Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Winchester Model 37 - The Curse Has Been Broken - I Hope

So, I tried to sell my Winchester Model 37, 12 gauge, shotgun for a fourth time, that  being once in person and three times via The first time someone showed upon to look at it and wanted me to sell it to him out of my trunk in a public parking lot. No way that was happening here in the polizestaat of New-Yorkistan. The second time was on GunBroker and the buyer did not send me a completely legible copy of his dealer's FFL and then would not send one. Sorry Charlie but I had that requirement clearly stated in my terms of the auction. The third guy just never sent payment and never got back to me when I inquired a few times to see if he still wanted it. When I called him to inquire, a woman answered the phone, told me the dickhead he was no longer interested and hung up when I asked if I could leave my number for him to call me and tell me himself.

It appears though that this time around, the fourth time (or third time via the Internet), may be the charm. I spoke to the high bidder tonight and he is preparing the buyer's statement I require (basically assuring me he could answer all the question of an ATF transfer form properly), is making a copy of his driver's license to send me (to help assure to whom I am selling it), already has a copy of his dealer's FFL (as required by law) and that is signed in a color ink other than the copy color (helps assure an original signature when an FFL is mailed (oddly enough an original signature is not required if faxed or scanned and emailed - how could it be original if transmitted like that), and will send a U.S. Postal Money order probably tomorrow (the only form of payment I will accept). I am not counting my chicks until the eggs hatch though but this time it does sound promising.

While speaking to him, he asked me some questions about the shotgun and I learned a new trick about a 12 gauge full choke gun. I think he would have been better off asking before he placed a bid because the bid is a binding agreement to make the purchase (if I would want to push it if a bidder backed out, which would not be worth it to me). I was not about to tell him that though and have him think I was being a wise-arse and thus ruin the deal -especially since he was being courteous and accommodating of my terms with which I could tell he was not completely happy (such as sending a copy of his license). But I digress so let me get back to what he asked me and what I learned.

The things he asked about were the look of the bore - which is bright and shiny with maybe a few freckles but no pitting I could see, whether or not it has an auto ejector - which it does, if the auto ejector functions properly - it sure kicks out an unfired shell casing with a good amount of force sending it a few feet across the room when I remember to get my chest out of the way, and if it was a full choke - which it is so marked. It was then, right after that last question, that I learned something. He asked me if how far a dime would travel through the barrel if I dropped it into the bore through the breech end. That seemed a strange question but he explained to me that if the dime passes all the way through (bearing in mind this is a full choke 12 gauge) then the choke has been removed (I would guess either purposefully or worn out from firing it many, many, many times over decades of use). He also explained that if the dime stops about an inch or so from the muzzle, then it is indeed a full choke. I asked him if the dime would be easy to get back out, I figured it would but wanted reassurance and he said yes. So, I dropped a dime. In my estimation, it stopped about 3/4 of an inch from the muzzle opening. He said that was good and seemed quite happy. If he is happy with it, then I am happy because it means the sale will probably actually go through; I hope so.

I will be happy for a couple of reasons other than it being finally sold. I will be happy because I am getting almost double for it over what I originally asked the first time on I wonder if I could have even asked for a higher amount and gotten it but I am quite satisfied in more than tripling my money on this gun over the price I originally bought it at. The other thing that makes me happy is that I will have almost enough cash, if I actually get paid, to buy either another Henry Repeating Arms Small Game Rifle in 22WMR (the one I originally ordered and had to be returned because it got damaged in shipping) or will have almost enough for a Barnett Jackal cross bow. Decisions, decisions!

As I said though, I am not counting my cash just yet.

All the best,
Glenn B

Blogging This Month

As you can see, a lot of my blogging this month will be dedicated to the Kilted To Kick Cancer (KTKC) fundraiser. I promise though, once I get in the groove with it, I will start posting on more familiar subjects in addition to the posts about KTKC.

All the best,
Glenn B

KTKC Day 2 - A Day In The Life Of A Kilted Glenn B

Today was pretty much an ordinary day for me except for the fact that once again I went out in the  real world wearing a kilt - my only kilt (although UT Kilts already has shipped one I ordered yesterday, so another is due here soon). The first thing I did when I left my house today was to go to the dentist. My wife works there as a dental assistant and I although I had told her I would be kilted virtually everywhere this month, I think she was surprised to see me with it on in the dentist's office. The dentist slammed me as son as she saw me asking why I was wearing a skirt, if I was crazy, if she could light a match and throw it underneath to start a fire (to which I replied she had already set fire down there) and that she was going to hit me down there with a shot of Novocain. Yes, she loves me almost as much as my own wife does so.

