Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lost A Good Friend Last Week

Kevin Burke hoping for a winner in the 8th
 at Belmont Park, as I recall in 1983 or 1984. 
Whether he won that day or not, he forever
will be a Trifecta Winner in my in my heart:
He had a good family, was a good friend to many &
had a good sense of humor with that wonderful laugh.
I will remember him forever until my forever is no more.

There Is No Such Thing As Utopia

Sure looks to be Utopian - doesn't it! Well, there is no such place as Utopia and no such state of being as Utopian. If you don't believe me look under the cover.

Overheard In A Bar

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Glenn B

Being High & Mighty Doesn't Mean You Always Get It Right Because...

...sometimes your head is stuck so high up in the clouds you just don't have a clue.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Who Said Guns Are Only For Killing!

Here is a news flash for ya, they are useful for other things too, see:

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Glenn B

The Trump Slump - Firearms & Ammo Sales Plummeting But Why?

Firearms and ammunition manufacturers are gnashing their teeth in agony because of falling revenues due to fewer sales with regard to guns & ammo ever since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency. They are calling it The Trump Slump as per this source. While I believe it is happening, and understand how it is happening; however, I simply do not understand why it is happening because it is an illogical phenomenon.

Well, maybe I do understand since people do not necessarily make logical decisions when faced with bad times nor even when faced with good times. In fact they often do the reverse of what would benefit them the most based upon emotions during both good and bad times. Despite it being easy to figure out logically - people often tend to do otherwise.

When supply is high  products are normally less expensive, thus that is the time to buy and stockpile for your future. Sure, you will want to enjoy some of what you buy then, that is just a normal thing to do, the if you have it enjoy it and flaunt it mentality. Yet, if you are smart you also will buy enough to put some away for a rainy day. You don't have to be wealthy to stockpile, you just need to buy what you can buy, of whatever it is being sold that you need or will need and logic dictates you do that when things are in abundance and at low prices. If you do not do that then, when times are bad and supplies are low and thus prices are high, what you are likely to do is to start panic buying and paying too much for what you should have already had in store. and that will make the problem even worse.

I don’t know about anyone else in the good old 'US of A' but I have continued doing my part, without any slumping, to support firearms, ammunition and related industries since Donald Trump was elected. Heck, I did likewise when Obama was in office but at a slower pace than I did before he was elected and slower than what I plan to do now that he is out of office. That is not due as much as to who is in office or not but to supply and demand no matter who or what the cause and to what I need for current use and for my stockpile. 
Somehow now though, despite what logic dictates, we have what they are calling The Trump Slump with firearms and ammunition sales. I don't understand why - now that ammo prices have already fallen dramatically and firearms prices seem to be falling somewhat - anyone would stop buying them. Now is the time to buy as the prices are lower and the future is the time to keep buying if prices keep going lower.
Sure, as I said above, I bought ammo and firearms when Obummer Obama was president but I did not do much panic buying, if any, as did many American gun owners. In fact, I think I was buying at a slower rate then than I am buying them now but yes I did keep buying because that was prudent in the event someone like Clinton would have followed Obama and made things much worse. Yet, my buying was more affected by supply, cost and my cash at hand than it was by a panic that things would get worse. So, I just bought at a slowed pace because firearms, and especially ammo, were much more expensive but I believed still needed to get my supply as usual. While I simply could not afford as much then, I kept on buying and stockpiling as much as I could afford. Now that prices are less, I see absolutely no reason to stop stockpiling but I do see that as an incentive to increase my rate of purchases, all again depending on cash at hand.  
So, as I see it, there definitely is no reason to slow down now that a better and much more RKBA friendly president is in the White House, especially now that prices have dropped. So why the so called Trump Slump! I am guessing it is merely because of panic buying, by idiots, coming to an end. To have bought more guns and ammo than as ever you did before just because Obama was in office is one of the things that caused prices to go sky high and supply to drop. Now, to slow down in your firearms & ammo related purchases 
because the political climate is pro-RKBA under Trump and your panic has subsided, leaving you all giggly and light headed with joy ,is not only illogical - it is lunacy.
Now is the time to start buying and stockpiling as much as you can while prices are lower and if they keep going lower you should just keep buying and stockpiling. The reason for that is that if Trump winds up out on in the cold in 2020 and an arsehat like Joe Biden (or worse) gets in to the White House - you can bet panic buying will commence anew. As panic buying again commences, prices will rise and supplies will fall. As it continues, under a butthead like a Biden, just as in Obama's 8 years in office prices will rise more and more as supply dwindles to less and less and we will be in the same or worse condition than when Obama was in office. 
Buying more now than during the 8 preceding years is my plan. Since Election Day in November, up through and including this past Saturday August 12, or in just a few days over 9 months, I have made quite a good number of purchases of firearms, ammo, accessories and supplies and spent a goodly amount in doing so. If you are curious as to what I think is a goodly amount to have spent toward those purchases, let me just say it was enough to buy 10 firearms a few thousand rounds of ammunition and a decent handful or three of accessories and supplies. Telling you that I spent over 5k for those purchases might get me in big trouble with my wife so, I am not going to tell you that. 
Now, to appease my wife, in the event that she somehow found out that I actually spent over 5K on guns & ammo, I would have to point out to her that it would not have been like I had not sold at least a few to several guns and a decent amount of ammo to help fund my habit those purchases. In addition, before begrudging me those purchases, she would have to consider that I also came into enough extra loot for one nice rifle (which paid for the Marlin 1895GBL I just bought). Beyond that there is the $100 rebate on the Marlin that I will get if I remember to mail in the rebate form which I have just about totally forgotten to do in the last two weeks!
Maybe telling her all that would appease her a bit. If it did not then I would just need to explain to her that I merely have been doing my part to help support firearms related industries, our economy in general and to support our president by putting to sleep the rumor of The Trump Slump.

