Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Figured This Would Happen Here...

...but I was hesitant to say much about it lest I gave some scumbag terrorist type some sort of twisted motivation to go out and do it. Well, today it happened but in Nice, France and my guess is that any Islamist who watches the news probably has already been inspired by it (a recent edition of Inspire magazine called on Muslims to run down people with a truck). Right now it is being reported that at least 70 are dead and over 100 wounded because, and I am guessing here, a goat fucking worshipped of Allah has run a large truck into a crowd of French folks who were celebrating Bastille Day. One person, as reported by Fox News, says the driver exited the truck after mowing down the crowd and ten began shooting people. The truck was reported to have been loaded with hand grenades and guns (more here).

Hey president Obama, do you think it was a bible hugging, gun toting, patriotic Frenchman who did it or do you think it was a Muslim piece of shit bent on taking over the world in the name of Allah! Maybe it is about time that the people holding onto their bibles, guns and rights do something about it al here in America to prevent such a tragedy from taking place within our borders. Maybe it also is time to elect a president who sees reality for what it is and who has pledged to stop immigration of Muslims into this country, at least temporarily.

Then again, I wonder if maybe we are already beyond that point and if maybe it is time for someone to gun down 20 or 30 Muslims in the streets of Dearborn, MI or maybe if it is time for someone to blow up a large mosque full of Muslim worshippers. Please note, I am not condoning any illegal acts of violence nor hoping someone else carries them out; I am merely wondering if it is time for such. I truly believe that once the Muslim population in our country reaches critical mass it may well become too late to defend ourselves and that we may well need to resort to violence before that time in order to defend America against the scourge of Islam. I would hope there are other ways to handle it before then but if not then maybe violence is the answer. You see, while we may be able to save ourselves by closing our borders to Muslims before resorting to vigilante violence, it seems it is too late for France to close its borders.

Sadly, France brought much of this on itself. France has very restrictive firearms laws and has had very welcoming immigration laws. Its open borders policy for Muslims allowed a huge population of Muslims to settle therein and since then they have been spitting out children like rabbits. The French government welcomed all of that, in fact encouraged it. The Muslims in France (and most of Europe) are near to or have reached a critical percentage of the population and, as seen in the past, when they consider themselves to be rooted in a country in large enough mass, they take over that country by whatever means they see fit. Those means are often extremely violent. It has happened time and time again since the inception of Islam. The French people are not in a position to fight back as the great majority of them, except for the sadly ineffective police and military forces, are unarmed.

My prayers for the families of the deceased and for the wounded; my curse upon Islam and the Muslim pigs who commit such unwarranted acts of aggressive and illegal violence in the name of a heinous form of government pretending to be a religion. Religion of peace my ass!

All the best,
Glenn B

Painting Sucks...

...but luckily not too bad since  did not have to do a lot of plastering. I started painting the ceiling in my basement today, got a coat of primer on it so far. It's been a pain my arse and back since the basement is full of furniture, shelving units, critter tanks, a fridge, and whatever other junk I have down here. I say down here because the desk on which my laptop is sitting is in the basement. Maybe I should have cleaned out all the junk before starting, I suppose that would have made it easier but I have just been moving it from here to there and back again as I get each section of the ceiling done. It's been working okay so what the heck. One coat of paint and it should be finished.

I am debating on doing that yet tonight or waiting until tomorrow. Darned humidity today had the primer take an awful long time to dry. I guess I could get going again in a half hour or so but I am none to sure I want to do the whole cleanup thing again if and when I get the ceiling done later tonight. Not procrastinating, really I am not, just figuring it may be better for me to wait until the morning instead of starting again tonight and maybe not getting done until 10 or 11PM.

Yep, I think I'll wait until tomorrow; that way I can crack open a beer tonight.

Later 4 U,