Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rapist/Killer Jose Ernesto Medellin Executed in Texas

It is about time that the United States of America allow its states to enforce their own laws regardless of so called International Law. It is about time we tell the world that when the scum of other nations come to our nation to commit heinous crimes such as murder and rape, they will be dealt with according to the laws of our nation and or of our states. It is about time that we realize we are a sovereign nation, and that international treaties, international law, and the United nations do not rule here. Sure we should follow international treaties, but first and foremost we need to protect our people, and we need to prosecute criminals to the full extent of our laws. If that means violating an international treaty, I say it is just and right. Others worry that the violation of international treaties will badly effect our citizens who visit other nations; the thing is though it will most likely only effect they of us who violate laws in other countries. Keep that in mind when you visit other nations, be on your best behavior while there.

Truthfully though, this case is not about a violation of international treaties. The fact of the matter is that the accused never once while his trial was ongoing, asked to be allowed to consult with the consular offices of Mexico. He only asked for that after convicted and sentenced to death - 3 years later. Why, because it was a lawyers' ploy to get him off, to to grant him a temporary reprieve. The Supreme Court of the United States did not think his case merited review. In fact the Supreme Court rules that neither the U.S. President or the International Courts can force Texas to review this man's case. "Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for a 6-3 majority that the international court's judgments cannot be forced upon individual states." (source of quote CNN, at: In that light, Texas went ahead with his execution.

On August 5, 2008, at 9:57 PM, Jose Medellin was put to death, see:,2933,398465,00.html.

The state of Texas proved his family wrong as they had said only God can take a life. I beg to differ, and so too apparently did Texas. It is God who gives life, but anyone can take it. It is sad how no one has ever heard Medellin's family protest the killing he committed by saying only God can take a life and condemning him, yet he took two lives after he first brutally raped the two young women girls, Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman 14, whom he killed. He is, or was, among the scum of the earth, and he got what was coming to him; and for that I say good riddance. It is sadder still how many in the world flocked to lend him, a heinous criminal rapist and murderer, to offer him support. Still though we have one less piece of shit murderer among us, and that my friends is a good thing.

I would like to give Mr. Medellin his due even though I do not consider him being owed much. I will grant that in the end he showed a bit of compassion for the families of the victims. He said this:

"I'm sorry my actions caused you pain. I hope this brings you the closure that you seek. Never harbor hate," (source:,2933,398465,00.html).

I don't think though that his sorrow can have done much to assuage the pain and suffering that the families endured over the past 15 years while waiting for justice to be done. I don't know if even Mr. Medellin's death can have done much to help them to find a true end to it all, there is no such thing as closure when you lose a loved one. Maybe though this will bring them closure in one regard, in knowing that yes justice can and will be done, their daughters have been avenged, that this man will not have the chance to ever do it again.

My heartfelt sympathy to the families of Elizabeth and Jennifer, and my sympathy to the family of Jose Medellin. Remember they lost a loved one too, and it was not they who committed the murder. As it has turned out, the one who was guilty has paid the price, and they need to understand that, but there is no need to condemn the living who had no hand in it. As for Jose Ernesto Medellin, again I say - he was the scum of the earth, good riddance to him.

All the best,
Glenn B