Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is The Subway Spokesman Being Rail Roaded...

...because of his association with an alleged child pornographer or is he possibly actually involved in criminal activity. I would hope not either way.

While I am not a great fan of Subway, I do eat there now and then both because my son used to love it and because Jared Fogle was, to me, truly an impressive spokesman. His tremendous weight loss, achieved by him restricting his diet to Subway sandwiches of turkey and veggies, gave hope to others that they could control their own appetites and lose weight too. More on him, and the search of his home by authorities, here.

Pardon me while I go look for something to help end my sudden cravings for an Italian BMT smothered in pickles, onions and jalapeno peppers!

All the best,
Glenn B

Why Should It Surprise Anyone That The DNC...

...hired an apparently disrespectful narcissist (my layman's term not a professional mental health provider's opinion) to be their spokeswoman? More here.

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Glenn B 

While on The Subject Of My Targets...

...I suppose I should post a photo of another target at which not only would I have sworn I took only three shots but am absolutely certain at which I fired only three times. See anything a bit unusual about it?

At first, even though I was virtually certain I had fired only three times, I thought maybe I had screwed up and fired four shots at it but then I realized I only had put three rounds on the bench before loading. Then I thought maybe one of the bullets was faulty and partitioned and made two holes but I figure that to be pretty far fetched. As I was cleaning up, it suddenly dawned on me that something else may have happened. A man and who I am assuming was his young daughter were on the point next to me to my left. They were firing a 22 rifle. my guess is it was one of their shots; although, I suppose I'll never know for sure. For all I know maybe I fired it but as I said, I would have sworn, and still would swear, I only fired three rounds at that target. Then again, that is a group of the Federal Value Pack ammo that I was firing consistently to the right like that, so perhaps I should not be trying to blame a kid who may well shoot better than me.

All the best,

Some Images Of My Targets From Yesterday...

...showing how I did with my first shots from my Savage Axis in 308WIN and my Polish WZ-48 in 22LR.
As I described in my previous post about my range trip, I was shooting sets of two shots with the Axis. I know it is usual to fire sets of three shots when sighting in a rifle but I figured if I was not getting any really errant flyers, why bother wasting a third shot. Doing it this way, I was able to zero in pretty quickly and I saved seven rounds I would otherwise have fired. With ammo at its current prices, I am okay with that.

Note there was a flyer on the fourth set, the one that hit dead center.

The fifth and sixth sets were getting there.

Since the last two sets were so close, I adjusted the scope a bit more,
flipped a target over and aimed at what I thought was dead center.
I prefer shooting at the blank side because I have not met a prey
animal or dirtbag yet that was wearing a bullseye to shoot and in
fact the two shots were pretty much dead center in the bullseye.
All in all, despite the horrendous trigger on the Savage Axis, I am happy with the accuracy that can be achieved even if I was only shooting at 30 yards. Sooner or later I will fire it at 50 yards and then sight it in for 100 or maybe even 200 yards.
As for the Polish WZ-48, I fired several groups of three shots at it (22 ammo being much cheaper than 308, I did not mind firing three each set). I fired it at 25 yards throughout after the first three shots at 50 feet. I only had a couple of brands of ammo with me and each of those made a difference in the accuracy department. I fired Remington Target 22LR standard velocity and Federal Value Pack High Velocity copper washed ammo from the WZ-48.

This target was typical of several I shot while firing three round
sets of the Remington Target Standard velocity 22LR ammo.

This target was typical of several I shot while firing three round
sets of the Federal Value Pack High Velocity 22LR ammo.
Nothing special on those targets that I'd write home to mom about (unless I was a kid again back in summer camp and then I be darned proud) but it certainly shows the WZ-48 is more than good enough for a plinker or squirrel slayer. Perhaps I should fire a lot more brands and types of 22LR through it to see how well it does; I imagine if one took the time to match it with an ammo it really likes and then threw a scope on it, it would be balls on accurate out to at least 50 yards if not to 75. Too bad it is not a repeater fed by a box magazine or even a tube, this single shot stuff can be tedious but even then it was fun. by the way, I suppose I should mention, there was zero (as in absolutely none) felt recoil with this 22 rifle.
All in all, I would recommend both of these guns, based for now only on my preliminary shoot of each of them, as good decent guns for the shooter on a tight budget. Putting it another way, they certainly are not excellent by any means but are none too shabby either. More, at least on the Axis, after I test it at more distant ranges.
All the best,
Glenn B

I Almost Sold Another Gun Today But...

