyal American Citizen Vote For Clinton... good conscience knowing that in order to protect her personal email, she apparently totally disregarded the security of the State Department's Email System, and thus showed a personally motivated disregard for our National Security, by having all of the State Departmrnt's email security features turned off to accommodate her private email server. If it was up to me, she would have been arrested long before this latest disclosure.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shame Will Have Me Seeking New Employment

Every now and then I think I should find another job. I have a part time, on call, security guard job. I work in offices that do work for USCIS. I do not actually work for USCIS, or even the company that does the work for USIS, I work for a contractor who supplies security guards to them. It rubs me the wrong way that I see people virtually every day I am at work whom I believe do not merit being in this country with any kind of legal status. Sure, many of the folks I deal with are hard working legal immigrants who came here to live the American dream. Others are asylum cases who came here to escape the persecution in their countries. Some asylum cases, no doubt in my mind, are folks who came here illegally and then claimed political asylum just to stay here to work the system to their benefit. I also would venture a guess that some I have seen are here to try to destroy America, terrorist types or sympathizers. Let me make it clear, that is the gut feeling I get from just a very few of them, could be wrong could be right, who knows. As I said, most are here for the American Dream and I can live with that and even encourage it to some degree. The other stuff gets under my skin and then there is DHS and the agencies within it that really make me ashamed.

As you may know already, I retired from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) which used to be known as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Investigations. They decided on a name change when ICE overall started to get really bad publicity several years ago. The bad publicity has not stopped and each time I hear and read more of it, I shudder to think I worked for that outfit of misfits. Well, let me make that clear, many if not most of the special agents were above board but the mid to upper management was horrendous and obviously a bunch of political arse kissers onboard, I think, only to push Obama's Islamization of America.

While I worked there, up until the most recent surveys, DHS got the worst scores in annual morale surveys and ICE scored worst out of all the agencies under DHS, (and HSI is still technically part of ICE) . It sucked working there and apparently still does. HSI and ICE were born out of DHS which was the cluster fuck knee jerk reaction of the Bush administration that has been perpetrated, even expanded under Obama and it just keeps getting worse under the current administration. That I worked there was by mandate not so much choice, who knew it would become the cluster fuck it has turned into. Having been a career agent and near retirement I slugged it out until I was ready to retire. I was pretty much too old to transfer to another agency, they wanted younger guys. So I suffered through it. How I wish my retirement credentials said I retired from the now defunct U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigations but they say DHS and HSI (and one says ICE). Customs was top notch.

I am happy I left but am ashamed when I hear of each new screw-up committed by  DHS, ICE and any other agencies under DHS or ICE. DHS is the most clueless department and ICE the worst agency I have witnessed in the government. From TSA searching babies, to ICE failing to deport criminal who then wind up killing citizens, to their agents losing their guns and then the guns being used in murders they are bad. Another agency, under DHS, evidently all too capable of only screwing-up seems to be USCIS. You may recall that after the shootings in San Bernardino, ICE agents went to a USCIS office to grab ahold of the man who allegedly supplied the weapons to the terrorists who were the San Bernardino shooters; he had an appointment scheduled at the USCIS office that day. The USCIS boss allegedly refused to allow entry of five armed ICE (probably HSI) agents into the offices for well over an half an hour by making them wait for her. She also allegedly lied to agents of the Inspector General's office when what she did was investigated. Well, this evening, I just read that she has been nominated to receive an award for valor but the government will not disclose why. I have to wonder, does Obama consider her conduct courageous because she delayed an investigation of a conspirator of Muslim terrorists!  It would not surprise me.

Regardless of why she has been nominated, in my opinion she does not deserve it no matter what she may have done to be nominated. Hell, an Inspector General's report found she acted both improperly by delaying the agents (the suspect did not keep his appointment but had he, he may have eluded agents because of the delay). The report also supposedly found shed lied to Inspector General's investigators. For all of my 32 years plus in government service there were two things that almost certainly would get you fired. One was stealing government funds and the other was lying to investigators who were investigating your conduct. Lying was the one more likely to assure your termination. Yet, this woman still works in a high level position for USCIS and has been nominated for one of the agency's highest awards. It truly shame me to admit to folks I work for a company who is contracted by USCIS.

So, this weekend, I will be looking for a new job. No, I am not quitting immediately. Let's face it, I need money like the rest of us, I have a family to support, but I will be looking for a new job and doing so in earnest.

