Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marxism & Socialism - Are They Here

Here is an interesting video.

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Soldiers' Care Package Update

I received a big surprise tonight when I checked my email It was an email, via PayPal, saying that I had received another donation. While receiving a donation was not surprising what was a surprise was that it was a second donation from someone who had already donated and this donation was the biggest one to date.

My hat goes off to Mike S; thanks very much - it will go a long way to put a smile on some soldiers' faces. As a matter of fact, the amounts donated by Mike so far could fill two or three average care packages that I send. Wow, that was nice! Good man.

I have been thinking, once again as in past years, of buying some folding knives to send to the troops. Seems they always go over well when received. This year I have not found bargains like in past years but I am still looking.

If you can spare a buck, a fin, a ten spot or more, please consider making a donation. The donation icon is on the upper right hand side of my blog in the red area.

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The Man Cave

My wife and daughter are on vacation for a number of days, a number which I will not divulge. For that time, the house is the Man Cave. Can we handle it? Who knows. This should be one heck of an experience.

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