Friday, December 30, 2016

Justice Is Not Blind, It Is Insane.

A Englishman - who reportedly was sentenced to a one year prison term for yelling "racial" slurs and for leaving raw bacon sandwiches on the doorstep of a mosque and tying bacon to the mosque's door knobs - recently was found dead in his prison cell. An investigation is forthcoming. Yes folks, imagine that - the British justice system put someone in jail for a year for petty harassment like that and now he has died while in custody. The judge in the case had the gall to call it "an attack on England". More here. Me thinks the judge forgeteth what was England!

I believe that judge needs to have his head examined if he does not see that the real attack that is taking place is that the Englishman of yesteryear has been largely replaced by radical Muslims seeking only to destroy England and to conquer all in the name of allah.

All I can add is to say pass the bacon please.

All the best,
Glenn B

When Someone Tells You The Ammo Is Loaded Staggered...

...within the magazine, they don't mean that you should load your ammo into the mag like this:

That though is exactly how someone I once knew loaded the mags for a AR15 or Mini 14 (it was one of the other) way back when I was a Customs Patrol Officer with collateral duties as a firearms instructor. Another range officer and I could not figure out why the magazine kept falling out of the shooter's rifle and when it did stay inserted, why she could not get another shot off after the first one did fire. She would do something like: insert the mag, yank the trigger really hard once or twice, twiddle with this or that, try to push the mag in more, yank the trigger again (and I mean mightily), try to operate the bolt and sooner or later while doing some or all of those - the mag would fall out. She even removed a round from the mag that did not seem seated properly. Then she tried all over again with pretty similar results.
We put a stop to it and found the cause. While the above is not a photo of the actual mag in question, it does show exactly how she had loaded the rounds into the mag and she had several rounds in it just like that. It was just another "I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it" moment at the range.
All the best,
Glenn B

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