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Glenn B

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm Just Sayin' - God Bless Robert E. Lee...

...because if the words in this song ring true, then we should be thankful to Lee for at least that much as the song claims he did to end the Civil War.

A hat tip to BBB (my son) for texting me and telling me to check  out this song.

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Glenn B

What's My Line - They Almost Guessed It

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"Houston, we've had a problem"

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16 Gauge Shells & No Gun To Shoot Them - Resolved

Somewhere among my ammo cache are 9 rounds of 16 gauge shotgun shells. I definitely don't remember exactly when or where I got them. If I had to guess, I'd say I got them at a Hessney auction years ago and that they were included in a lot of something else I purchased but that would only be a guess and I truly have no clue from where or when they came to be mine. Thus, I also most definitely cannot say why I got them because I did not own a shotgun in that gauge whenever it was that I acquired them. You will notice that I just said I did not own a shotgun in that gauge - or in other words used the past tense in that regard.

Yesterday, I attended my 12th Hessney auction (either Rod & Gun auctions or Early - Modern Gun & Military auctions). I have been going to them since 2012, at first once per year (although I may have missed 2013 as I cannot find a receipt from then) and then later to multiple of their auctions per year. Last year I attended five of them and so far this year I have been to four of them. That all said, I imagine that by now you have guessed, that as of yesterday's auction, I now own a Remington Model 31 in 16 gauge. I suppose I always knew I'd get some use out of those 16 gauge shells sooner or later!

My Remington Model 31 - click on image to enlarge.
The Model 31 is a pump action shotgun. It was manufactured between 1931 and 1949; so mine is a pretty old fella just like me; although thankfully, I am many years its junior. As I understand it, the discontinuance of the 31 caused a lot of consternation among Remington enthusiasts back in the day as it was and remains considered one of the best pump action shotguns ever produced (more on that point here). In 1961, the by then discontinued Model 31 was in essence replaced by the Remington Model 870 which was in part based on the 31. Its manufacture was supposed to be less expensive than would have been resurrecting the Model 31.

Now, I am very familiar with the 870, I have owned at least four or has it been five of them and can say it is an excellent shotgun as far as shooting it and maintenance of it goes. I just watched a video on YouTube, relative to the disassembly and re-assembly of the Model 31, and will say that the process with the 31 is much more complicated than with the 870. The simplicity of taking down and putting back together the 870 is most certainly one of the reasons, and there are many others, that have made the Remington 870 the bestselling shotgun in history. (Remington 870 sales surpassed the 10 million mark way back in 2009.) Nonetheless, the 31 is touted as one of the all-time best pump action shotguns because of the quality that went into its production. I hope that mine proves that point to me.
While some hold the Winchester Model 12 as the pinnacle of workhorse pump action shotguns, others say that the Remington Model 31 is by far the better made and smoother operating of the two. Me, I think the reputation of most Winchester firearms are overblown and that they are thus overpriced. As for the price of my newly acquired Remington Model 31, let me just say that I got it at what I think was a very good price. Why I think it was a very good price is twofold: 1) It was below the prices in both 2017 Standard Catalog of Firearms and the current online listing in the Blue Book of Gun values for a gun in its condition. 2) Back on June 21, 1932, it (the standard variation) had a recommended retail price of $47.90. In today's money (and we all know the bang for the buck is less today), I paid less than three times that old-time MSRP for it. That my friends was a pretty good deal considering it seems to be in excellent mechanical condition and that it has at least 80% to 85% of the metal finish remaining with only two small freckles of rust on the bottom of the barrel (no other rust anywhere) and only has very few and very small minor dings on the wood.
I cannot wait to get a chance to shoot it but since I am going to be working all week I most likely will not get a chance to bring it to the range at least until next weekend. Since the closest range open to the public, that allows one to shoot shotgun shells containing shot as opposed to ball or slugs, is about an hour's drive from my house, I might not get a chance to go next weekend either. One can hope though and that is when I am hoping to go test one of my latest acquisitions. Yes, I said one of my latest acquisitions but just as I would not tell you the exact price for which I got the model 31, I am not about to tell you about the other gun I acquired either. That will be done at a later date for reasons of a personal nature and I'll explain all that when I do tell you about the other one I got yesterday. The thing is, it probably will be several months before I blab about that one.
So, I am now the owner of yet another gun older than me, my particular Remington Model 31 has a date code of XSS which signifies manufacture in December 1947 and thus will be 70 years old later this year. (As a side note, when looking at the barrel I saw it has a matching serial number to that on the receiver meaning it likely is all original - another plus.) Why have I been buying some older guns lately? I guess in part because it is a way to make myself feel younger than I am by surrounding myself with things older than me and from a time when America was greater in many, albeit not all, regards than it is today. It’s also, at least in part, that they don't make em today the way they used to back then. 
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Childhood Memory

