Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Flu Cometh....

...and it has knocked my wife for a loop. She has been in bed for three days now, sleeping most of each day away, or at least resting most of the day. My wife is of the sort who usually shrugs off a cold, or other ailments, and just keeps going. Not this time though. She is tired, achy all over, has a runny nose, is coughing some, has a sore and hoarse throat, and I think was feverish. Of course this could be a mega-cold, but I figure its the flu the way it has knocked her out of commission.

Oh well, I am left with doing the laundry and shopping this weekend, no big deal. I have to head out to Home Depot, so I may as well also stop by Costco or BJ's to pick up some groceries. It is always a bit of a battle in either of those two mega-grocery stores just getting around the aisles on a weekend, and then more of one trying to get through the checkout lines. So I guess what I am saying is that I had best get my butt in gear and go to the stores. Then when I get back, maybe I'll make her some tea and or some soup to perk her up a bit. Not that she does that for me when I am sick, but what the heck, after all she is still my darling.

Later for you,
Glenn B

The Invisible Mayor - Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, Toledeo Ohio

Yes folks you would not think that a whole city could disappear almost overnight, but at least to me, it seems that the City of Toledo, Ohio has done just that, well at least the mayor's office anyhow. This morning read a blog over at Wizbang. That story is about the Mayor of Toledo telling the U.S. Marines that they were not welcome in Toledo, Ohio to conduct urban warfare training in said city, and telling them to get out of the city. An amazing display of what I think amounts to subversion at the least, and even possibly to sedition or treason.

After reading that, I went to a few news sites and got some more facts on what had happened. I am not casting aspersions at Wizbang, they have a fine site, but sometimes bloggers do tend to exaggerate. So I went to:
The Toledo Blade, to , to CNN (where I did not see anything about this), to the BBC (where I also found zilch), to The Drudge Report where I found this link: Okay, there were at least three news stories supporting Wizbang.

Then I figured I would go to the mayors web page and read up on his side of the story. I clicked on this link at Wizbang: I wanted to see his side of the story, and then maybe send him an email too. The thing is that said link did not work. When I put it into my browser and hit enter, I got a page with a bunch of mumbo jumbo computerese on it, here was the first line: "Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.". Click the link, you may see the same (of course that may change if the link was temporarily overloaded or BLOCKED by the city of Toledo because of them not wanting to have anyone lambaste them). I tried again, this time using Google to search out the link for the mayor's office. I got a somewhat different link: but this one had the same results as above.

I then clicked on the email link, also provided on the Wizbang page: it did not work either, but I think that was a fault of how it was loaded. I did send an email to the Mayor of Toledo at: My email was pretty tough on him, in essence telling him I believe him to be a disgrace for what he did to those Marines.

Wondering if the City of Toledo Police department had anything on their web site about this I figured I would search out and go to their site. I found this link: I visited the link and found nothing on this brouhaha with the Marine Corp. I don’t think they are hiding or trying to be invisible though, they were the ones who apparently okayed the Marine Training in Toledo:

"Toledo police said they knew about the training and had approved the unit’s use of the Madison Building and the Promenade Park area." (

Has the City of Toledo gone invisible. At least it seems that way for the Mayor's office! Well invisible on the Internet, at least to me. As for him remaining invisible, hiding his head up his own asshole in the sand is not going to accomplish anything. As I wrote in my email to him, he owes the united States Marine Corps an apology, and $10,000.00. That is how much it reportedly cost the Marines to travel to Toledo to set up the training, and yes they reportedly spent that much already - all wasted because of one man's poor decision

If you are wondering why Mayor Carty Finkbeiner made the decision to keep out the Marines, here is what his spokesman reportedly had to say about it:

"The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people," Brian Schwartz, the mayor's spokesman, told the newspaper. "He did not want them practicing and drilling in a highly visible area." (from ).

Can you imagine that, the mayor thought they may frighten people. Yet the Toledo Police Department had already done what they had done in the past to prepare for the Marines training in Toledo. Yes the Marines had been there for this training several times before, only this mayor of Toledo has a problem with them. The Police had contacted the media who alerted the public, the Marines would be in Toledo again. Reportedly the public, at the last such training in 2006, appreciated and enjoyed watching the event, but the mayor saw it differently:

"I saw the military with guns drawn emulating warfare, and I observed the expressions of citizens who happened to just be coming down the sidewalk that particular Saturday noon in wonderment, asking, 'What have I found myself in the middle of?... "There was a look of wonderment on some people's faces, and there was a look of fear on other people's faces."
Others did not agree with the mayor's assessment:

"While glancing about a downtown nearly empty of people yesterday afternoon, Douglas Finch, Sr., 55, of West Toledo, said he found the mayor's concerns unbelievable. Mr. Finch recalled witnessing the camouflaged and rifle-bearing Marines in downtown two years ago. He said the sight was attention-grabbing, not scary." (
Toledo Blade).

I have to wonder, would it not frighten people more to see terrorists running amok in their streets, and no Marines there to put them down. Is there something wrong with how the mayor sees all of this, or does the mayor just want the publicity ala the mayor of Berkeley, CA who recently told the U.S. Marine recruiters in Berkeley that they were not welcome in said city. Or was it the mayor was pissed off because the Police department had not notified him of this training. Nah, the mayor had already previously said he did not want the marines in Toledo - as I see him in my personal opinion - he is just an asshole anti-American dirtbag, who is fulfilling his agenda to become and ultra leftist idol.

Folks, I look at it this way now - it is too late for an apology. I think the good people of the USA should boycott Toledo if possible. I think the good people of Toledo, OH should demand that the mayor step down. I think that the U.S. Government should withhold all federal funding from Toledo until said mayor has disappeared off of the political scene in Toledo. I think that the government should be investigating whether or not this was sedition or treason. I think that should one American Marine lose his or her life because they had that training denied to them, this guy should be, in my opinion, tried for treason, and if convicted he should be hanged (if legal) or otherwise put in jail for as long as possible!

Now it is time for all of you to do your thing. Write to your elected officials and make as big a stink over this as possible. Write to the mayor himself, and demand that he step down from public office. Boycott Toledo, at least until the people of Toledo wake up and kick this guy out into the cold. Heck, it could have been their own sons and daughters, or your sons and daughters, to whom he was denying the ability to make themselves better and safer marines. That my friends is an intolerable disgrace. What could be worse: If he now says he supports the troops, and my bet is that is exactly what he will say!

All the best,
Glenn B

England no longer is...

...England or ruled by English law. The British as seen here aparentlyalready have lost he war, the Muslims have taken over by at least in some ways ignoring the British legal system and implementing sharia law in defiance of English law. The truly sad thing is that the Brits are letting them do this. The law of the land is for each and every person in the land. There should be no, absolutely no special provision made for someone becaus eof their religion or lack of religion. Hang em high should apply to all if justified, religion should have nothing to do with it, only the law of the land should decide the fate of the criminal. Too bad, I had hoped to visit England in the future. As it is I will not now for fear of becoming subject to sharia law.

All the best,
Glenn B
Citizen of a country ruled by Constitutional Law!