Monday, May 2, 2011

2010/11 Assigned Soldier (My Adopted Soldier via Soldier's Angels) Is Coming Home

Good news. The soldier, Mike _________, for whom I collected donations toward care packages over the 2010 holiday season, is coming home. I received an email from Soldiers' Angels telling me the news and telling me to hold off sending him additional packages. I was lax in getting out packages after Christmas and got the first one after Christmas or January out in March. I was working on getting a new one out this past weekend but I received the email from Soldiers' Angels on Saturday and that was that.

Here is what they sent me:

Dear Angel,

You are receiving this email from Soldiers' Angels because your adoptive soldier SPC Michael _

(last name redacted by me)__ is due home. Here are the specifics: (they did not give any specifics - go figure). I wouldn't send anything more! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Remember even if you never heard from your soldier your effort was appreciated!

If you would like a new adoptee just use the angel login at
with your email: (redacted by me) and your password: (redacted by me) (you may have to copy and paste the link)

Thanks for supporting the troops!

Elaine Baker
Soldiers Angels

p.s.if the link gives you problems just dp a line to we could definitely use your help again we have a ton of soldiers waiting for angels

Soldiers' Angels

So, I guess i will be asking them to assign me a new soldier and I can use the items I already bought for he next package I was making for Mike _______ on the next guy. I am hoping Mike _______ will contact me. I received several emails thanking me for the packages and then lost the email he was using, which was not the same one that Soldiers' Angels had on file. They had a military email address for him but he contacted me using a personal email address. So Mike, if you are reading this, drop me a line. ope you make it home safe and secure.

As for the rest of you, thanks again for your help with donations toward the packages. You are good Americans!

All the best,
Glenn B

Osama bin Laden - Buried At Sea - WTF!!!

"Officials said bin Laden’s body, which was in U.S. custody, was given a sea burial."(A few lines from the bottom of the article.)

Are they kidding? They claim they have killed the most wanted man in the Universe and they do not publically display the body for the whole world to see! If something does not stink terribly about that then it sure is simply fishy. So what proof is there that bin Laden is really dead? This is or could be worse than the birth certificate, school records, college records, medical history and travel records fiasco. How dare they did not put his body on public display at Ground Zero for all to piss upon view. Once the mania ceases, there will be questions as to the veracity of the claims that he is dead even if they kept DNA samples and videos of his last moments. Someone either was not thinking straight on this one or Heaven forbid that maybe someone is simply not being straight at all on the claim he is dead! You can bet there will be those who claim he is still alive. I just cannnot fathom why they got rid of his body without a public display first.

All the best,
Glenn B

Imagine The Wealth Of Intelligence...

...that was likely found in Osama bin Laden's compound. This is the place in which he thought it was safe enough for himself and his son to stay (his son was reportedly also killed). It almost certainly then was also a place wherein he believed it safe enough to store many of his documents and operational plans. We may yet here of similar operations before the dawn is upon us if our Intelligence people and our troops can act and coordinate quickly enough on what is found. If not today, then in the near future. You can bet that his cohorts are scurrying like roaches when the lights come on, so I hope we act fast on whatever we find.

President Obama, you apparently have finally done something right in a very big way - please don't drop the ball now.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Thanks To The Troops... guys and gals have done a bang up job and deserve the thanks of all Americans. I hope the events of yesterday, the demise of bin Laden, means you will be coming home sooner than later.

To the U.S. Military personnel involved in the operation that took him out, I wish I could shake the hand of each and every one of you, then take you all out for steak dinner and get you all drunk. You deserve a lot more than that though, you deserve the best you can get, the best our country can give. I salute you all.

To the military unit (Seals or Special Forces Soldiers) who brought him down, especially the one specific person or the people, who fired the shots that got him, you are my hero(es); I mean that too. You truly did something heroic.

All the best,
Glenn B

May Those Innocents Who Died...

...on 9/11, and because of its aftermath, find a little more peace in their eternal sleep.

With respect,
Glenn B

I Hope Osama bin Laden Saw It Coming...

...long enough before the shot to realize what was happening. I hope it was a gut shot and he died slowly and miserably. Does that make me a bad guy, I hope not but that is how I feel about him and his death at the hands of U.S. Troops.

As I said in my earlier post, about a half hour ago, HALLELUJA!

All the best for the USA,
Glenn B