If you remember hearing this, then you know we need more of the like today:

Hat tip to Richie M.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

This Could Be The Sale For Wirecutter

Sportsmansguide has a military surplus sale going on for the next few days, ending on August 13. I have no clue as to whether or not the prices are good but if they are good on these two linked items then this could well be the sale for Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away:
Italian Military Barbed Wire:
Key Features
  • Italian military issue
  • Heavy gauge double strand wire
  • 4-point barbs every 5 inches
  • Galvanized for long life
  • 250 yards, 60 lbs.
  • New condition
 British Military Surplus Wire Cutters, Like New:

Key Features
  • British military issue
  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Metal folding handles
  • Compact 10 x 3" folded
Of course, if any of you are feeling generous, you may want to buy him a gift!

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Glenn B

Kids and Guns

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Not Me

There is no way I'd try to milk that OR ITS HUMAN EQUIVALENT.

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People Wonder Why I Like Tortoises & Turtles So Much


Not wondering any more are ya!

By the way, that is either a Yellowfoot or Redfoot Tortoise also known as a chick magnet. Live and learn.

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Border Alert

The way it should be.
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Glenn B

John Was Suddently All Thumbs


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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dogs' Life Spans Explained

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Who Gives A Damn

So Aaron Carter has outed himself as a bisexual. More at the source. I have to not only wonder who gives a damn but also who would even give a shit to him for that shared knowledge. I would bet Ben Franklin would not have even given him a half penny for those thoughts.

As for me, first of all, I had to read the article just to learn he is in the entertainment business and is a singer of some sort. Other than that I had never heard of him before, so what is the big deal and why did that deserve being in a big news item over at Fox News (or any other media outlet). I am guessing it is all a publicity thing and that the publicity will do some sort of good for his singing career because maybe his abilities (or inabilities) were not doing it for him.

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Glenn B


The U.S. Army has identified two soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Wednesday as:
Sergeant Jonathon Michael Hunter, 23 years old
Specialist Christopher Michael Harris, 25 years old

What a waste of two of our finest young men. I am beginning to think maybe we should just nuke Afghanistan and be over with it; then go for Iran and Iraq as well. It would be a good warning to the frigging North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians and the rest of the world.

It could almost make one say Fuck Islam that Islam is not a religion of peace nor even a religion.

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Glenn B

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Their Not Watching...

...but it is almost certain that they're watching!

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Too Big or Too Much - No Way

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Oh Those Evil Tomatoes...

...may yet be the undoing of one particular aspect of law enforcement's war against drugs or at least turn into a financial boom for one family and an expensive bust (financial and legal wise) for one police department. Back in 2012, the Johnson County Sheriff's Office reportedly raided the family home the Harte family, the adults in which were reportedly avid tomato growers. It seems that sometime back in 2011, their family van had been observed by police while in a hydroponics store's parking lot. After a seemingly subsequent brief and shoddy (not shotty as it says at the source)investigation, the Sheriff's office obtained a warrant to search for marijuana and raided the Harte's home as part of Operation Constant Gardener. 

That operation evidently begins many of its investigative cases by surveilling the parking lots of hydroponics stores and taking down license plates of those who visit the store. The sheriff's officers apparently had been so confident they would find the illicit drug that they reportedly had scheduled a news conference about this particular raid prior to it taking place. What they found though was a hydroponic garden of tomatoes and not even one tiny bit of the marijuana that they had been so certain they would find.

The Hartes sued for violation of their rights - and if the Hartes are innocent asit seems then who can blame them, except maybe someone working for the government, the government which stands to lose lots of money! Their lawsuit was thrown out of court in 2015 and that decision stated that the officers were immune from prosecution. That all changed in late July of 2017 when there was some relief for the Hartes. A three judge panel (I am guessing a federal appeals court) ruled that their rights were indeed violated and that their lawsuit may proceed. They are seeking 7 million in damages. More at the source.

