Monday, March 14, 2011

Here Comes Another Assault On Our 2nd Amendment Freedoms

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President Obama is calling for additional or enhanced background checks for firearms purchases. When will the left understand that no matter how difficult they make it for a law abiding citizen to purchase or own a firearm, criminals will always be able get them through criminal means. Addressing gun background checks will do little if anything to prevent violent criminals from getting guns. What needs to be corrected in our society is how we deal with violent criminals. Instead of pandering to their every want and need in jail, they need to be jailed in prisons that are punishment oriented and in which they will spend long mandatory sentences, without parole, for violent crimes. In addition, certain violent criminals should be executed to rid us of their threat forever. That would do much more than background checks, for firearms purchases, to solve the problem of violent crime!

Edited to add: Since this latest call for extended background checks is being made with the Tucson shooting at least in part as its base, then one other thing could also be done to make our society safer without infringing our rights. Lunatics, psychos, outright mentally disturbed folks suffering from psychosis could be institutionalized instead of being allowed to roam freely. That is how it used to be but some leftist bleeding heart allowed them to be set free - at least here in NY State. Commit them when they are deemed a danger to themselves or others and when they are set free or allowed to remain free because some shrink makes a bad call, then call the shrink to task by license revocation in all 50 states, monetary fines and possibly incarceration due to negligence.

Let's start putting blame where it is due, on those responsible for the crimes and on those responsible for allowing criminals and lunatics to roam freely.

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Glenn B

Another Tsunami Headed Toward Japan?

I hope I just misunderstood what I think I heard on Fox News a few minutes ago. What I thought I heard was that a 10 foot Tsunami was spotted, on Monday morning, heading toward Japan. If that is correct may heaven help them.


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I just found what is most likely the best deal on a C&R firearm that I have ever seen.

The price of this great deal is $140 plus $40 shipping. It includes:

Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle, Excellent Condition

Cruciform spike bayonet

"Dog collar" sling

30 round double ammo pouch

Sealed 440 round tin of 7.62x54mmR ammunition

The rifle alone on average sells for about $100. The ammunition, at the lowest price I have seen lately goes for about $75.00. Those prices do not include shipping but if included it would amount to about the same as charged with this deal. That would make it a total of about $215 normally as compared to $180 for this deal. I know that is only comparable to a 16% off sale but when it the last time you got such a deal on essentially already low-ball priced items.

If you want to see if it is still available so you can take advantage of it, then go here to
RGuns. The deal is shown on their homepage. If I had not just bought a Nagant last month, well I probably would have ordered one of these.

By the way, you have got to love the name of the deal, the RGuns: "HOPE & CHANGE SURVIVAL PACKAGE!"

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Glenn B