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Glenn B

AG - We May never Know Orlando Shooter's Motive

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been reported to have said we may never know the motivation for the shootings in Orlando. She was never an idiot like that whenshe was an AUSA NY. So I have to ask, what type Kool-Aid given her to drink and what the fuck is wrong with her and with all the others in the Obama administration. Why can they not face facts!

The shooter avowed his support for ISIS. What more motive do you need and if you do need more of a motive why need more other than it was obviously an act of terror targeting a group detested by Muslims and that group is homosexuals. You can bet that the wicked witch of Little Rock thinks likewise. Just one more reason to vote for Trump, at least he acknowledges the reality of why this guy did it.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

I Vote Yea or Yeah or Yes or Most Indubitably

Bring em in baby!

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This Man Makes A Lot More Sense On Orlando Than Does Obama


A hat tip to Al S. for ending me this one.

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Darned Gun Forum Glitches

A firearms forum that I visit regularly has been having a problem when a user tries to leave feedback, what they call a trader rating, for another user with whom each other were involved in a firearms related transaction via their site. In fact, hey have been having that problem for over 7 months now without being able to resolve it. What happens is that when you plug in the required URL for the sale or trade, on which to leave feedback, the system tell you that you are not leaving a valid URL. Back in April, I played around with it and was able to leave feedback for a buyer but when I tried to remember how I did that today, I was stumped. After about what I am guessing was realistically an hour or so, I figured out what to do to get the system to accept my feedback on a seller from who I bought a shotgun. The actual sale URL is in one format but in the trader rating area, the page shows a completely different format for the sale URL. So, I took the identifying numbers from the actually sale URL and plugged them into the example URL along with a couple or few other changes and after a couple of few tries, it worked.

I am guessing that one reason the feedback feature is not working with the actual sale URL is because if you type that URL into a forum post, it gets converted to a link made of words and does not show the actual sale URL. I figure the feedback system is doing likewise to I and thus it shows an error when input in the original format. For some reason though, when typed in the edited format based on the example they show, that URL does not get converted to words if typed into a post. I am no computer guy and may not be right about that last thing, regardless of that, I figured out how to leave feedback.

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Glenn B

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Political Blame Game...

...all too often boils down to things being politically motivated and trying to appease certain blocks of voters instead of just telling the outright truth. For example, Islamic Terrorism and an Islamic Terrorist are responsible for the shootings in Orlando. (Note there is a period after that sentence, as if saying that's it folks.)
Yet the politically affected blame game, as described in this meme, is well underway before the deceased are even buried:
Harry Reed is, in my opinion, one of the most worthless douchebags in history - just saying, not blaming.
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When Politicians Lie To The Citizens...

...of this country in order to push their political agenda, it should be law that they are immediately removed from office. Of course, a law like that will never pass because it is the politicians who would have to legislate it. Imagine though, a world in which politicians were held accountable for the trash that spews out of their mouths and their lies to us. Take for instance the total arsehat who said that an AR-15 (a semi-automatic rifle that is not in reality an assault rifle) can shoot 700 rounds per minute (source). It is absurd to think that, let alone to say so to push a political agenda at a time of grief like now. I guess though, that is what politics has become, a competition to see who can pass the most bullshit onto the public while not letting a tragedy go to waste and then gain that very same grief stricken public's support because they were bullshitted at a time of vulnerability.

Also try to imagine a world in which someone running for office would be removed from office immediately upon showing he lied during his campaign. We might be able to do away with politicians completely if such a law was enacted; I mean which one of them has not been full of crap while making campaign promises they never intended to keep. If only I could find a politician to sponsor such a bill!

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Throwing Your Vote Away For Gary Johnson For President

Many voters are very unhappy about the prospect of having either Clinton or Trump in the White House. Many of them plan to vote third party for Gary Johnson. Except for Johnson's pick for his VP running mate (one of the most terrible VP choices I could imagine), it might be nice to have Johnson in the Oval Office. He probably would be much better than Trump or Clinton; however there is a catch. If you vote for him you assure that Clinton will win the election. I am completely ...convinced that is what will happen if you cast your vote for any third party politician. Voting for him will take many more votes away from Trump than from Clinton based on the issues he supports.