I was in LE for 32 years and have to say that the initial surveillance was okay under the law. You see someone go into a hydroponics store and come out with what is commonly used to grow marijuana and that is enough to initiate an initial investigation. To me though, this case seemed to go downhill from there (mind you I am basing this completely on the assumed veracity of the article) and less than sufficient investigative work was possibly performed. That may have led to rights violations. I cannot convict the cops without knowing their side and a court of law is the place to convict them (not my blog) and am anxious to hear the outcome of the lawsuit. Just like anyone else, they are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, if the facts in that article are correct without any mitigating factors in favor of the Sheriff's department, then I think they are going to pay big time and possibly have to review and change their investigative tactics.

A hat tip to Peter Q for the link.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, August 4, 2017

Far Away Up In The Hills...

... is where I have been since Monday. I took a trip to see my brothers-in-law in upstate NY. Had a nice time and while I had time to blog I did not bother since the one whose place it is does not have Internet access; blogging on my phone is a veritable pain in the arse.

To make a long story short, I went fishing twice and caught nothing but relaxation, we took a drive up to Ausable Chasm where we went on the 4 mile hike through and above the chasm, I took a 3.5 mile hike yesterday through Lassellsville State Forest to scope it out for hunting (decided I probably will look elsewhere), got crocked at least one night - Monday, had a couple another night - Tuesday, then abstained Wednesday and Thursday. Ate some great eats every day. Excellent company throughout. All in all, an excellent trip. Hope to do it again soon.

More blogging later this weekend.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kung Fu Firebending

I am often amazed at what someone can construct with just a little bit of know how. Adding a little Kung Fu to it all jazzed it up some.

Directions on how to build them are at this link but please note: I am supplying the link only as an educational point of interest (as educational reading material) and am not advocating or even suggesting that you try to build one of these yourself (as they are probably inherently very dangerous) and as the guy in the video says - this is not something for a novice to attempt. In other words - I strongly suggest not trying to build one or more of them and must say - don't try this at home kids or adults. By going to the linked site you assume all responsibility for your own handling and or use of the information on that web page, anything you do with it and for any result:

Heck, you might even call them fire-arms!

All the best,
Glenn B

Hungarian Goulash and Fences...

...are two things that Hungarians seem to do better than most. The goulash thing is a given but who knew about their fence building capabilities until now, at least if what is reported on in this article is true. It is far past time for European governments to wake up to what is happening to their countries and their people and to do something about it to stop the invasion that has been taking place for way too long. It would be an excellent idea if our government did likewise and actually put up the damned wall already (although, a fence like Hungary's would be good enough).

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Glenn B

Be Careful of What You Ask For


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Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Took The Plunge...

...into the depths of my pockets and ordered the Marlin 1895 GBL that I wrote about in my post immediately prior to this one. I have to say that the gentleman, Shawn (or Sean), whom I dealt with at Tanner's Sports Center was quite helpful, courteous and professional. It is not all that often, in today's world, that I get to deal with someone like that and wanted to note my appreciation

Now to start thinking of how to make several extra bucks to be able to afford some ammo for this beast. The ammo is pretty expensive at well over a buck a round. That may finally be the incentive I need to break out my reloading kit and actually get to reloading.

All the best,

Friday, July 28, 2017

This One Caught My Eye And I Fell In Love...

...and I would have ordered one today, had the guy in charge of the gun dealer's online department gotten back to me. I called their main number and was given a number to call for online sales since they are offering this rifle at the offered price I then called their online department three times and left messages after the second and third calls but have received no return calls (I guess the guy had been busy.). So, I called the store number again. I was told that the online department is open again tomorrow and someone will contact me about this rifle and me buying one:

The gun is a Marlin 1895 GBL in 45-70 Government. I already have a bid on a Marlin 1895G Guide Gun in the online portion of the upcoming Hessney Rod & Gun Auction set to be held live on August 12th. They start the auctions online but it is ultimately a live auction on the auction date.  Now, I am pretty sure (but not certain) that my high bid amount online will not hold and someone else will outbid me either online or at the live portion of the auction. There always is the chance though that my bid on that one will stand, since it is not too far off from former selling bids for the same model). So, if I buy the 1895 GBL now, I could wind up with two similar guns when the other auction ends in mid August. 

You may be wondering then, why buy this one now while my bid may win on the 1895G at Hessney and thus I'd be stuck with two of almost the same rifles? Well - I just found out a couple of days ago that Marlin is offering a $100 rebate on them. That discovery was made right after I placed a bid with Hessney Auction Company on the 1895G. What crappy timing. The price on the 1895GBL (the one being offered via GunBroker) including the buy it now price, shipping and the FFL fee on my end, is the best price I have seen for this model and then there is a $100 to sweeten the deal. The one at Hessney is not eligible for the rebate because the auction will be held after the rebate period ends. There also is the fact I much prefer the 1895 GBL over 1895 G. The advantages of the 1895 GBL over the 1895 G are that magazine tube of the GBL holds 6 rounds as opposed to 4 of the G, it has a large lever and can be operated while wearing gloves, it has a pistol grip stock as opposed to straight stock, it has that really nice looking laminated stock. That makes it the gun for me.

