Friday, September 1, 2017

Does Hevelius Kaper Translate To Heavenly?

Nope, it does not but maybe it should translate to just that. Hevelius Kaper is the Polish beer I bought tonight on my way home from work (have been working 19 out of last 20  business days but that is another story). She who must be obeyed and o adored (the wife) asked me to get red cabbage when I inquired as to what we eed from supermarket. When I asked if she wanted fresh or jars of prepared red cabbage she said fresh, then moments later changed to the stuff in a jar if I could get a German brand. Being I was in Port Chester, NY - a city more known for a large population of Hispanics, I could not even find sauerkraut on the shelves let alone prepared red cabbage. So I bought a fresh one. Then headed home and on the way I decided to stop at a Polish Deli close to home. They had jars of prepared red cabbage including apples, just like the German style. I bought a couple of jars. I also picked up a quarter loaf or so of light (not low calorie but lighter in color) Lithuanian Bread, two smoked Hunter's Sausages and one beer. That beer was Hevelius Kaper.

It is named after Johannes Hevelius who was born on January 28, 1611, or as he was named in Poland: Jan Heweliusz. Amazingly enough his parents were brewers and he chose to get as high as he could - not with beer but by becoming an astronomer (although beer may have helped). You can read that Wikipedia article about him now here, I will read it sometime in the future when I am not drinking the beer named after him. The beer is heavenly and will definitely help one reach the stars. It is 8.2% ABV and is more malty by far that it tastes of hopps; although, I msut say it is not overpowered by malt flavor either. In fact, it is a very mild but good tasting beer for one that has that high an alcohol content. Not bad at all (or in other words to you non-New Yorkers - it is excellent).

I like it and have to ay it goes great with Jagermeister!

All the best,
Glenn B