How is it that I can be so convinced? Well, I speak from experience; the worst vote I ever made was for a third party candidate and it (and similar votes from many others) resulted in another Clinton being elected. While not so many years ago, it may have been long enough ago that you may need a reminder or to be made aware of it altogether. It certainly has been long enough ago for some to have forgotten and for younger voters to have never heard of that disaster in American elections.

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Glenn B


Obummer On Gun Control

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy Flag Day

I admit it, I forgot today was flag day. Did you remember.

Sadly, I guess (at least for me) the Islamic Terrorist attack in Orlando has overshadowed it to some degree.

Thanks to Willy The K for reminding me via his FB page.

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Glenn B

We Don't Need Modern Freedom Of The Press,... fact, the constitution and Bill of Rights never once even imagined it as it is today.

So, let's restrict Freedom of the Press. Heck, let's restrict all of the freedoms listed with the First Amendment; after all - soon there won't be any armed citizens, armed with more than popguns, to stop us from doing it.
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Glenn B

Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts On Orlando And The Current Islamization of America

Many folks are saying we need to pray for the victims of the terrible shooting in Orlando. They are also saying we need to pray for a stop to such 'hate crimes' (no it's not me calling it a hate crime).

While I pray for the victims and for an end to it all, I realize attacks like the one yesterday while driven by maniacal hatred are not 'hate crimes' per se. They are a part of the invasion of the United States by a form of state posing as a religion that wishes only to either destroy or convert and conquer us and I think they would prefer destroying us. They have their operatives already here, or yet to enter, carry out their wishes for our destruction. History speaks to this in every country in which Islam has established itself. Sooner or later, as their population reaches a certain level, and thus as those who are fanatical enough also reach a certain level of the population, they conquer and rule that country in the name of their so called god. That most in that religion do not object and fight against such is proof of their complicity and of it not being just a problem created by a handful of fanatics. 

As for praying, it only does so much. Imagine how much good praying will do if you find yourself in a situation that the victims found themselves in in Orlando. If you think the police, the Lone Ranger, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or even the Flash will arrive in time to help - just keep on dreaming and be ready to become a victim. I believe otherwise. I believe I stand more of a chance fighting than I would cowering in a rest room - and that goes if I am armed or unarmed. I believe we need to be ready and willing fight for our lives and the lives of other innocents and that includes here at home in the face of these acts of ISLAMIC TERRORISM. 
Let's face it, the Islamists who perpetrate these terroristic acts are monsters who need to be put down, there is no other solution and never has been another solution throughout history. Since the police usually are not there when these things commence because the cowards so often choose soft targets, who can defend you and yours but you! Try to remember all those others I mentioned are comic book heroes, so there is no chance of them showing in time and even the real ones, the police, take time (too much time through no fault of their own) to get there. So, I advocate that you prepare yourself, legally arm yourself and be ready to legally defend yourself and other innocents from this barbarism known as Islamic Terrorism.
If you live in a state or locality that makes it hard for you to do so, take a moment and think about whether or not you voted for an elected official who made it that way. Then if you did vote for an anti-gun politician take some responsibility during the next election by voting for someone who will advocate for your right to keep and bear arms and to defend yourself. If you think that is going to be Hillary Clinton, take your head out of your ass. She would not even let the military defend our personnel in Benghazi and is already talking more gun control before the victims are buried.
All the best,
Glenn B


Sunday, June 12, 2016

From Work To Driving To The Auction To Driving...

...and I was very busy the last half of the week and then spent most of the day yesterday inside of an auction house. I spent almost 6 hours driving to upstate NY after work on Friday night and was exhausted when I got to the motel I was staying at in Seneca Falls, NY (thank Hilton Honors for Hilton Honors points and my essentially free hotel stay but damn them for increasing by 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of points needed for a stay). I figured I would be out like a light within a half hour of my arrival there but as luck would have it, I had no luck in that regard. I wound up staying awake until at least 1:30 AM then tossing and turning and waking up about every hour, I just couldn't sleep a plugged wooden nickel's worth. My mistake was not passing out as soon as I got into my room. Instead, I hopped in the shower, then sat down at the desk with my laptop and looked over the auction inventory. I don't know what it is about using my computer before trying to go to bed but being online for awhile often seems to have the effect of making it harder to sleep for me.

