Sunday, May 1, 2011

Imagine The Wealth Of Intelligence...

...that was likely found in Osama bin Laden's compound. This is the place in which he thought it was safe enough for himself and his son to stay (his son was reportedly also killed). It almost certainly then was also a place wherein he believed it safe enough to store many of his documents and operational plans. We may yet here of similar operations before the dawn is upon us if our Intelligence people and our troops can act and coordinate quickly enough on what is found. If not today, then in the near future. You can bet that his cohorts are scurrying like roaches when the lights come on, so I hope we act fast on whatever we find.

President Obama, you apparently have finally done something right in a very big way - please don't drop the ball now.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Thanks To The Troops... guys and gals have done a bang up job and deserve the thanks of all Americans. I hope the events of yesterday, the demise of bin Laden, means you will be coming home sooner than later.

To the U.S. Military personnel involved in the operation that took him out, I wish I could shake the hand of each and every one of you, then take you all out for steak dinner and get you all drunk. You deserve a lot more than that though, you deserve the best you can get, the best our country can give. I salute you all.

To the military unit (Seals or Special Forces Soldiers) who brought him down, especially the one specific person or the people, who fired the shots that got him, you are my hero(es); I mean that too. You truly did something heroic.

All the best,
Glenn B

May Those Innocents Who Died...

...on 9/11, and because of its aftermath, find a little more peace in their eternal sleep.

With respect,
Glenn B

I Hope Osama bin Laden Saw It Coming...

...long enough before the shot to realize what was happening. I hope it was a gut shot and he died slowly and miserably. Does that make me a bad guy, I hope not but that is how I feel about him and his death at the hands of U.S. Troops.

As I said in my earlier post, about a half hour ago, HALLELUJA!

All the best for the USA,
Glenn B

Now The Bad News...

...this may carry Pres. Obama to a victory in 2012. Lord help us.

All the best,

HALLELUJA, HALLELUJA, Usama, Usama, Usama bin Laden Is Dead

My son just gave me the news in our kitchen. It is likely a moment I will not forget for a long - long time.

All I can say is, HALLELUJA once again and Oh Happy Days! It was a matter of time thanks to the search started by George W. Bush and to the fact that President Obama did not slam the door in the face of our intelligence services and just closed it on their foot. Good shooting, I would love to know who fired the shot that got him and who gave the coordinates for the hit.

I would also love to know, if even one tiny bit of intelligence that led to this was the result of prisoner interogation at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay or if even the tiniest iota was due to information gleaned through the use of water boarding. Not that it really matters, what matters is we got the bastard.

I am about to watch the prez announce it. (Edited to add: He said it was a ground assualt in Pakistan by U.S. Troops.)

Good riddance.

That is all,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Gun Shots 134: AK-47 - Does The AK Stand For...

...A Keeper? I took the Romanian WASR AK-47 to the range tonight for my first shoot with it since I got it 2 weeks and a day ago. It is only a 25 yard range (maybe 30 from what I heard tonight but I'll have to check further on that). Whatever the distance, that is what I had to settle for that is close to my house. That was okay with me, I don't plan on shooting much beyond 50 yards, maybe 100 at the most, with it and shooting at 25 still gave me a good feel for how it will do at further distances. I shot from standing, resting elbows on the bench.

My first 15 rounds were using Wolf 158 Gr. Soft Point, steel cased, polymer coated ammo. With the rear sight set all the way back, where I would imagine it should be for 50 yards, I shot a few to several inches low but pretty much centered from left to right. I then took 20 shots with Wolf 122 gr. Hollow Point steel cased, polymer coated ammo. Those shots were all to the left and a bit higher than were the shots with the soft point ammo. Funny how different weight ammo shoots so dissimilarly, same point of aim, same gun. See the pic.

I adjusted the rear sight to midway on the sight ramp. I shot another 40 shots with the SP ammo. The target fell off when bringing it back on the pulley. From what I could tell, the shots were all pretty much centered in a smaller than the palm of my hand group. Not great but probably sufficient for an AK. My final 5 shots were at a clean target. Pretty much dancing around the center of the paper. See the second picture.

I must say, I am pretty happy with this rifle out of the box. I may have to do dicker around with the front sight a bit, see if I can lower it some. I am none to familiar with AKs so I will ask my son for his advice and help. I may also do some checking online if he does not have time for the old man! One thing about the AK, I was really amazed by the low power of the recoil. My Yugo SKS kicks a lot more using the same ammo, and the Yugo SKS is a much heavier rifle so that is surprising. I can say right out, I got myself a good AK-47 that should prove to be a very good shooter. I am very pleased.

