Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Am Kilted To Kick Cancer - The Fundraiser Has Officially Opened

It is Day 1 and the Kilted To Kick Cancer Fundraiser has officially opened and I will be wearing a kilt each and every day come hell, high water or updrafts for the whole month of September 2015. That of course is in the hopes of getting you to donate toward prostate cancer research and the fight against this terrible and deadly cancer. I will post the day one picture of me so garbed a little later but here is another one I posted about a week or so ago (sorry but it has to do for this afternoon, I'll post another tonight). 

Sorry for the old pic, new daily pics
will start being posted by me tonight.

Kilted to Kick Cancer is a fundraiser, in which gun rights bloggers participate to help the fight against prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has the second highest fatality rate, behind lung cancer, among men. KiltedToKickCancer.org runs a fundraiser every September in which kilted bloggers (and maybe one or two non-kilted ones) attempt to raise prostate cancer awareness by spreading the word about it while kilted and also attempts to raise funds for prostate cancer research. It is my understanding that there is a very low overhead and 100% of the raised funds go directly to prostate cancer research. More info on that is on their website.

If you want to donate, and hopefully so through my team, please go to this link:


Once at the link, click on the amount you want to donate, then click on the CONTRIBUTE icon. That will bring you to your shopping cart where you can confirm the donation amount. Once you see it is okay, click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT icon. This will bring you to the checkout page which is pretty self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE ONE THING ABOUT THAT PAGE - YOU GET TO SELECT THE TEAM THROUGH WHICH YOU WANT TO DONATE. To make a selection click on "Select a fundraising team..." in the dropdown box at the upper left hand corner of Bill Details. I an hopeful you will be be part of my team ad will make your donation through Team Glenn B. Please note, if you decide to give a customized amount, I do not think there is any manner through which you can select a team through which to make your donation and believe that will be a general donation. I will check on that and get back to you on it. Clicking on a preselected amount seems to me to be the only way to do it through a team right now. Note for some reason my team is still not listed on the Kilted to Kick Cancer website's team page but my team definitely shows up in the dropdown box of teams on the donation page.

There is incentive for the registered fundraisers (those of us who registered with KTKC and are wearing the kilts), prizes offered for whichever team leader collects the most donations through his team. Along those lines, at least some, if not all, of the registered fundraising kilted bloggers also offer incentives to the people making donations through their respective teams. I will be offering what I hope will be some enticing prizes. That will work like this: For each $5 that a person donates, that person will receive an entry into a drawing for the prizes I will offer. Thus if you donate $5.00, you will get one chance at winning a prize, if you donate $10 then you will have two chances at winning a prize, if you donate $15 you will have three chances and so on. Your chances of winning will increase relative to the more you donate. I will start listing prizes within a day or two at most but be aware most of them will in some way be firearms related (no I am not giving away any guns but ammo and accessories are possibilities). There will also be at least one or two items that are not related to firearms. I figure to offer three prize packages each package consisting of at least one or more prizes.

I offer one further incentive. If anyone, on any particular day, donates $100 or more - I will, for each such donation up to one per day, make a video of myself dunking my junk and yes I do mean into ice water and while kilted. If I get two such donations in one day - I will only make one video of me dunking once; however if I get multiple $100 single donations in one day and another day passes with no single donation reaching that amount, I will dunk my junk on that day for those other previous $100 donations. It works out like this - the limit will be me doing it once per day for 30 days if I receive thirty single donations of $100 or more. Donating multiple times to build up to a $100 donation from any person will not qualify for me to dunk my junk; also no group donations where money is collected from a group of folks and put toward a single $100 will qualify (that is based on the honor system on your part). The videos will be posted here and no they will not be x-rated . The bucket of ice water will be placed under my kilt for the dunking(s). I am not looking forward to it but I know for certain that there are at least one or three of you who are evil enough to donate that much just to see me suffer and that will raise more money.