Anyway, on Saturday, I crawled out of the sack, ate a quick free breakfast at the hotel and drove over to Hessney Auctions in Geneva about 10 mils from the motel. I would have stayed in Geneva but the only available rooms were at dumps. When I got to the auction hose, I was probably the second or third customer to have arrived. The parking lot attendants were all in a huddle over coffee and donuts and I just pulled into one of the first spots inside the lot. Every last one of the 7 or 8 parking lot crew gave me a look when I parked there having noticed me after I had already turned into the spot. Then they all lost their smiles and apparently had a serious discussion about what to do about me having parked there and I am guessing they selected the one guy who then came over to me. As I got out of my car he walked over looking all serious and officious and said good morning. I said good morning back but I supposed it sounded a bit gruff (not because I was being so but because my throat was very dry) and he just turned around and walked away without saying another word. Every other car that entered the lot was directed to an area near the back end working forward until the lot was filled. As I was walking toward the front door, another of the lot attendants started to make her way toward me looking all puffed up and important and was about to say something to me and we exchanged 'good mornings' when another car came in and she directed its driver to the back of the lot. I just sort of gimped along, since my hip was acting up, toward the front door and I guess someone realized I was sort of an old geezer with a limp and they left me alone after that. Funny none of that ever happened before and I have been going there for years. Probably because I usually get there before most of the lot attendants show up. Of course, I could have read them all wrong, maybe they just came over to say good morning but they both sure looked determined when they had approached me.

I was first on line for the auction registration, also like several times before, and it made me realize how much I enjoy being there. It is not only the prospect of getting a new gun or some ammo that I really like but the whole auction atmosphere with the chance of getting a good bargain. As for bargains I got some yesterday, some decent to excellent ones at that. As usual though, I also screwed up on one of my bids and bid on the wrong item (a framed turkey print and turkey stamps). The one I wanted was very similar and was the next numbered item. They were moving along so fast by then I sort of lost track and the one I bid on looked so similar to the one I wanted I just started bidding and had he high bid for it. I did not win the one I had wanted anyway and am kind of happy I got the one I did get. The print and stamps are nice and it is a limited and signed edition. The frame is a bit scratched but it an easily be reframed in a frame at little additional cost. Anyway, it is probably going to wind up as a gift for my brother-in-law for his new house.

Then there were the other bids, the ones I did not screw up. I bid on at least 5 guns. I had the high bids on two, most definitely not the ones I wanted the most though but good deals nonetheless. My primary objectives were having the high bids on a new Remington Model 700 Varmint Stainless Fluted (VSF) in 308 WIN. I had already bid as an absentee bidder online (I registered online in the event I would not be able to make it there) and had the high bid there. Disappointingly, my $625 high bid was nowhere nearly enough and it sold for $750. I also made unsuccessful bids on: a used Browning Lightning BLR in 243 caliber, excellent condition, I bid $450m the high bid was $550; a new Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow in 308 WIN, I bid $650 and it went for at least $750; a new Remington 750 Woodmaster with 6 magazines (it was a 750 not a 750 Woodmaster, it had a synthetic stock) excellent condition, I bid $500 and it went for $525 (and I flubbed there too because I had originally planned to bid $550 but got cold feet; a Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter in 22 Hornet with bipod, excellent condition, I bid $400 and it went for $500; a Browning Citori Superlight 16 gauge in excellent condition, I bid $750 hoping for a steal but it sold for $1350; a Ruger Redhawk with 5.5" barrel in 44 magnum in excellent condition, I bid $500 and it went for $550 - I would have bid more if not for the fact I would have had to have gotten paperwork at my local police department and then return to the auction house or have it shipped through an FFL, another $40 for the transfer fee and about $30 to ship) so it was not worth it; a new Marlin 1895G Guide Gun in 45-70 Government, I bid $450 and it went for $475; a new Ruger 10/22 with scope, my bid $175 and it sold for a whopping $275 (plus either a 10 or 13 percent buyer's premium depending on payment type) and tax (making it cheaper to buy at a local store); a Ruger 10/22 SS with Mossy Oak camo stock, I bid $200 and it sold for $300; a Ruger 10/22 black synthetic stock, I bid $175 and it sold for $225, a Ruger 10/22 with hardwood stock on which I bid $175 and it went for $200; a new Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle  that I bid $600 on and it sold for the next higher increment at $625 (I was tempted to bid $650 but when I bid I try to figure if the total cost including the 13% buyer's premium
 and sales tax rate of 7.5% against would save me money against what I would  likely pay a my local gun shop, so I stopped at $600); a excellent Remington Model 870 Express magnum 12 gauge, my bid $225 and it sold for $250; a Marlin Model 782 in 22 WMR with scope and leather sling for which I bid $150 but that went for $250; a Remington Speedmaster Model 522 in very good condition, I bid $150 and it went for $225; an excellent Thompson Center Contender in 35 REM with 14" Super barrel, my bid $175 (all costs considered that is all I could bid on this pistol), it sold for $425; an excellent condition H&R Topper in 12 gauge, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation commemorative, on which I bid $125 that went for $150; a NEF Model 581 Pardner in VG condition that sold for $120 on which I had bid $100; and finally a H&R Topper in EXC condition, my bid $100 and it sold for $110. I also missed out on a bid for a Ithaca Model 100 20 gauge SXS shotgun, that looked new but did not come with the box, I must have fallen asleep or had a brain fart or something, it sold for $125 and I had been willing to bid $150.