Well, what really made it the gun for me is that I won a raffle back in June and instead of taking the prize (a Henry Big Boy rifle), I opted for cash. That money has just been waiting to be spent and I figured I would spend it at the Hessney auction in August. I had been viewing the Marlin page for the 1895G and consequently came across the 1895 GBL and was immediately bitten by the I gotta have it bug. So, I will put that money toward it. The only messed up thing about this all is if I wind up with the high bid on the 1895G at Hessney, I have no clue where I am going to get the money for that one. I kind of doubt I will have the high bid since I set my high bid at $350 but you never know. It could wind up that a bunch of other folks who had a similar interest in the 1895G at Hessney also heard about the Marlin rebate offer which is applicable to all Marlin 1895 rifles as well as some others. Maybe they will get theirs now and bidding interest for the one at Hessney will be nil beyond my bid. That is a chance I am willing to take though, in my experience the one at Hessney will go for at least $50 to $100 more than my current online high offer. Had I not seen the deal on the 1895 GBL, I had been planning to bid a bit more on the G at the live auction. Then again, if I buy the GBL tomorrow, I may not even attend the auction (whom am I kidding).

Of course, this all depends on whether or not the dealer for the GBL gets in touch with me tomorrow to answer a few questions for me. I'll only close the deal if they give me satisfactory answers to my questions. I need to find out if, I order it online tomorrow, the receipt will reflect tomorrow as either the order or purchase date. I need to assure that so that I will know if it will qualify for the rebate which requires the purchase be made by July 30. Sometimes, when you order online, they do not charge your credit card until they send the item and everything on the receipt reflects the sale and order date as the day it shipped. That would not work in this case. A rep at Marlin assured me that the receipt or invoice only need show either the billing or the order date as by the 30th, they do not care when I pay for it if the order is shown as made before the 30th. Maybe I am worried about nothing but I want to rest assured the purchase is eligible for the rebate so I am waiting to speak to the dealer's rep tomorrow about the date thing. Then, I can use that rebated c-note on a few boxes of ammo for the 1895GBL.

All the best,
Glenn B

Break On Through the other side. Yeah those were some of the words from the tune Break on Through by The Doors but no this is not a post about that song or about The Doors. Still, there is a little to do with each of them in the accompanying video because not only are the subjects of it breaking on through to the other side, babies taking a  chance with us, but they are doing it through their own unique doorways.

Following the advice of Jim Morrison, the first of two  Hermann's Tortoises hatchlings is beginning to 'break on through to the other side' as it is making its way out of its egg on the night of July 27, 2017. My female laid four eggs back in very late may or very early June, only two were fertile. At five years old, this is only the second breeding in which the male fired live rounds - so to speak. They also produced a baby back in February, so he probably started live fire in the fall of last year.

If you were not bored to tears by this, you can also see Break On Through Part Two at this link:; it was made a short while after part one and shows both eggs hatching.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 27, 2017


DNZ B Series Skinner: A deal at only $45.00 at the Hessney auction April 2017.
Essentially leather, 440C steel and walnut wood. Of course it took some good amount of craftsmanship thrown in there to get the end result. It's a DNZ Trading Company 8" Skinner by Kevin Johnson.

Not bad looking at all. I like the simplicity of its design. May have to wear it on my next hunting trip to see if it brings me luck and to see just how good it is as a skinner if indeed it does bring me luck.

All the best,
Glenn B

I'll Be Back

The Terminator was/is one of my favorite movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. While watching the movie, you virtually had to know that sooner or later wars would be fought by robots with artificial intelligence and then that sooner or later it would come back to bite mankind in the arse. Well, a lot of time has passed since the first airing of that movie. The time for sooner or later seemingly has come to pass relative to the robots and now maybe it is only a matter of time until they turn on us:

"Earlier this month, the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov Group made a low-key announcement with frightening implications. The company revealed it had developed a range of combat robots that are fully automated and used artificial intelligence to identify targets and make independent decisions." More at the source:

The Terminator movie may have been more than a mere sci-fi thriller, it may have been a prophecy of mankind's doom and that may be coming sooner than we expect. I would hope otherwise, more along the lines of us still in charge and saying things like: Klaatu barada nikto to peacekeeping robots as opposed to giving free reign to warrior robots made of titanium alloys, electronic circuitry and computer chips. If it comes to it though, I tend to think that resistance will not be futile but may become our toughest challenge. Regardless, I'll be back. 

A hat tip to Mike G for the link to the article.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't Drive Under The Influence

I have tried not to do so over many years now. I will admit, I have done it before but hypothetically speaking, if not for having done it once recently, then I would also say it has not been for many many years. In that recent hypothetical instance, I wound up going out and getting so drunk that I did not even do what I normally would have done if I got drunk and had my car. That would have been to sleep it off in the car. Hell, have not even done that in years because I usually get plastered at home or at a bar within walking distance. Otherwise there are taxis and public transport; heck when down in AR visiting my son we took cabs to bars. Anyway, I know, my hypothetical case has no excuse and it will not happen again hypothetically or otherwise especially after the hypothetical talking down I got from my wife. No harm done but that was hypothetical luck!