Besides shooting the AK, I also shot my issued SIG 229. I only shot at 10 and 15 yards but managed to fire about 110 rounds. I noticed that I am shooting a little to the left. I have to work on that to see if it is me or if the sights need to be adjusted. I am thinking I may need to adjust the sights but want to be sure. At 10 yards, I fired 50 shots, 2 hand hold, unsupported. I also fired 2 rounds, 1 hand hold, right handed, unsupported. Then 12 rounds, 1 hand hold, left handed, unsupported. At 15 yards, I fired everything 2 hand hold, unsupported. I did fairly well for an old fart whose eyes are not what they were even 3 or 4 years ago.

I suppose I really ought to clean the SIG tonight, before I go to work with it. A clean gun is a happy gun, as my buddy Pete G. used to say. It also tends to be more reliable if the SHTF.

All the best,
Glenn B

Dog Humor: Please Stop Asking Me That Question About My Dog


Please be advised, I am sick to death of receiving questions about my dog, who recently has mauled:

3 Muslims sitting on a rug thinking about virgins

6 illegals wearing Obama t-shirts

4 liberal middle class Democrats wearing Pelosi t-shirts

11 wanna be atheists who refused to say the Pledge

2 badass gangsta rappers

5 phone operators who asked me to press #1 for English

8 customer service desk people speaking in broken English

7 farmers who decided to sell corn to make ethanol instead of food

9 teenagers with their pants hanging down past their cracks

10 American flag burners

1 Chinese delivery guy who got my order wrong

12 politicians who want to raise taxes



First time I remember seeing this was when my brother sent it to me tonight in an email. I thought it was funny, I hope you enjoyed it too, even if I changed it just a bit.

All the best,
Glenn B

More Time In Our Garden (not quite Eden but it will do)

Well, it's just over 2 hours spent in the garden since I went out after cleaning my AK. I got several pepper plants, an eggplant and a tomato plant in some pots. Before doing that though, I hit up the compost pile. There was some rich looking soil midway down to the bottom of the pile. I sifted it through 1/4 or 1/2 inch screen. Then, I mixed that with garden soil, peat moss and sand in about 3/4 of the pots, the other 1/4 of the pots got everything except the sand. Wish I had thought of the sand sooner but then I would not have had enough for all the pots. I watered each pot right after getting the plant into it and noticed the water was not draining as quickly as it should. So, I found the play sand I used to use for my Bearded Dragons and dumped some into the third pot. From then on they all got sand and I had enough left over for one of the pots my wife was using for her flowers. Adding the sand sure made a difference as far as drainage went and I think I added just the right amount to all but one pot. The first one probably got somewhat too little, live and learn.

Since yesterday, I have planted about 6 different varieties of tomato: Beefsteak, Early Girl Bush, Roma, Cherry, Patio hybrid and Yellow Plum Tomatoes. I am not sure I actually bought the patio Hybrid but think it is out there. I also planted a few varieties of peppers: Yellow Bell, Habanero, World's Hottest Habanero, Jalapeno, Giant Jalapeno, Cayenne, and maybe one or two others. Along with them all, also planted two types of eggplant, one Black Beauty and two Ichiban Japanese Eggplants. I still have cucumbers and string beans to go. I am thinking of getting some butternut or other variety of summer squash, and maybe plant some pumpkin and radish seeds.

With those vegetable planted and with all the flowers my wife has already planted, it is starting to look like a garden out there once again. It is just about 2 or 3 weeks later than usual for us to be planting. That's because of the very cold weather we had this April.

I am done with the garden work, probably until next weekend. I already washed up some but now it's time to quit blogging and go take a long hot shower before dinner. May your thumb be green, your cucumbers be firm, long and tasty and your tomatoes perfect to squeeze and ever so juicy and delectable. Happy gardening and enjoy what you produce.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Gun Shots 133: AK-47 Disassembly & Reassembly

Well, after 2 weeks of owning it, I finally took the AK-47 in hand and disassembled it for a good cleaning. Not before searching out a video on how to take it down and then reassemble it. I checked YouTube at random, typing AK-47 Disassembly into the YouTube search bar. The first video link that I clicked on led me to an excellent video by Iraqveteran8888. He has both
disassembly and reassembly videos. If you watch these videos, give each a few seconds to play and they will come out clear; for some reason the first few seconds of each are distorted.

Just in case the videos do not play here, I am posting the links below:

The disassembly video's link is:

The reassembly video's link is:

They are both quite useful videos. In watching them, I discovered that since my AK has a Tapco trigger group, it already has the spring that he recommends installing. I did not take my AK all the way down, I left the trigger group intact, that is for another day. Otherwise I took it down as he described and gave it a good cleaning and got it back together quite easily. It is all fairly simple to accomplish.

My wife just got home from work, which means I now have a car to go to the range. I need to cut this one short, because I need to get some other chores done, more gardening, then clean up, then head to the range. Hopefully, I got it back together right and it will fire away as it should.

All the best,
Glenn B