As I said, way up above, I had two high bids. The first was a high bid of $200 on a Ruger 10/22 with Reaper Camo on virtually the entire rifle except things like the sights, trigger, barrel band screw, mag release and magazine. I bid $25 more on this than all the other 10/22's because I guessed it would cost a bit more that them with the camo pattern. The total worked out to just a few cents under $243; a regular 10/22 with wood or black synthetic goes for a total of a few cents over $265 at my local gun store, so I did okay if not great on it. The least expensive one, with this same Reaper camo pattern, is selling for $229 on GunBroker but you have to add $25 shipping to that plus a $25 FFL transfer fee for a total of $279. That is probably about the same as what I would have had to pay at my local dealer if he had one of these in stock.  Yep, I did okay on that one, not for resale but for a new toy ;>).

The other one on which I had the high bid is a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge. It has some very slight wear in spots but is in excellent condition. It has a black synthetic stock and supposedly had a a rifled barrel. In fact it has a smoothbore slug barrel. They had it listed with a rifled barrel and maybe at one point it had one and someone changed it by mistake (or on purpose) when inspecting it or maybe they called it that because it came with rifle sights and they got confused or maybe they just screwed up the description because of an attack of brain farts - who knows; but they tell you to carefully inspect before bidding. Now, the thing is that I recently bought an as new Remington 870 Express combo, 12 gauge, with laminated stock, about a month ago. I also have a well used Remington 870 Express combo 12 gauge that I bought in the late 1980's that has served me well. So go figure as to why I would want another! The thing is that, during the auction preview, I saw this new one had a smoothbore and not the rifled barrel they said it had. Since the barrels are the same finish, and since the one I bought last month has a rifled barrel, I am going to switch the barrels as I much prefer the smoothbore; it just because it better suits my purposes. I'll probably then sell the one I picked up at the auction, most likely make a small profit off of it, and will have saved the $165 or so plus tax and shipping that Remington would have charged me to buy a smoothbore barrel. It is a plan and hopefully I will sell the one I just bought and the plan will come to fulfillment. Thinking about it though, I may ask my son if he wants it and then we can sell his Mossberg 500. In my opinion the Mossberg is a POS.

I also picked up a number of other things at the auction and missed out on some other items on which I had hoped to bid. The thing is they start the auction in a side room off of the main room. What they do is start around 9 or 30 by selling off things like archery stuff, reloading equipment and supplies, fishing gear and tackle and other miscellaneous items. Then they go outside for a bit and auction off whatever vehicles and boats they may have yup for bids. Then then come inside an Joe Hessney starts the gun auction while his wife Carrie goes back to the side room and continues the action of the other stuff. I went back to the side room when there was going to be a decent break between guns on which I wanted to bid and was quite disappointed to find that the reloading equipment (not the reloading supplies like powder or primes but the presses, case trimmers (I had hopes for one of these) were all gone. Luckily I got there just before the dies went up for bids and I got a new Lyman 2 die set in 35 REM for $17.50. Not a bad price at all.