For a young lady in CA though, things were different. A report says she was driving under the influence while making a video of herself at the wheel. Watch the video and take a good look at her face when she says "Woooo...". She looked plastered to me, very much so. She loses control of the vehicle right then. The car rolled, winding up in a field. The report says her sister, who was in the back seat not wearing a seat belt was ejected from the car and died due to her injuries. The girl evidently continues to make the video and live stream it. More at the source including the video with audio. Had it imbedded here but removed it cause it came out very small and the audio just kept playing whenever I opened my blog, could not stop it without removing it.

Notice one thing in the video, the driver was seemingly so intoxicated as to the point she stood there watching her sister die, while recording herself talking about it, instead of dropping the camera and attempting to render first aid. At least the other woman/girl in the video seems to be attempting to flag down help by waving her arms in the air as the driver evidently continues making a video with narration. What the fuck is wrong with the youth of America today - no matter how drunk - why was making the video and talking about herself her apparent first priority throughout this tragic event in which her sister died! 

I never want to be that drunk and if this video is not enough to convince me, you or anyone not to get intoxicated and drive, then maybe nothing could do so.

Be careful out there.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Could Live There

I mean screw the government - why let them get even one of my brain waves - right!

All the best,

Good Sentiments All

All the best,
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Good Moments From The Past Week

In an attempt to better my disposition, I think I am going to start a new weekly posting some good things that have happened in my life over the past week. Who knows, if I do it reliably, my disposition may become cheerful although that may take years.

So here goes, some good things that brought me at least a small measure of happiness during the last week were:

Attending a good friend's retirement party.

Getting my new Rock island Arms 1911 A1 Standard FS pistol from Armscor in exchange for the one I sent in for warranty repair.

Discovering that everything seems to be working okay on said pistol.

Going to the local county PD to have new pistol added to my license and the old one taken off and having it completed in about 10 minutes or less  (yes the concept sucks but the timing was excellent as was the courteous service I received from the officer at the desk).

Finding out from my son that he got his Concealed Handgun Carry License from Arkansas this past week and that he is now carrying.

My wife also passing the news on to me about the son's carry license.

Actually having my wife start a conversation with me at dinner last night.

Dinner last night of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, Irish soda bread all followed by a midnight snack of a corned beef sandwich! I(f that ain't happiness - what is???)

Finding several open purple blooms on a lily plant, at the side of my house, that has not bloomed in about 3 years. Also finding a stalk of closed ones yet to open (better check them today).

Seeing my grandson take many steps (not his first ones but just that he is increasing the number he can make before falling on his doopah) and realizing he is having a ball while doing it.

Seeing the joy in my daughter's eyes as she watches her rug rat having fun.

That is all for now, if I keep this going someone might mistakenly think I am a nice guy.

All the best,
Glenn B


Saturday, July 22, 2017

My Son The CHCL Holder

The most important thing, that happened this week, in my family, is that my son legally carried a concealed pistol for the first time today. That is because he received his Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License earlier this week. He never would have gotten one had he stayed in this God forsaken tyrannical socialist satellite of a Com-Bloc nation - New Yorkistan! I am proud of him for getting out to a freer state and for exercising his liberties with regard to the RKBA.

All the best,
Glenn B

Rock Island Armory 1911 A1 Standard Full Size - Range Report

I received an email a few days ago from my local gun store guy telling me that my Rock Island Armory 1911 AS Full Size Pistol had come back from the Armscor factory in Nevada. I had sent the pistol into them for some warranty work because the slide stop was not going back into place, when trying to assemble the pistol, with manually depressing the slide stop plunger. At first they said nothing was wrong with it but when I insisted there was a problem, and told them that the owner of my local guns store (LGS) checked it and agreed with my assessment,  their customer service rep had one of their gunsmiths look at it again. They found and acknowledged the problem and supposedly fixed it. When I made an inquiry as to when it might b sent back to me, I was told there had been a bit of a delay because of the July 4th weekend. I was also told that an additional problem had been found and that the pistol was not repairable, something about the interior of the frame having been milled incorrectly and thus too much metal had been removed during manufacture. So, they decided to replace the pistol with another of the same model. I went to my LGS to pick it up yesterday. Had to do a federal transaction form ($40.00 FFL fee) and have a NICS check run on me, then had to go to the local county gendarmes to have the old one removed from my pistol license ($10.00 amendment fee) and the new one added to my license (an additional $10.00 amendment fee). I had gotten this pistol at a great price that now seems to no longer have been such a great price. Anyway, once the paperwork was done at the county police, I went back to the LGS to actually pick up the gun.