Regardless of the prizes you might win, the fight against prostate cancer should be enough incentive for you to give. While this I my first year wearing a kilt for this cause, I have made generous donations over the past couple of few years to the Kilted To Kick Cancer Fundraisers. I figured it was money well spent and besides that it is tax deductible. Sometime late last year, I decided that this year would be the time to get my arse kilted to make an even bigger difference because I know I can count on you most, if not all, of my family, friends, former fellow coworkers and blog readers to donate. I hope I was right about that, not to win a prize but to make a difference. A dear friend of mine (who is also a former co-worker of mine) has gone though three bouts of prostate cancer and I had to have a biopsy for it a few months back, thankfully that was negative - I sure don't need anther run-in with cancer of any sort. It would do me a world of good to think, that in some little way, we helped that friend of mine (and anyone else who has it) KICK CANCER'S ASS!

Right now, for at least the next few days, expect to see photos of me in the same kilt each and every day. I have a second one on order and probably will order a third before the month is over. Yes, I will wash the one I have for now an awful lot.


Important Update: I screwed up but just a little in reference to dunking my kilted junk if and when I get any single donation(s) above $100 on any given day throughout the month of September 2015. I thought that Kilted To Kick Cancer would keep me apprised of who donated how much through Team Glenn B and that they would do so on a daily basis. They do not do it on a daily basis but only will do it at the end of the fund drive. Because of that, I will not be able to determine who, if anyone, has donated $100 or more on any given day, thus requiring me to dunk my kilted junk. That is unless you forward me a copy of the receipt or email they give you subsequent to your donation showing if you have donated $100 or more on any given day during the fundraiser. So, if you are crazy enough to want to see a video of me dunking my tender parts into a bucket of ice water (albeit under cover of kilt since this is almost a family channel) you will need to make me aware that you donated that much by forwarding me a copy of your receipt or the acknowledgement email from KTKC (or PayPal) to show you made such a donation.

This Is Also Important: It would also be a good idea for anyone who donates any amount of to do likewise by sending me the receipt or email acknowledgment for each donation you make. That way I can assure you will not be missed when chances are allocated for the prize drawing for donors. Remember for each increment of $5.00 that you donate (in total over the course of this fundraiser) you get a chance allocated to you to win a prize (and yes that means if you make five donations of $1.00 apiece, you would get one chance) but I have to know who you are and how much you gave. Make sure your name is in the email sent to me, not just your email address or PayPal login ID and also how much you donated. 

All the best,
Glenn B


Sarthurk said...

I'll wear a kilt! I have Prostate cancer and have gone through the surgery, and now radiation treatments. But I think your kilt sucks! I want a kilt like in the movies. your's looks like you're a gaelic librarian. Sorry...

Glenn B said...

You will wear one but you don't have one and you want one like in the movies and mine sucks. Yet, I do have one, I do wear it, I don't care what you think of how it looks since I like my 5.11 Tactical Kilt and that is all that matters and while you keep wishing - here I am fundraising for a good cause.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sarthurk said...

I was trying to be funny. Sorry. A tactical kilt eh? Does it have concealed carry functions? BTW, I lecture guys All.The.Time. about checking your PSA level, and getting the digital exam. If I hadn't randomly asked for the PSA test, nobody would have known, and I would probably not be here now.

Glenn B said...

It's hard to tell when someone is being serious or not in a comment to a post. I was not being to serious myself, my comment was meant to be humorous and reprimanding all in one just in case you were serious. My apologies if it came across to harshly. Nice to know you beat it by the way. - in a smug sort of snarky way. Sounds like you too kicked cancer's arse, good work and believe me I know it is tough to win.

All the best,

Sarthurk said...

All I know at this point is that the level dropped by 20 percent after getting nuked every day for two months, and then dropped another 20 percent only "1" month after treatment. So, the decline is even more pronounced than Obumblers decline of America at this point. So I guess cancer isn't going to save me from seeing this country go to hell after all. The next test is in December. Until then, I'd rather think about Chinook fishing and maybe duck hunting.

Hey, whatever I said about your kilt...what I meant was, it IS a very conservative kilt. And I'm sure we all thank you for that! ;-)