Then I went back into the main room for the remainder of the gun auction. After all of the firearms were auctioned off it switched to some miscellaneous items like deer mounts, a bison hide, duck decoys, prints (mostly hunting related scenes), some collectible fishing lures and knives. I had the high bid on a set of three Schrade Old Timer knives in a 2014 collectible tin, my bid was $10. Amazingly folks bid amounts up to $35 (plus either the 10% or 13% buyer's premiums and tax) on similar Schrade knife sets.The thing making it amazing is that they retail for about $24 and all someone had to do was a quick check on the Internet with their smart phone to find that out before bidding. I also bought a framed and signed Turkey print with four 2002 Turkey stamps and a limited edition signed framed print of Canada Geese in flight. When that stuff was gone, some reloading supplies like powder and primers went up for bids and so did the ammo. I bid on several lots of ammo and on one lot of gunpowder. I had looked up loads for the 35 REM round as powder up for bids was one of the ones recommended for 35 REM. This particular powder, Hodgdon H322 (damned if I can pronounce it), is good for various other calibers,  like 223 REM. I picked up two 1 pound jars of it for $20 each. Not bad at all considering the average price I found for it online is about $32.00 per pound.

I got some decent deals on ammo too but wish I had bid on and had the high bids on more of it. By the time the ammo goes up for auction, most of the bidder have departed the auction. The folks who remain are either looking for specific calibers or are dealers (professional or Internet amateurs who sell on sites like GunBroker) looking to score some ammo for resale. I am a combination of both. I had the high bids on a small variety of ammo I needed. I picked up 4 boxes of Remington Core-Lokt 200 grain 35 REM with a bid of $20 per box. That is very good, even with the buyer's premium and tax added since the price I can find on that specific ammo, when available online which is rarely nowadays, is anywhere from abut $32 to $40 per box. I may sell it for a decent profit but only bcause I have about 1K rounds of 35 REM already. While it is not recent manufacture (the price tag on it was $13.95, so I know it has to be at least 8 to 10 years old) it is in good condition and should sell quickly at a profit (a profit that would be used to buy more guns and ammo).

I also got a box of Remington 240 grain Lead (gas check) 44 magnum rounds for $17.50. They don't make it anymore but it is probably not all that old. The bullet is a semi-wadcutter or long flat-nose type. I bought it to shoot through my Redhawk. It was a good price compared to what 44 magnum rounds of a similar nature have been going for lately. I also picked up five boxes of Remington Premiere Copper Solid Sabot Slugs at $7.00 each. Even with the buyer's premium and tax added, that was an excellent price considering they go for about $16 to $20 per box retail. I may have to put those rounds through one of the Remington 870s using the rifled barrel that came with my Rem 870 express combo that I bought last month. Then I can put that barrel on the Rem 870 I picked up yesterday and sell it. Fun before profit is the way to go. Who knows, I may like the way the rifled barrel shoots sabots so much that I will keep the new one from the auction too.

As I was typing the last paragraph above, Brendan just came down and looked at the new Ruger 10/22 and the new Remington 870 and liked them both a lot. I asked him if he wanted to sell his Mossberg 500 and keep the Remington and he answered with a an eager and resounding yes, so I guess as it stands right now - we will be a three Remington 870 house and minus one Mossberg POS (if you don't know what POS means, you can look it up on an Internet slang site). We may also wind up being a three Ruger 10/22 family. The first rifle I ever bought was a Ruger 10/22 with hardwood stock (probably birch). I bought it when I was in the Border Patrol way back when in the early 1980's. I still have I and all that is wrong with it is that I broke off the brass (or is it gold) bead on the front sight many years ago. I have never replaced it as it in no way affects sighting or accuracy in my estimation. We also have a Ruger 10/22 All Weather (black synthetic stock and stainless steel metal). That one is Brendan's, it's the second rifle and first semi-auto that I bought for him. He likes the new one so much, I may see if he wants to keep it and sell the other one. He already said yes to doing it with the shotgun and I expect he will be amenable to doing it with the Ruger 10/22 All Weather. There we go back to being a two 870 and two 10/22 family again. Anyway, with both the new 870 and the 10/22, if I give them to him and he sells his Mossberg and 10/22 All Weather, I get whatever they sell for and he will have to make up any difference; if he does not sell those two guns then he will have to pay me for the new ones. These are not presents, this is more like gun trading 101; he is 26 years old and it is long overdue for him to start learning about seller's remorse!