...the keyword there was "almost". I set up a meeting with someone who was interested in my Winchester Model 37 shotgun. We agreed to meet at a range local to me. He said he would be there in an hour and would call before he got there. I waited and waited and then just headed to the range arriving about an hour and a half after we spoke to one another. I sat there awhile, then went inside to assure we could use the range for him to look at the gun. I had done it there before but it had been sometime since the last time. The range person told me we could not use the range for that purpose unless he paid $22 as a nonresident and I paid $10 as a resident. Back to the parking lot and I called my local FFL who said sure the buyer could look at it at his shop - no problem.

Shortly after that, the buyer called and said he was lost. He was less than a 1/8 of a mile from the range and I told him so and he said he would try to find it. About 15 minutes later he called again and told me he was in a parking lot at a certain location because he still 
could not find the range. I drove there only because I know that GPS devices often lead the people looking for the range to the first location he had mentioned and because the other parking lot he was then in was a very public location and very close to the range. That lot was literally directly across the road from the range entrance, I could not figure how he had missed it.

Anyway, I went to the lot and met him, then explained about the range wanting to charge so much to use their facility for 5 minutes at most. I suggested he follow me to my FFL less than 10 minutes away. I gave him the name (which had also been in my ad) and was about to give him the address when he said we should go to far corner or out of the way less busy area of the parking lot and do the deal there! That was not about to happen and I immediatelty told him so. I reminded him of my requirement that the buyer pass a NICS check at my local FFL. He literally waved me off and said he doesn't have to have a NICS check because he is an FFL licensee. He indicated he had his FFL, then went to his vehicle, pulled out an envelope and took a paper out of it and handed it to me. It was apparently a photocopy of a NY State Dealer in firearms license and was not an FFL and I really did not do more than glance at it when I saw that. I simply and politely told him I would only sell the gun to someone who passed a NICS check and he said forget it and got back into his vehicle.

At that point I said goodbye and drove away. I don't know about where you live but I can tell you that there is no way under the sun (or under the moon or the dark of the darkest night) that I am about to sell someone a firearm, out of my car's trunk, in a parking lot, in NY State. This isn't AZ or KY or even NH and it sure as hell is not KS so there is no way I am about to do anything that even hints of impropriety or illegality with firearms here in feudal kingdom of Cuomoistan. Even if there was absolutely nothing legally wrong with such a sale (and mind you handling an uncased shotgun in a public parking lot in Nassau County, NY would be considered  illegal by any passing cop) there was just too much wrong with this scenario.

Things that prickled the hairs on my neck were those such as: him being unable to find the place immediately across the road from where he was parked, his showing me a NY State Dealer in Firearms License copy instead of an FFL, him not having informed me beforehand that he was an FFL holder but yet asked me if I was a dealer while we made arrangements over the phone earlier, his insistence that we move to a more out of the way area in the parking lot in a location he chose instead of meeting at our previously agreed upon and easily found meeting place, his refusal to go to the dealer's shop and him wanting to buy it from me out of the trunk of my car, all without him going through a NICS check. (Yeah, I know dealers are not required to pass a NICS check by law but it was one of my requirements plainly mentioned in my ad.)

I am very happy I did not invite this person to my home to view the gun here. For all I know he is as honest as the day is long but all that stuff gave me the creeps, especially the bit about wanting to do a firearms transaction in a more out of the way place within the parking lot. It merely could have been he was a legitimate FFL holder and wanted to do a deal without the additional hassle of a drive to my local FFL and thus was willing to try to get me to do it in the parking lot, or could have been that he was working with or was part of law enforcement and trying to set me up for an arrest on some sort of weapon sales charges if I did something stupid and illegal, or that he was with someone else and hoping to rip me off in that other more out of the way corner of the parking lot. Whichever, I was not about to find out because I was not about to complete a sale other than under my terms that had been announced in my ad. 

All the best,
Glenn B