Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mysterious Missile Fired Near Los Angeles - Why Are So Few Media Outlets Reporting It

I would think a missile being fired near Los Angeles, during rush hour, would be pretty big news. The thing is I can only find stories about it at a handful of online sources. I have not tried television, have no access to one now as I am writing this up at a Starbucks while on a break.




I saw it first at the first link above. Then I found it at some other 'major' news sites but also found it missing at Fox, CNN and so on. If this was not some prank with a hobbyist rocket kit, then this could be a major security issue for our country. The mystery of who fired it, why they fired it, what they fired, how it was armed if armed and so on all need to be answered post haste. A military screw-up by U.S. forces is possible, then again so are things like: a terrorist's missile that misfired and went to sea, a drug trafficker's missile test, a psycho firing a missile, some home spun loony rocket scientist firing one off, a foreign nation's missile being misfired, an enemy's missile being deliberately fired to send a message or any of many other possibilities including a prank initiated by the traffic helicopter crew that got the picture of it. This is all part of the mystery and it needs to be solved now. Another part of the mystery though is why this is not being reported on in ore detail by more of the media - bear in mind it happened last night.

All the best,
Glenn B