After spending all that money, $829.07, on my credit card, and paying the 13% buyer's premium instead of the 10%premium when paying with cash, I remembered I had brought along some gold and silver to sell or to use to pay for the guns. Joe Hessney bought 25 silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins and two 1/10 ounce Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins from me and that made up for $675 of the total I spent. I decided not to get a refund on my credit card in that amount and apply the cash to the purchases, even though it would have saved me about $20, since the guns and ammo are protected by the credit card's buyer protection plan and because it would have been a pain in the butt. Besides that, the gold/silver transaction made me the last person there who needed to do the transfer paperwork, go through the NICS check and pick up guns and I knew they wanted to close shop so I decided to eat the loss and get going. Next time I have gold and silver to offload though, I will have to remember to do that before I pay thus reducing the buyer's premium on the amount I pay with cash.

Once all done at the auction house, I said my goodbyes and headed home. It took me about 6 hours for the ride home including a brief stop for food and gas and another stop in PA for about half an hour.

All the best,
Glenn B


The NIC Still Can't Call It For What It Is - Islamic Terrorism

Obama, the Nincompoop in Charge, still cannot call an act of Islamic terrorism just that. Instead, he has said the following about the mass shooting (truly a mass shooting with 50 dead and over 50 others wounded) in an Orlando gay bar:

"We know enough to say this was an act of terror and an act of hate," (source). Yes he said it was an act of terror but that is not necessarily the same as terrorism. Also note he did not attribute it to Islam and even though it is painfully obvious that this was a pure and unadulterated act of  ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Let's face it folks, the guy is an apologist for Islam and Muslims, even for those who are terrorists. Sure, he will have to admit what it was sooner or later but the fact is with him it has always been later.

The guy was a registered security guard in CA. He legally bought a couple of firearms recently. It is not yet known if he used those weapons in this attack. Think tougher guns laws would have helped? Gun laws do nothing to stop gun violence as evidenced by the fact that another man was arrested in CA, who traveled there from IL, both states that have lots of gun control, and he was armed with firearms and a binary explosive and on his way to attend a gay pride parade (source).

Executing scum like this guy (the killer in Orlando), if captured alive and thank the officer(s) whose shot killed him, is what, in my personal opinion, needs to be done along with a complete temporary ban of entry into the USA of Muslims. If you do not get it by now that Islam is a major problem that is looking to destroy us you are out of your mind. Is there a solution? Yes, revise our immigration laws and require every applicant who passes all other immigration criteria to take a polygraph test before being admitted into our country. You could cut out 90% of the other bullshit the government does relative to admitting immigrants if they had to take and fully pass a polygraph and could get the funding from the budget cuts allowed by cutting out the BS. You would also see a dramatic drop in the number of people who hate America being allowed to cross our borders. Yes, I know, this guy reportedly was a U.S. born Citizen but remember he was descended from Islamists who immigrated here. While this may not have stopped him it would stop many others. We could also use a new amendment to the Constitution allowing for nullification of U.S. citizenship when one has conspired, to any degree, to commit such acts.

I can tell you this, while I have been a Trump supporter I also had recently been thinking of voting for Gary Johnson for the presidency but this act of Islamic Terrorism has solidified my support for Trump. He is the only one talking about taking the actions we need to get this problem solved. Johnson would be happy to open our borders from what I have heard.
As for me, I will not go unarmed and if somehow I am found to be in the middle of such an attack, I probably would be inclined to fight to my last breath to kill the vile Islamic invaders involved; and that stands whether I am armed or not. I would rather die fighting than die while tweeting that I am hiding in the men's (ladies or transgender) rest room and that the guy is coming and that he has got us and maybe even that I think I am about to die. I pity the victims, and grieve for them, who thought hiding and not fighting was the right ting to do. You ought to think about that for yourself, which would you rather do. As for me, I would not be able to live with myself if I did not at least try to fight back and anyway, I think you probably stand a better chance of surviving by fighting.

As far as the family of this Islamic pig sucking piece of shit goes, I am happy he is dead and I hope they are all deported tomorrow and if citizens are somehow legally stripped of citizenship and deported.

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest allow me to say that my heart felt condolences and my prayers go out to those who were killed and wounded and to their grieving families.

All the best,
Glenn B


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gunna Be Light Blogging This Week

I am working rather unexpectedly, covering for someone for the rest of the week, so blogging will be light. Will post some photos of Alaska if time permits but I have to arrange em all first.

