Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time For A New Hard Gun Case

I have had a Plano aluminum rifle case since about October 2001. In all that time, it has given me a lot of good service. I have used it to bring rifles and shotguns back and forth to the range probably hundreds of times, have traveled with it on airlines as checked luggage a score or two of times, have taken it on hunting trips, have had it bouncing around in the trunk of my car more times than I care to count and it held up pretty well for a lower end model. It sure took a beating over the years, all of its dings and dents can attest to that. Recently though, one of the hasps broke off so, I figure it is time for a new case. I have almost no clue where to start. Let me clarify that last sentence. I started at Plano, searching for a new aluminum case but all I could find were plastic ones, like this:

I have seen some aluminum cases on other sites but they seem very expensive. Anyone out there know if there is a company that makes moderately priced aluminum rifle cases that hold up well. Thanks for any help you can give.

All the best,
Glenn B