Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just Another Viewpoint On Mike Brown (Of Fergusson Infamy)

Makes a lot of sense in light of all the evidence.

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There Are Monsters Among Us Who Deserve To Die Terribly

I Think The Scum Who Did This Deserve To Die A Most Terrible Death:


They poured lighter fluid down her throat and poured more all over her and set her afire. Thus ended the life a young woman at the hands of fiends whom I believe deserve only to live only long enough to suffer unbearable agony at the hands of an expert in long term torture. Then, I think, they should die a horrible death by way of even longer term torture.

Right now, I feel so outraged to say they should get no mercy regardless of anything that might be considered a mitigating factor by some liberal criminal excusing attorney piece of shit. I believe they deserve the worst that can be given and maybe that I even would be glad to be their inquisitor, torturer and executioner regardless of the consequences. Let me assure you, if it was legal, it would take years for them to die at my hands and they would be tortured for every living moment. There are monsters among us and the pieces of shit that did this are among the most horrible.

How can I close, as I usually do, by wishing anyone all the best after saying that? I admit I cannot. I only find myself wishing that whomever did this suffers terribly at the hands of her avengers.

Glenn B

Interrogation Techniques Used On Terrorists