I wasted no time with it and decided to take it apart today to clean it. It came apart easily enough and much to my satisfaction was just as easy to put back together with the slide stop going into place with basically a snap. Right after cleaning it, I called my local indoor county run range to check on their hours. it was getting late and I wanted to assure I'd have enough time to shoot it if I headed that way. That was around 630 this evening. I found out they were on summer hours, much shorter than those for the rest of the year but that I still had time since they would only lock the doors at 7PM and I'd then have until 8PM to shoot. I made in there in about 15 minutes.

Before leaving home, I grabbed 5 after market military surplus style mags. I say style because while they were sold as milsurp, I am none too sure that was correct. Whatever they are, they work okay for the most part. One has been a problem and I have to remember to mark it then trash it or just use it for the range. I also grabbed the 4 Remington 1911 mags I have. Along with the magazines, I scooped up four boxes of 45 ACP. Two boxes of Armscor 230 grain FMJ ammo, about 3/4 of a box of Blazer Brass ammo and a box of  Federal 230 grain Hydra-Shok JHP ammo. I should note that at least 4 mags were loaded, two with JHP ammo and the other two with FMJ ammo.

When I arrived at the range, there was no wait and I wasted no time. I got signed in, asked for a few targets, paid up and went to my point in the assigned bay. I set up my target at 7 yards and fired 35 rounds with only one hitch. One of the round, the last one in one of the mags, failed to feed. Not a big deal, either my fault or that of the gun being brand new and needing a break-in period of 500 rounds (as per the RIA manual). I shot about a fist sized group about 1.5 to 2" to the left of point of aim. I adjusted my trigger finger to leave less on the trigger and got the same result. Next, I shot up another target firing off a few mags worth of ammo rapid fire just to assure that the pistol would function like that. I also fired it single handed in both right and left hands. Then I set up the target at 25 yards and fired three different groups. First group was at correct height as to point of aim but off to the left by about 3-4 inches. I fired a second group a bit higher up, using less finger on the trigger and the group moved ever so slightly to the right. I then fired a third group while aiming about 4" to the right and put all of the rounds pretty much in the center of the target. I need to adjust the windage or my technique.

The only other problems I experienced all were probably magazine related or shooter error. Two times, the slide failed to lock open after the last round. That was probably do to a faulty mag and shame on me for not marking it the first time to see if it happened both times with the same magazine. There was also one failure to feed of the last round from one of the Remington mags. I have to mark that too next time it happens because that sometimes also happens when I shoot my Remington R1 1911. All in all, I only put about 150 -175 rounds through it tonight but that was enough for now - I'll shoo it more on my next range trip. As far as the overall function of the RIA 1911 A1 FS, I am happy with it so far except for where it is shooting as opposed to my point of aim. That though could be either the gun or me - time and shooting it more will tell. For now though, I would be okay with it as a defensive weapon in a pinch but doubt I will carry it as my every day carry because I carry a Glock 26 for that and if I switched to a 1911 - my Remington R1 would probably get the nod.

All he best,
Glenn B

quran Soaked In Pig's Lard Mailed To A Mosque...

...and the Sacramento, CA police initiated an investigation going so far as to determine it was a white female, in her 40s or50s, in Texas, who had mailed the package. That seems like an awful lot of wasted money and time to me especially in light of the fact that a police spokesperson said this:

"We are looking into it as hate-related activity. However, there was no actual crime committed."

Since there was no crime committed what the heck are they doing wasting tax payers' money by conducting an investigation - unless it is that they are attempting to appease what I think is a tyrannical statist organization trying to pass itself off as a religious group.

More at the source:

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Glenn B


Comfort In The Man Cave

A hat tip to Mike Mc for that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 21, 2017

Trash Can Versus Machete???

The headline says: "Only in New York: Man with machete fights man carrying trash can" (source). They are pretty much right about that because anywhere else one of them would have shot the other. I do not know what sparked this confrontation but had either come after me, I legally would have acted in self-defense and shot the fucker. Had anyone opened the door to my vehicle like that, especially on the passenger side had one of my family members been in the car with me, and threatened any of the occupants, he quite possibly would have been ventilated (all legally done mind you).

One other  thing, the author of the article, in my estimation, needs to go back and retake basic report writing 101.

All the best,
Glenn B.

Chicago Sanitation Overtime Nigthmare

I am expecting that the overtime budget for the City of Chicago's Sanitation Department will overshoot its limit by noon today due to the massive cleanup required to remove spent shell casings from the city's streets. More here. Now I know where all the ammo went and why we had a shortage. Those gang bangers in Chi-town had bought it all.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's Friggin Hot...

...seems to be the complaint of the day around here and up in the Bronx where I worked today. I had no clue what anyone was complaining about, because the AC was working at super chill in our office. Anyway, it was in fact obviously very hot outside as witnessed by one young lass who walked in with virtually 25% (or more) of her huge and very sweaty breasts exposed due to the low cut nature of her top- which I think was a bikini top covered by a light sort of a very open fronted blouse. She was complaining about it being so very hot and saying that the only way to walk around was wearing nothing! All the while the other guy with whom I was working was thinking (and later saying) she was hot. Me, I will keep what thoughts I had to myself. Well, I will keep all but this one to myself - I was thinking what in heck did people expect - it's late July - as in summertime - of course it's hot.