Right now, I am pooped and am going to watch American Pickers as I slowly but surely doze off while watching.

All the best,

Monday, June 6, 2016

Today In History - The Largest Amphibious Invasion In History

Today, June 6, 2016 marks the largest amphibious invasion in history. It also marks a day on which the United States of America and its allies had over 10,000 casualties including over 4,000 airmen, troops and sailors killed during the Normandy Landings in WWII. France lost at least 3,000 civilians (the French civilian losses took place both on D-Day and D+1). The invasion of Normandy by Allied forces led the way for the Allies to defeat the Axis powers and thus to free the world of the tyranny of Nazi Germany.

Take a moment to remember them today and to thank them for their sacrifices. If you actually know of a surviving soldier, airman or sailor who participated in that battle and who lives near you, I suggest you go out of your way to shake his hand, give him a hug and thank him in person and that you do it today (they don't have much time left). It would have been a very different world had it not been for the brave men who fought on that day to liberate Europe and to prevent the rest of the world from being conquered by the Axis powers - a very different and terrible world indeed.

To learn more about D-Day, go to these links:

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Home Again

Safe and sound at home again after a pretty long return set of flights. Walked in the door at home at about 1130 Sunday morning. Shortly after that I passed out for a nap. I will be posting more pics of the trip later this week.

All the best,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We May Hike To A Glacier Today...

...instead of taking a boat tour of them. I had my sights set on one of the boat tours but this sad story put a damper on that. A father and son were killed in Glacier National Park when their tour boat capsized, four other folks survived. 

Chances are we will take a boat tour anyway but that story sure gave us something to think about - like only going out on one of the larger and hopefully safer tour boats.

All the best,
Glenn B

They Want Only What They Want...

...and truly don't give a damn about the country. Why else would 71% of Democrats in this poll want to vote for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi even if she winds up being indicted (source)! Granted, an indictment is not a conviction but it most certainly would be an indication of the existence of overwhelming evidence (in this particular case) of criminal wrong doing by the accused. Democrsts are, in my view, little more than spoiled brats who need to get it their way no matter what.

All the best,
Glenn B

Somebody Got A Bit Sloshed Ladt Night...

...drinking 5 or 6 ciders. He also went fishing at about 2300 (11PM) and why not since it was still light outside. (Yes the pic below was taken after 11PM.) Then he got lucky too. I figure most of his luck was that he did not fall off the dock or shore and drown but there also was some luck with substance to it. That second bit of luck came on his third cast when he hooked a Rainbow Trout (at least that is what he said it was). He had several other strikes but did not hook another one.

Brendan took this self portrait pretty much
intending to stick it in my face, which he did.
It looks quite a bit smaller than those we caught in Lake Lucille two days ago but at least it was a fish and one was better than none. Better than none, for him but not me since that one meant he was not skunked yesterday as was I. We went fishing earlier in the day at Byer's Lake and did not catch squat but then again we did not known then, that after the highway was built in that area in 1972, the lake trout population was decimated. Salmon come into the lake but fishing for them is prohibited. The lake trout were never restocked.

Screw you to the bastard who rented us the canoe and told us there were fish there worth catching even though I am pretty certain we mentioned trout fishing as our plans. He said no one ever catches them but he added others only rented canoes for an hour but we were sure to catch some great fish worth fishing for because we had rented it for at least 3 hours. So we fished for trout thinking they were in there. So far as Brendan could determine later, the only game fish in there are Burbot and we have no clue how to fish for them and as I said were hoping and fishing for trout. Still, it was a fun three hours of canoeing and we got to see a pair of swans, some ducks and a gull of some sort.

But I digress - once again Brendan has proved himself the better and more ardently dedicated fisherman than me. Maybe I can counter come this Thursday, the day we plan to do some halibut fishing out of Seward (which is where were are now).

No fishing today, we spent a few to several hours driving to Seward (road construction delays) but finally got here. It was a very scenic drive and we saw four (4) Moose feeding in a marsh along the way. So far, during the entirety of the trip to date, we have seen about 7 Moose, a few hawks, a couple of suspected eagles, an American Magpie, two swans, several ducks of different species, likewise for gulls and a single coyote. We have not seen any bear yet and as much as I would like to see one or three I am none to anxious for a close encounter.

All the best,
Glenn B