Anyway, I explained the deal to her ad she said I was crazy to have bought kilts because I could have just donated that money - so what good was it doing! That was a fact which never had dawned on my wife and she got a little miffed that the kilts were not supplied for free and I had to pay for my kilty attire. I explained that instead of my regular donations to the fundraiser, I had bought the kilts and some other stuff in the hopes I could entice others to donate and thus wind up having more of an effect than if I just donated my two cents worth (believe me my past donations were much higher than that) to the fundraiser. So far I have been proven wrong, Team Glenn B has only brought in $50 to date and the team in first place has over 1K in donations already. I guess I need to do a mass emailing to blegg for donations. For now, allow me to repost the donation link: and please remember to mark off the team through which you want to donate (hint: my team is Team Glenn B).

Anyway, after that I went home for a bit and then was met there by my good buddy Pete A. We headed to the hospital to see a relative of mine, and former coworker of both of us, who had a heart attack, a really serious set of them but who made it through the worst of it. We spent some time there, me wearing my kilt. The deal was explained fully while there.

KTKC Day 2 Photo. Dunking Donuts might not have been the best place
for me to stop for a snack but I assure I have been working out lately
and I have lost a few pounds in the process over the past month.
I should be almost svelte in a month of three, hopefully anyhow.

Then we were off to get a bite to eat and somehow, one of us (who shall remain nameless) decided on Hooters. We had a few appetizers and I had two ales. Pete opted for water because he was driving. Then it was back toward my house but we too a brief detour to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a donut. As can be seen above, that is where KTKC Pic 3 of me was taken.

A few brief observations: riding in the car with AC on and blowing up the kilt is quite refreshing. Likewise for riding with the window open later when it cooled down some. Walking around with the family jewels dangling also was rather comfortable and made me wonder how it was, and why on earth, someone ever created tighty whities.

That is all for now.

All the best,
Glenn  B

Kilted To Kick Cancer Day 2 Important Updates

Important Update: I screwed up but just a little in reference to dunking my kilted junk if and when I get any single donation(s) above $100 on any given day throughout the month of September 2015. I thought that Kilted To Kick Cancer would keep me apprised of who donated how much through Team Glenn B and that they would do so on a daily basis. They do not do it on a daily basis but only will do it at the end of the fund drive. Because of that, I will not be able to determine who, if anyone, has donated $100 or more on any given day, thus requiring me to dunk my kilted junk. That is unless you forward me a copy of the receipt or email they give you subsequent to your donation showing if you have donated $100 or more on any given day during the fundraiser. So, if you are crazy enough to want to see a video of me dunking my tender parts into a bucket of ice water (albeit under cover of kilt since this is almost a family channel) you will need to make me aware that you donated that much by forwarding me a copy of your receipt or the acknowledgement email from KTKC (or PayPal) to show you made such a donation.

This Is Also Important: It would also be a good idea for anyone who donates any amount of $5.00 or more to do likewise for each such donation you make. That way I can assure you will not be missed when chances are allocated for the prize drawing for donors. Remember for each increment of $.00 that you donate (in total over the course of this fundraiser) you get a chance allocated to you to win a prize but I have to know who you are and how much you gave. Make sure your name is in the email sent to me, not just your email address or PayPal login ID and how much you donated. 

I am also adding this to my original day one post (September 1st) so that it is clear for anyone who comes aboard after today.

Remember, if you wasn’t to make a donation to help in the fight against prostate cancer and to aid prostate cancer research, through Team Glenn B or any other team, please go here to do so:

When you donate please make sure to click on the drop down box to enter the team name (Hint: Team Glenn B) through which you want to donate.

If you have no clue what that was just all about, go here to my original post with all the info:

And now for a little blegging: Come on folks, so far Team Glenn B has raised only $50 in donations and is tied with a few other teams. The team in first place has already raised over $1,000. I know we can do better than a mere $50 and it is going to a good cause so please do what you can to donate. By the way, you can also donate in general without selecting a team to donate through if you so desire.

All the best,
Glenn B