When I left the office at quitting time, the thermometer on my car's dashboard said it was 100 degrees. The car had been sitting in the sun. In reality, from what I could tell on a few weather stations, the temp was between 95 & 96 in that neck of the concrete jungle. That is pretty damned hot up this way and the humadidity was right up there too. I just opened the windows, vented as I drove for a few blocks, then cranked on the AC to max. I was chilling in almost no time and thinking " Summertime, and the living is easy..."!

Made me wish I was catfishing and sucking down some icy cold suds.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Never Again - Not Tonight Dear I Have A Headache

All the best,
Glenn B

Educating You On How To Fire Up A Libturd?

Then show them a picture like this one:

I must say though, you can show them one that will work a little better if your image shows someone with a cross (or other religion symbol) on a chain and includes a gun too. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 17, 2017


Someone on a gun forum, of which I am a member, started a thread asking which cars you have owned. This was my reply:

The years for the first four are estimates:

1971 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon (Bought it used from guy in the Air Force in NV probably in 1977 - my first car. It was formerly an Air Force vehicle.  Had 3 on the column, a 318 engine and posi-traction rear. Excellent car except it had a problematic carburetor.  First car I drove cross country solo. Abandoned after my first accident. I should have gotten it fixed, probably would still be running today but alas no cash to fix the crash back then. I have a lot of good memories about a lot of good adventures in that one.)

1976 Plymouth Duster (Bought in 1980 in CA when I started my career in the Border Patrol. For the life of me I cannot recall what happened to it; must have sold it or totaled it. Fast car on the straightaway but almost worthless on curvy roads.)

1981 Mazda 323 (Bought new - wound up in Mexico ablaze after being stolen.)

1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon (Bought new in CA, drove it to NY when I relocated back to home. It was stolen in NYC, twice. The last time, a guy walking by it pulled an envelope with my name on it out of car then walked miles to my apartment to let me know where it was located. When me and a friend got there, it was being stripped, almost shot the guy as he came at us with lug wrench, but we took off and called police. By the time they got around to it, it had been stripped to the point of being totaled. Damned good car while it lasted.)

1986 Mazda 323 (Bought new. Damned good car, lasted many years. Donated it to charity, got a ticket after I took off registration sticker while in my driveway and waiting for tow truck to come and get it; ticketed by a fucking building inspector who was snooping on my property. Then got yet another ticket, from NYC Sanitation, after someone bought it a auction and then abandoned it on street. That happened even though by then it was off of my registration! Judge told me there was a very good chance, regardless of it no longer being my car, that I would have to pay the fine; then relented an dismissed. Guess I had been shown as last owner when it was ticketed. What a pain in the arse were those tickets.)

1998 Ford Taurus (Bought new. Great running car, too bad the door panels kept falling off and pulling electrical wires with them. Lots of other problems with fit and finish, piece of shit in that regard but listed several years and ran great. Then sold it to a guy buying it for his nephew. The guy said his nephew crashed his last few cars and needed another. I guess he meant needed another to crash because my son saw it a few weeks later, was pretty smashed up.)

2005 Toyota Corolla (Bought new. Ass ended last Labor Day weekend and totaled. Was a great car. About 30 seconds or so before guy plowed into it; I had been thinking that car would last another 5 to 10 years; guess I was wrong.)

2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring (Bought new. My son drove it for years, still does. When he relocated to AR, I transferred registration to him. Pretty excellent car.)

2012 Volvo (My wife owns it, some kind of a Volvo sports like car, I do not know model. She saved her pennies and bought it herself, I have never driven it and only been in it literally less than 10 times.)

2016 Toyota Corolla (Bought new. Since the other Corollas I had were excellent cars, I decided to get another. This one has had some problems with rear brakes and a couple of hopefully other minor glitches but runs like a charm. Been to upstate with it several times, also to FL and then to AR on a nice road trip to visit relatives.)

Nothing fancy, I am more into the utility of driving here to there and doing it reliably. Feel free to comment on ones you have owned.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dallas Wants To Tear Down Police Wall of Honor

The city of Dallas, TX wants a wall, erected on private property but without a permit and then adorned with a scene to honor the five police officers shot dead at a Black Lives Matter rally last year, torn down. More here at the source.

You know, sometimes you have to say fuck the permit system and let things go but if you cannot do that then at least arrive at some sort of compromise that will allow this wall of honor to remain standing. Heck, put it in another location or keep where it is in modified form to suit the city. I mean, after all, we are talking about something that honors five police officers killed in the line of duty!

Something tells me though that in this Bizarro World in which we live, the leftist loon power mongers in charge probably would choose to honor the killer or BLM and then frame it as them being concerned that someone may find such a wall of honor offensive.

All the best,
Glenn B